As I write this the snow is falling in Colorado and the leaves are still in their process of turning from green to gold and orange and red. It reminds me that two seasons can exist in the same moment – the bleakness of winter and the brilliance of Autumn colors. This week’s message is about finding the Light when you feel you’re in the darkness.They can both exist but you can choose to attach your thoughts to the Light.

It’s nice to be ‘home’ in Colorado even for a brief visit. I’m excited about heading East soon to visit the grandchildren in Annapolis. Poor Joshie [9] broke his arm! That’s why Grandma Mimi needs to be there – to make chocolate chip cookies when something like this happens!

So how are you approaching the fabled year 2012? Are you looking for the Light ahead for you? I have several clients who have already signed up to work with me through the coming year as they experience amazing growth in their business and personal lives. If you’d like to add a Muse to your staff to help you through the shifts that are coming now is the time to sign up for the program. I’m launching a new group MasterMind with the Muse program in November [a small group will meet via phone with me every month to brainstorm solutions to your problems or help you decide on next steps] or you can work with me privately each month with a special rate when you pre-pay for the year. The good news is that we can start in November or December to help you get your planning in place before the New Year begins!

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SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, November 15, at 1:00 pm EST

for Tuning in to 2012 – a FREE broadcast of a special message for you as you think about your plans for the coming very special year!

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We’re in the New Moon energy so keep welcoming in new thoughts and ideas that bring more Light into your Life! Happy Halloween! This is also the time of the Celtic New Year [Samhain] and the celebration of the spirits of those who have died. We bless all those who have gone before us to the dimensions beyond these three Earthly dimensions and we celebrate the new Life in the New Year. Lots of New-ness energy this week.


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