There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home! Hello from Colorado Springs, Colorado!

After 2 ½ months on the road, I am happy to be at home, reunited with my hubby and our dog, Tara, the Lhasa Apso I have really missed. [OK, I missed hubby, too, but we did connect during the tour!] Have you ever left home for a long time? While I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, and deepening my relationships with the friends I visited, it was good to get back to my own bed and familiar surroundings.

So this is a big ‘thank you’ to all the people I connected with during the West Coast Tour 2011! It was amazing! From Farmers’ Markets to Conversations with The Other Side to meals shared to moments of emotion, it was quite a journey. I’ve learned that there are wonderful people everywhere. That knowing 1 wonderful person in a city means that they know some wonderful people who also know wonderful people. I have hope. In Portland the Occupy Wall Street experience has spurred groups to join the movement. In Sacramento we visited the folks in the park at the State Capitol and saw democracy in action [“I move that we…”] and people sharing music and meals and a ‘Free Store’ where people left clothes or picked them up, as needed. People who have fears about making enough money or having healthy relationships shared their feelings and were guided and supported by the work we did together in the towns along the way.

Now it is time to move to the East Coast and to help people to prepare for 2012. As I schedule more sessions with clients to learn your Life Purpose I am also sharing wisdom for the coming changes and how to plan your 2012 life – at home and at work. I can still fit in some Scientific Hand Analysis sessions this Fall to help you get ready for the coming year so please let me know if you’d like to get on the calendar. I am looking forward to sharing the information in your hands with all those who have already given me their handprints and would love to do this for you. Here’s the link to request a session: Scientific Hand Analysis.

Did you enjoy last week’s Full Moon? We were driving through Oregon and Northern California and there were moon shadows from light almost as bright as daylight – what an awesome sight! Keep releasing, letting go, clearing out! Then on Wednesday, the 26th at 1:56 PM Mountain Time, the New Moon invites you to welcome something new into your life.

If you’re in Colorado Springs, let’s see if we can get together during my brief visit before we head to Annapolis, Maryland! It’s good to be home!

Have a Fear-less week!!!


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