ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Change, Transformation and Transition

My email inbox is full of invitations to ‘change,’ ‘transform,’ ‘uplevel,’ etc.  I’ll bet yours is, too.  Are you ready to change?

The only constant in life IS change, but sometimes we slide into change or it is thrust upon us by circumstances outside of us.  Has this been happening to you?

Conscious Living means being aware of your Self, your Purpose and taking charge of the changes you make in your life.  Awareness is key to moving consciously through any change, small or gigantic.  Observing yourself in the midst of a sea of change can be a way to weather the change while feeling peace inside.

It is not just you as an individual going through changes that is the energy of this experience of the 21st Century.  We are all, whether conscious or not, experiencing the great shift that is the transformation of Planet Earth.  Nothing is staying the same.  Hold onto your hat!

At the time of these great shifts we have an opportunity to allow the change to be transformative.  We can move ourselves, our understanding, our spiritual selves into a higher level of functioning on the Planet.  We are really RESPONSIBLE to the Planet and her inhabitants to experience this kind of transformation.

When circumstances invite you to change, do you make a graceful transition to the next level?  Or do you resist, fighting the change until it becomes inevitable and then you just give up?  How well do you accept change?

Sometimes it is easy to change when we are the instigators of the change and we see the destination toward which we are moving.  We can be positively elegant when we change in this manner.

At other times, we fight, we resist, we try to ignore, we might even try to go backward as we argue against a change.  Energetically, these tactics make that which we are resisting more powerful over us.  The transition to the new level becomes difficult, tedious, sometimes even painful.

As the Borg say (for all you Trekkies out there), ‘Resistance is futile.’

When we are in the transition stage of change in our lives, we can experience the most energy of the transformation that is taking place.  Think of yourself as a caterpillar shifting into the butterfly.  It might be a process that is frightening, uncomfortable, even unwanted.  But what a beautiful result there is after the transformation!

The entire Planet Earth is transitioning now into the New Earth.  Each human being is evolving into the New Human.  You can resist or transform.

This evolutionary process requires a lot of changes in our daily lives.  We are being called to become more conscious of who we are, our authentic selves.  We are being invited into the transformative process to partner with others who are willing to move forward into the state of being a New Human.

Life can become simpler for us if we shift out of old ways of being, of operating in the world.  Relationships become more intimate when we drop the pretense, the masks we used to wear.  We create conscious businesses.  We make conscious choices.  We listen with our hearts.  We collaborate and support.

This transition is glorious.  Each of us is emerging as a beautiful butterfly.  Celebrate!


ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Question Your Questions!

The RIGHT Question is…

Who am I here to be as the 21st Century New Human Being?

If you are an entrepreneur, is your business reflecting you as a New Human Being?  Or are you still patterning your business on 20th Century ideas?  Values?

In your work, whether in your own business or as an employee, are you serious about fulfilling your purpose or are you just doing a job?

If you are not working, does your life reflect your values or are you waiting for some future event or date?  Have you given away your power or are you empowered to be who you were born to be?

In the United States we have been subjected to an amazing number of heated battles over topics that most had thought long ago agreed upon as a nation.  One wonders why these topics are being resurrected and debated yet again.  The answer is that the 21st Century New Human Being threatens the old ways that some wish would return.  The values of the 21st Century reflect a new consciousness and business, politics, life must adjust to the new consciousness.

Even family life is adjusting.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone is plugged into their personal electronics and we walk around wishing to be left alone until we need something from each other.  At the same time, we connect with Facebook friends, we tweet about our lives and keep up with others on Twitter, we have professional networks on LinkedIn, we email and surf the net.  We are connected in constant ways with others around the world.  And ask any server in a restaurant and they will tell you what percentage of diners are sitting at the table on their smart phones!

But are we connected to our inner selves?  Are you going inside to seek your answers or are you waiting for the next email or Facebook post or Tweet?  Are you expecting someone else to give you the answers or are you actively seeking them through your own inner connections to guidance?

The New Human has a well-developed intuition and sense of Soul Purpose in the 21st Century.  As we evolve, we will develop even better perceptions through our sixth sense than through the five physical senses.  Telepathic conversation will become the norm.  Everyone will be ‘psychic.’  We are moving in this direction.

So who would be frightened by this evolution?  Perhaps someone who is lying is afraid that you might telepathically perceive the lie.  Maybe someone who has been selfish or greedy is afraid that the New Human will want to live in connected community and will want the possessions that have been so assiduously amassed or hoarded.  Perhaps someone who is ‘doing just fine, thank you’ is afraid of change and wants things to be less complicated than they appear to be now.

We can never get inside the head of another person but we are seeing a divide occur between groups who might not even be aware of the values that the divide reflects.

I heard the statement made by a father who lost his son in the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  Americans are getting caught up on both sides of a discussion of how to stop gun violence but maybe they are asking the wrong questions.  This bereaved father was not playing on emotion – he went back to founding documents for the Great American Experiment and quoted this from the Declaration of Independence, penned by Thomas Jefferson:

“…certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This father pointed out that Jefferson and the founding fathers were very deliberate in their choice of words for this important document.  ‘Life’ is listed before ‘Liberty.’  Perhaps society is asking the wrong questions if it is addressing ‘Liberty’ before ‘Life.’

How are you asking the wrong questions about your Life, your Business, your views, your values, your relationships?  Are you coming from a point of view that doesn’t allow the winds of change to shift you from a fixed position?  Are you unconsciously clinging to old ideas that might have worked in days past but are no longer applicable to the evolving 21st Century New Human Being?

I challenge you to question your questions!

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Union – Richard’s Thoughts on the Nature of the New Human

In these posts I have referred often to my message channeled by Rosemary on December 7, 2012. (To listen again, click here) I have written several posts about the “Floating Heads” she channeled and have even posted messages they have given to me. But there were two parts to that message; the second is from a Native American Guide who spoke about the oneness of body and spirit. It is a deep message; I have given it much thought. Here are some notes about that message:

I fully appreciate if not fully comprehend her message. It requires deep thought. Her message is essentially about union, not in a coming together of two-ness, dualism, but as in no-separation. There is no separation of spirit and body, of the Earthly Human part of us and the eternal Spirit part. Even to use the term “part” is to imply two-ness, pieces of a whole. But the message of the Guide is there are no parts here, only wholeness. This is true yoga; this wholeness is not about the joining of parts but the no-separation into parts.

And as I think about it, isn’t this the true message of the Heart Sutra? Isn’t this the truth of “emptiness” and all the denials? These are the denials of separation! The denials of the senses as we think of them, sense with them. “No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind…” no separation into these sensory organs that tend to deceive us.

My Guide would have me know this and to go deeply into this Truth. She said the New Human is born from this Truth. The New Human is not a Spirit Being having a physical experience here on Planet Earth. The New Human is one being, a fully integrated singularity with a dimensionality that transcends the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. The New Human is beyond the dimensions of time, space, consciousness. The New Human is even beyond Spirit because it holds all these other dimensions “nested” within the greater singularity. The New Human is a hologram and represents (no, not “represents” – “is”!) the wholeness of the Universe! From bottom to top – the lowest atom/particle to the highest conception – God – it is all one thing! Dimensions, space, time, matter, emptiness, black holes, dark matter, consciousness, spirit: these are all one and these are all inside everything and everyone. This is the true everything and nothing – the Alpha and Omega. Our senses tell a different story; they present to us the illusion of duality. The New Human sees beyond the illusions, penetrates the perceptive senses to realize the New Truth.

Words fail. They are swallowed up in the greater, deeper understanding of Oneness! Everything collapses into this Oneness. The ocean overwhelms the drop of water, consuming it, embracing it into the singularity that is at the heart of it All.

And what does the New Human do with this comprehension? Heat water, make tea. But there is a necessary alteration to the routine. There is a new attitude toward Life, a new consciousness regarding the All, the One. There is a subtle sense that the separation is not sustainable and that the Oneness is all pervasive through the All. There is an inter-penetration of everything, everyone, every moment, all thought, all feelings, All.

With this realization everything takes on a new dimension, new clarity. There is a glow, an aura to it all that inter-penetrates my own aura. This is New Sight.

And somehow the tea is more delightful!

MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Awake?

Dear Ones,

In a time when so many people are suffering it is incumbent on each person to take responsibility for bringing in their Light so that they can shine that Light into the world around them. We will tell you why this is so important.

The Planet Earth is going through major changes in her energy at this time in her history. All of the people on the surface of Earth are feeling this shift in energy that radiates outward from the core. Each individual chooses how to react to that shift in energy. Some are panicking and trying to pull back to a time before the energy started to shift. Others are leaving the Planet to work with the shift from the Other Side of the veil. Still others are paralyzed and do not know what to do and so they choose to ignore the shifts and try to go about their business as if nothing is changing.

The awakened ones and those who are just beginning to awaken are accepting the energy changes and are moving forward WITH those changes. This group of people, as it grows, will ride the shift into the New Consciousness that is emerging.

Every individual can choose which group to join at this time. And you can change your mind if you decide that you would prefer to be in a different group, but your time to make a choice is running out. It is time to commit to a path.

Those who are awakened or awakening are feeling the urgency to manifest the New Consciousness in the world as soon as possible. Old institutions, laws, processes are being forced to shift. Old ideas, ideologies, beliefs are being re-examined for their relevance in the emerging world. Even energy itself is being re-examined and new information is appearing every day in the world of science.

Things cannot stay the same as they have been, nor can they go back to the way they were. This is the critical point that divides those who would progress forward with the changes that are happening to and on Planet Earth and those who would regress to a former way in which they felt more stable and in control. No human being is in total control of the world around them. No one.

And so the New Consciousness comes into the awareness of many human beings and they find themselves fighting against those who would dig in their heels and attempt to hold back the progress of all others. This cannot be done.

The People of the New Consciousness, or the New Humans, know that humanity as a whole must continue to evolve and the frontier on which that evolution is appearing is the frontier of Consciousness. Once something – an idea, a belief, a new concept or understanding – has been exposed to the light of day that ‘something’ cannot be removed from the Collective Consciousness. Once someone has conceived of a new way of being that is consistent with the direction in which humanity is evolving then that new way of being takes on a life of its own and draws to it all those humans on Planet Earth who are ready to evolve into the next level of being.

You are living on your Planet at an exciting time in the history of humanity! You must decide if you will be a part of the evolutionary process of the emerging New Consciousness or if you are too afraid and will choose to attempt to stay where you are or to move backward. But be forewarned that your inner Light is needed by those around you. This is how you can participate in the evolutionary process that is moving forward whether you join it or not.

Find your purpose, shine your Light and join the movement. Everyone around you is making a choice, too. What do you want THEM to choose?

And so it is.

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MUSE-INGS: Be the Change and Become the New Human

It’s not easy to consider profound change but perhaps it is time for each of us, singularly and collectively, to decide to commit to whatever profound change is necessary for us to move forward in the process of the evolution of human consciousness. The future is now.

How have you been living in denial of your greatness? When I work with clients I often see their gifts and strengths in ways that they cannot see or, because of some blind-spots, cannot accept. Who was the parent or teacher or sibling who taught you that you were less than amazing? What was the situation that caused you to accept the belief that you were less than a perfect human being living on a path of consciousness-evolution? What arrested you in your personal development so that you cannot see your own bright Light that is to shine into the world?

We all have those blind-spots! One of my buddies in the scientific hand analysis trainings uses a rear-view mirror to demonstrate how our blind-spots keep us from seeing ourselves clearly. Our Life Purpose comes with a Life Lesson that will always help us to grow, if we let it. And when we know our blind-spots, our Life Lesson, then we can use that energy as an ally to help us in our path of personal growth.

I see people who seem content to maintain the status quo and I wonder what they are really feeling. Don’t you feel compelled to move forward? To learn something new? To explore? To grow? Maybe I’m just focused on my world and the clients I am privileged to work with because they are all looking for that deep transformation, the profound change that lets them evolve, move into new territories, expand their consciousness.

Transformation isn’t for the faint of heart. I grant you that this is not the path of least resistance, for we are about an important work when we accept the mantle as one who is willing to transform oneself. But we cannot be so naïve as to look around us at the world and wish that it would change without realizing that it is in our own being that we must start the shift. The oft-mentioned quote of Ghandi, ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world,’ speaks volumes to HOW we can effect change.

Step into your own power and do the work to transform your own energy. Delve into the reaches of your psyche and clear out any limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, discouraging voices that are holding you back from your greatness. Be willing to lift your consciousness to a new level of awareness, seeing from a new perspective, embracing new thoughts.

Those who cling to the old ways, who long for a return to a fantasy of days gone by that were not what they might appear to be, are fighting the mainstream of progress toward an evolved human consciousness, toward the emergence of the new human. Be the change and become the new human. If each of us, as individuals, commits to our own personal evolution, to deep transformation, to profound change within us, and to manifesting our gifts and our greatness in the outer world, then the world will be transformed by that power from within us.

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MUSE-INGS: Are You Ready for Connection?

When I had that dream a couple of weeks ago, I felt that it was an important one.  Now I see the message.

Our work in the world now is not just to try to avert dangers and disasters, but to choose the response that supports the evolution of the New Human when something does happen.

The Feminine Way is one in which we reach out to help because there is a need.  We treat others as our family.  We dispense with greed and look to what we can do so that all can survive.  This woman’s story shows a village that does just that.  Instead of hoarding there is sharing.  If someone is better off than another, they take the other into their home.

This is the best of humanity.  This happens around the world when there is a crisis.  Neighbors help neighbors.  Strangers help strangers.  People get a clear understanding that we are all one, we are all members of the same family, the Human Family.

So why is there so much greed rampant in our society?  Why do so many people forget that we are all one?  Why the subterfuge, the anger, hatred, judgment, intolerance of others?  And what would all the hate-mongers do if a devastating earthquake or tsunami hit their village?

I wonder.  Maybe this is the time that we can wipe out the separating forces with a tsunami of Love.  What if we decide that we will Love all others, no matter how different they are, no matter what they’ve done?  We will hold ourselves in so much Love that it pours out of us, without judgment or fear or hatred or anger or intolerance.  Maybe we can each commit to the concept of The Feminine Way, saying now, before we are the ones suffering a devastating disaster, that we will respond with Love if something like that happens around us.  Let us prepare ourselves to be a part of a community and a support of that community should the need arise.

My sister works in the disaster response world.  She would tell you to make the preparations that are prudent for everyone to make, whether the disaster be an earthquake, a tsunami, a hurricane, a blizzard, a tornado or just a power outage.  Check out the Red Cross website for info.  Take care of your family and household.  But also be aware that you are a part of the greater community.

If you have a Homeowners’ Association, get them to have a disaster plan.  Is there someone in the neighborhood who is on oxygen and might need a generator?  Are there elderly or babies who might need something that others can offer?  Does someone need dialysis and can’t get gas for their car to get to the appointments?  The Association could learn these things and prepare as a community for whatever might occur.

Thinking outside the box of ‘me, me, me’ enables each individual to grow as the New Human.

Maybe I had that dream as prophecy.  Maybe it was a message to all of us to think about what The Feminine Way really means in our lives.  And maybe it was a wake-up call to all of us to examine the ways in which we feel disconnected from each other so that we can find our way to connection.

Keep praying for the people in Japan and for the healing of all who inhabit our Mother Earth.


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