Know Thyself – Tools for Self-Knowledge – Richard’s Commentary

As I was writing my “morning pages” today I realized after a couple of paragraphs that I was writing today’s post and commentary on Rosemary’s Exploration article. I began my pages, as I often do, writing about the passage of time; here’s my entry:

We are running out of Leo fast; and then August. Everyone seems to be noting how fast time is now passing.

Of course it is all perception – as everything is. One effect on our perception is the amount of information we are bombarded with moment to moment. 24-hour news, FaceBook, email, the never ending stream of websites and blogs is literally overwhelming. When we are overwhelmed we can go into a spin, a dive that seems endless, frightening and high-speed. Time melts away in the dive – it almost feels like a death-defying dive!

And it is all perception! The only reality is of our own making, our own perceiving. To change our reality all we need to do is change our perspective. And this is a matter of intention and attention.

It begins with intention: what is going on inside. If we feel we are in free-fall, take a breath, maybe two, deep cleansing breaths, and then put the brakes on. Stop the fall. Sink into the dantien (the lower abdomen area) and breathe there. It is possible to float here. And as we float we can get a sense of flow, of going with the flow. The current doesn’t have to be a raging rapids; it can be a slow, lazy summer river taking its time in search of the sea. It can take on any speed we give it because this is our reality. We can imagine it to be any rate of flow we desire!

It’s good to take time out of a busy life to slow the pace. There really is no place to go. There’s nothing to do. Oh, OK, there are chores of life, tasks we set for ourselves, responsibilities we sign up for and lessons to learn. But we can be and breathe through all of these.

The “being part” is the witness who rides above all of the rapid pace, the wild passage of time, the endless stream of information. Rise up to that level and watch it all. How serious does it all appear to be – how real? How important?

From that vantage the passage of time seems almost irrelevant. Yes, we have our lessons to work out, our karmic Lesson Plan. Here’s where attention comes in. There are external influences that come to play in our lives. We have other people’s perceptions to take into account and to process. When we pay attention we can see and learn the lessons these interactions hold for us. This is a matter of shifting our perspective from “encounter” to “classroom.” We shift from “other” to “mirror” – how is this person mirroring me, my interactions and my behavior?

Inner perspective, intention, and outer perspective, attention, are always relative, which means they are adaptable, transmutable. The simple technique of using breath to do the adapting is all that’s needed. One breath can stop the fall, gain a fresh perspective and shift reality.

I have moved now well into my birthday month, working on my 70th year! To many, and sometimes me, this sounds old! And from this perspective that time is speeding up, I may not have much time left! So, I take a breath and try this on: “70 is the new 50”! Ah, that’s better and about how I feel! And soon enough 100 will be the new 70!

Rosemary asks: Have you explored tools to help you understand where you are coming from? What about where others are coming from? Do you value the differences in how people approach learning, or life, or do you expect everyone to see things as you see them? To listen and to hear exactly what you hear? To feel the way you feel?

My answer, as it is for many things these days, is “I practice Qigong.” Breathe deeply and gain a new perspective on your “reality.”



Union – Richard’s Thoughts on the Nature of the New Human

In these posts I have referred often to my message channeled by Rosemary on December 7, 2012. (To listen again, click here) I have written several posts about the “Floating Heads” she channeled and have even posted messages they have given to me. But there were two parts to that message; the second is from a Native American Guide who spoke about the oneness of body and spirit. It is a deep message; I have given it much thought. Here are some notes about that message:

I fully appreciate if not fully comprehend her message. It requires deep thought. Her message is essentially about union, not in a coming together of two-ness, dualism, but as in no-separation. There is no separation of spirit and body, of the Earthly Human part of us and the eternal Spirit part. Even to use the term “part” is to imply two-ness, pieces of a whole. But the message of the Guide is there are no parts here, only wholeness. This is true yoga; this wholeness is not about the joining of parts but the no-separation into parts.

And as I think about it, isn’t this the true message of the Heart Sutra? Isn’t this the truth of “emptiness” and all the denials? These are the denials of separation! The denials of the senses as we think of them, sense with them. “No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind…” no separation into these sensory organs that tend to deceive us.

My Guide would have me know this and to go deeply into this Truth. She said the New Human is born from this Truth. The New Human is not a Spirit Being having a physical experience here on Planet Earth. The New Human is one being, a fully integrated singularity with a dimensionality that transcends the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. The New Human is beyond the dimensions of time, space, consciousness. The New Human is even beyond Spirit because it holds all these other dimensions “nested” within the greater singularity. The New Human is a hologram and represents (no, not “represents” – “is”!) the wholeness of the Universe! From bottom to top – the lowest atom/particle to the highest conception – God – it is all one thing! Dimensions, space, time, matter, emptiness, black holes, dark matter, consciousness, spirit: these are all one and these are all inside everything and everyone. This is the true everything and nothing – the Alpha and Omega. Our senses tell a different story; they present to us the illusion of duality. The New Human sees beyond the illusions, penetrates the perceptive senses to realize the New Truth.

Words fail. They are swallowed up in the greater, deeper understanding of Oneness! Everything collapses into this Oneness. The ocean overwhelms the drop of water, consuming it, embracing it into the singularity that is at the heart of it All.

And what does the New Human do with this comprehension? Heat water, make tea. But there is a necessary alteration to the routine. There is a new attitude toward Life, a new consciousness regarding the All, the One. There is a subtle sense that the separation is not sustainable and that the Oneness is all pervasive through the All. There is an inter-penetration of everything, everyone, every moment, all thought, all feelings, All.

With this realization everything takes on a new dimension, new clarity. There is a glow, an aura to it all that inter-penetrates my own aura. This is New Sight.

And somehow the tea is more delightful!

MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: The Times They Are a Changin’

Dear Ones,

The veils between the worlds are beginning to thin and those who are resonating at higher levels are able to see through the physical world to the spiritual world.  Those who have this vision derive comfort from knowing that all is well.

If you are stuck in circumstances that feel like blocks or as if you have blocks of cement attached to feet that are trying to move forward, then your awareness is at the densest level of the physical reality of 21st Century Planet Earth.  You do not have to stay attached to that which you view as this so-called ‘reality.’

Reality is your perception of what is true, according to your own measuring parameters.  One person’s reality might not be another’s.  When one becomes convinced that their reality is the only one, then one, of necessity, judges all others to be ‘out of touch with reality’ or  ‘just plain wrong.’  This is where judgment, polarity, racism dwell – in the hearts of those who believe that they know for certain what is ‘reality.’ If your reality does not mesh with those around you, are you willing to listen and learn or do you discount and shut off any discussion?

Notice in your day how much reality you are encountering.  Can your perception be different from that of another person’s?  Can two people observe the same event and have differing accounts of what has happened?

Each human being sees the world through the lens of their experience and the filter of the decisions they have made about what to believe.  A child’s view of the world is being shaped by the environment and the parents that they encounter.  The subconscious of the child embraces the decisions that are made as if they define absolute reality because they do not have the discernment to consider that t here might be other realities beyond what they can see.  The subconscious of the adult might be holding onto those same decisions because there has never been a reason to question them.

In the 21st Century, every decision about reality must come into question.  One cannot live a conscious life while the subconscious is shaping choices around a decision about believing in a childhood reality.  And those who choose to impose their own reality onto others are being led by a subconscious child’s belief rather than a conscious choice made as an adult in the 21st Century.

Reality dwells in the heart-mind center of evolved individuals.  This heart-mind carries the new 21st Century consciousness for evolutionaries to manifest in the world.  When one operates from this space, there is room for other individuals to embrace the outer world according to their evolutionary progress.  Nonjudgment and acceptance are the hallmarks of  the evolved 21st Century human being.

There is much polarization in the world today around the concept that ‘I am right and you are wrong,’ a tendency to create ‘otherness’ about one who looks, acts, thinks, lives differently.  This is the outward manifestation of an inner clinging to the old paradigms.  Intolerance is the expression of the fear that the world is changing around one.

The changes that are coming represent quantum leaps in the evolution of human consciousness.  Those who can embrace change will be the evolutionaries of the 21st Century.  Those who cannot will be left behind to live amongst the intolerances of their own prejudices from past belief systems.

This is the time to make the choice about your own reality.

And so it is.

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