MUSE-INGS: Be the Change and Become the New Human

It’s not easy to consider profound change but perhaps it is time for each of us, singularly and collectively, to decide to commit to whatever profound change is necessary for us to move forward in the process of the evolution of human consciousness. The future is now.

How have you been living in denial of your greatness? When I work with clients I often see their gifts and strengths in ways that they cannot see or, because of some blind-spots, cannot accept. Who was the parent or teacher or sibling who taught you that you were less than amazing? What was the situation that caused you to accept the belief that you were less than a perfect human being living on a path of consciousness-evolution? What arrested you in your personal development so that you cannot see your own bright Light that is to shine into the world?

We all have those blind-spots! One of my buddies in the scientific hand analysis trainings uses a rear-view mirror to demonstrate how our blind-spots keep us from seeing ourselves clearly. Our Life Purpose comes with a Life Lesson that will always help us to grow, if we let it. And when we know our blind-spots, our Life Lesson, then we can use that energy as an ally to help us in our path of personal growth.

I see people who seem content to maintain the status quo and I wonder what they are really feeling. Don’t you feel compelled to move forward? To learn something new? To explore? To grow? Maybe I’m just focused on my world and the clients I am privileged to work with because they are all looking for that deep transformation, the profound change that lets them evolve, move into new territories, expand their consciousness.

Transformation isn’t for the faint of heart. I grant you that this is not the path of least resistance, for we are about an important work when we accept the mantle as one who is willing to transform oneself. But we cannot be so naïve as to look around us at the world and wish that it would change without realizing that it is in our own being that we must start the shift. The oft-mentioned quote of Ghandi, ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world,’ speaks volumes to HOW we can effect change.

Step into your own power and do the work to transform your own energy. Delve into the reaches of your psyche and clear out any limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, discouraging voices that are holding you back from your greatness. Be willing to lift your consciousness to a new level of awareness, seeing from a new perspective, embracing new thoughts.

Those who cling to the old ways, who long for a return to a fantasy of days gone by that were not what they might appear to be, are fighting the mainstream of progress toward an evolved human consciousness, toward the emergence of the new human. Be the change and become the new human. If each of us, as individuals, commits to our own personal evolution, to deep transformation, to profound change within us, and to manifesting our gifts and our greatness in the outer world, then the world will be transformed by that power from within us.

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