MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Awake?

Dear Ones,

In a time when so many people are suffering it is incumbent on each person to take responsibility for bringing in their Light so that they can shine that Light into the world around them. We will tell you why this is so important.

The Planet Earth is going through major changes in her energy at this time in her history. All of the people on the surface of Earth are feeling this shift in energy that radiates outward from the core. Each individual chooses how to react to that shift in energy. Some are panicking and trying to pull back to a time before the energy started to shift. Others are leaving the Planet to work with the shift from the Other Side of the veil. Still others are paralyzed and do not know what to do and so they choose to ignore the shifts and try to go about their business as if nothing is changing.

The awakened ones and those who are just beginning to awaken are accepting the energy changes and are moving forward WITH those changes. This group of people, as it grows, will ride the shift into the New Consciousness that is emerging.

Every individual can choose which group to join at this time. And you can change your mind if you decide that you would prefer to be in a different group, but your time to make a choice is running out. It is time to commit to a path.

Those who are awakened or awakening are feeling the urgency to manifest the New Consciousness in the world as soon as possible. Old institutions, laws, processes are being forced to shift. Old ideas, ideologies, beliefs are being re-examined for their relevance in the emerging world. Even energy itself is being re-examined and new information is appearing every day in the world of science.

Things cannot stay the same as they have been, nor can they go back to the way they were. This is the critical point that divides those who would progress forward with the changes that are happening to and on Planet Earth and those who would regress to a former way in which they felt more stable and in control. No human being is in total control of the world around them. No one.

And so the New Consciousness comes into the awareness of many human beings and they find themselves fighting against those who would dig in their heels and attempt to hold back the progress of all others. This cannot be done.

The People of the New Consciousness, or the New Humans, know that humanity as a whole must continue to evolve and the frontier on which that evolution is appearing is the frontier of Consciousness. Once something – an idea, a belief, a new concept or understanding – has been exposed to the light of day that ‘something’ cannot be removed from the Collective Consciousness. Once someone has conceived of a new way of being that is consistent with the direction in which humanity is evolving then that new way of being takes on a life of its own and draws to it all those humans on Planet Earth who are ready to evolve into the next level of being.

You are living on your Planet at an exciting time in the history of humanity! You must decide if you will be a part of the evolutionary process of the emerging New Consciousness or if you are too afraid and will choose to attempt to stay where you are or to move backward. But be forewarned that your inner Light is needed by those around you. This is how you can participate in the evolutionary process that is moving forward whether you join it or not.

Find your purpose, shine your Light and join the movement. Everyone around you is making a choice, too. What do you want THEM to choose?

And so it is.

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