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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Start with ‘We Are All One’

You’ve heard that ‘seeing is believing,’ right? The truth is that ‘believing is seeing.’

What you believe becomes the lens through which you view everything.

What do you believe? Let’s start with the folks around you, your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the community, your country. Are they all ‘others’ to you? How about people who live on the other side of the world? The other side of the political spectrum? The other skin colors? The other religions?

The more we focus on ‘otherness’ the less we understand about who we really are as individuals. Yes, we have separate physical bodies, but we are all one. We are all one big organism called ‘humanity’ on Earth.

Even the teachings about how we are all connected are trying to explain a concept that goes deeper than that. We Are All One. There really is no separation.

If you’ve heard anything about new science, quantum physics, you’ve probably heard that science understands that particles that seem to be discrete and individual somehow seem to know what other particles are doing without a connection network to transmit that information. (Or, at least, a connection that we can describe and understand at this time!) But if the particles (individuals) are all a part of one organism (consciousness) then maybe they don’t need a communication network. They just ‘know’ what is known elsewhere.

Now, for humans, this can get trickier because we like to think that we are unique individuals and we LOVE the word ‘mine’! From the time we first figure out what that word means, as toddlers, we use it to lay claim to what we perceive is ours, without regard to what anyone else wants. Just ask a toddler to care that you want to play with that toy that they’ve declared is ‘mine’ and see how far you get!

Grownups can evolve beyond this narrow vision of ‘mine’ into ‘ours,’ if they try. We learned to share in kindergarten, we practiced being a sibling or a couple or a family member or a community and we learned about the concept of ‘for the good of all.’ Not everyone, though, has embraced that concept.

In the midst of an election in a democracy, like the US, we hear all sorts of rhetoric and, sadly, lies. Everyone running for office claims to have the solutions for every problem. We often hear fear-mongering to get you all riled up about holding onto what you claim is ‘mine’ vs sharing with others, the concept of ‘ours.’ To back up these claims there are often statistics or stories that are concocted without a basis in fact.

The little toddler inside each voter reacts with that old idea of ‘mine’ and can be blindly led down a path that causes them to vote against their own best interest because they are so focused on ‘others’ trying to take what is ‘mine’ that they forget to analyze, calculate, do the research and educate themselves.

Start with We Are All One. Everything really is connected, so connected, in fact, that it is One. We can share. Just as we learned in kindergarten, it is okay to take turns, to share, to participate together so that everyone is taken care of.

Not only do we have privileges as human beings on Earth at this time, we also have responsibilities to each other and to the Earth. In a democracy, citizenship includes being educated and caring about others who share this democracy with you. As Earthlings, we share the planet with many others and so we have a responsibility to care for and about the Earth.

Get out the glass cleaner and clean off the lens through which you are looking at the world. Start with We Are All One!

MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Awake?

Dear Ones,

In a time when so many people are suffering it is incumbent on each person to take responsibility for bringing in their Light so that they can shine that Light into the world around them. We will tell you why this is so important.

The Planet Earth is going through major changes in her energy at this time in her history. All of the people on the surface of Earth are feeling this shift in energy that radiates outward from the core. Each individual chooses how to react to that shift in energy. Some are panicking and trying to pull back to a time before the energy started to shift. Others are leaving the Planet to work with the shift from the Other Side of the veil. Still others are paralyzed and do not know what to do and so they choose to ignore the shifts and try to go about their business as if nothing is changing.

The awakened ones and those who are just beginning to awaken are accepting the energy changes and are moving forward WITH those changes. This group of people, as it grows, will ride the shift into the New Consciousness that is emerging.

Every individual can choose which group to join at this time. And you can change your mind if you decide that you would prefer to be in a different group, but your time to make a choice is running out. It is time to commit to a path.

Those who are awakened or awakening are feeling the urgency to manifest the New Consciousness in the world as soon as possible. Old institutions, laws, processes are being forced to shift. Old ideas, ideologies, beliefs are being re-examined for their relevance in the emerging world. Even energy itself is being re-examined and new information is appearing every day in the world of science.

Things cannot stay the same as they have been, nor can they go back to the way they were. This is the critical point that divides those who would progress forward with the changes that are happening to and on Planet Earth and those who would regress to a former way in which they felt more stable and in control. No human being is in total control of the world around them. No one.

And so the New Consciousness comes into the awareness of many human beings and they find themselves fighting against those who would dig in their heels and attempt to hold back the progress of all others. This cannot be done.

The People of the New Consciousness, or the New Humans, know that humanity as a whole must continue to evolve and the frontier on which that evolution is appearing is the frontier of Consciousness. Once something – an idea, a belief, a new concept or understanding – has been exposed to the light of day that ‘something’ cannot be removed from the Collective Consciousness. Once someone has conceived of a new way of being that is consistent with the direction in which humanity is evolving then that new way of being takes on a life of its own and draws to it all those humans on Planet Earth who are ready to evolve into the next level of being.

You are living on your Planet at an exciting time in the history of humanity! You must decide if you will be a part of the evolutionary process of the emerging New Consciousness or if you are too afraid and will choose to attempt to stay where you are or to move backward. But be forewarned that your inner Light is needed by those around you. This is how you can participate in the evolutionary process that is moving forward whether you join it or not.

Find your purpose, shine your Light and join the movement. Everyone around you is making a choice, too. What do you want THEM to choose?

And so it is.

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MUSE-INGS: ‘Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…’ by Rosemary Bredeson

How many times have we been the mirrors for the projections of others?  And how many times have we projected our stuff onto someone else?

These are not the pretty things we like to ponder but there are the gems of some real growth in considering these questions.

When you are told that your issues are about something inside you rather than about the other person, how do you react?  Do you first go into disbelief and then justification?  ‘What do you mean it’s not about them?  They’re being ridiculous, an idiot, unkind, outrageous, ________[fill in the blank]!’  Of course we want it to be about them because it is much easier to consider ourselves to be victims than to own responsibility for what is happening in a relationship.

Let me say here that I am not talking about abuse.  This is never acceptable.  But when you feel that you are the victim of abuse you must ask yourself what you are to learn and sometimes the answer is that you must remove yourself from the relationship.  When you make the abuse about either your own inadequacy, such as creating an excuse for why you might have deserved the treatment you received, or when you make the abuse about the other person and you don’t take action except to get angry or fearful, then you have given away your power to an abusive relationship and you are not owning your opportunity for personal growth.

In every relationship there are many opportunities for growth but we tend to want to romanticize our romantic relationships or make family relationships about what happened in the past.  Sometimes in friendships we have expectations that are not realistic or, on the other hand, we excuse behaviors in our friends that we wouldn’t tolerate in our partners.  We get our boundaries all mixed up about what is mine and what is theirs.

It is important to examine our relationships for where the healthy boundaries are.  Know what is yours and what is the other person’s.  Not clear?  Then work on this with someone who is not emotionally charged in the relationship so that you can become clear about where the healthy boundaries lie.

Think of every relationship as a mirror that your inner Self is holding up to you so that you can see in that mirror the work that is ‘in your face’ today for you to work on.  And then do the work.

Remember that an issue is probably not about you unless it is pointing you in the direction of a lesson to be learned.  Honor those lessons by allowing the relationship to be the classroom in the School of Life on Earth and learn the lesson without becoming defensive or retaliatory.  Lessons in relationships can help both the individuals to grow.  And if you feel that you cannot grow in the relationship, then re-examine your reason for staying there.

Sometimes the healthiest boundaries come from creating great distance.


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