WHO are you serving?

When you do whatever you do, are you conscious of the person or people for whom you are doing that? This isn’t just about your job or career or business, but even the family for whom you are cooking dinner, or the person you hold the door open for at the mall, or the charity that you are supporting with your donation.

WHO is it that you are serving?

There are plenty of answers when you look outside yourself at the examples above. But in all of those, are you serving yourself first? Remember that the airlines instruct you to put your oxygen mask on FIRST and then turn to help a companion or child. What good are you to that other passenger if you pass out from lack of oxygen before you can help them? Take care of yourself first so that you are better able to serve.

We think of that on airplanes but the same principle applies all throughout our days and our lives.

If you don’t take care of your own health, no one else can do it. You know this. You accept this. But what about your spiritual and psychological health? Your emotional health? Your mental health? Are you serving yourself by taking care of yourself in those areas?

If you are an entrepreneur or you work in an office, are you clear about the customers or clients that you serve? Are they real people to you or are you focused on tasks and not people?

As an entrepreneur I am very focused on the clients in my business. My work is to build a relationship in which I support them. If I were a secretary, I would be supporting a boss and needing to accomplish certain tasks for her. How much use would I be if I weren’t taking good care of myself and if I was thinking about the computer instead of the project that creates info that she needs? A teacher who thinks only about what he is teaching and not about the kids and what they are learning is not a very good teacher. A musician or actor or artist who isn’t thinking about how the audience is receiving their art isn’t sharing much of themselves.

We’ve all heard that ‘Energy flows where attention goes.’ If your attention is on accomplishing your to-do list, on everybody else’s to-do list, on getting things done and over with instead of on the people and the relationships, what do you think will happen to the people (including you) and the relationships?

Take some time this week to ask yourself the question, “Who is my WHO? For whom am I doing this? And have I taken care of myself first so that I can serve at my best level?”

Entrepreneurs are taught to identify their ‘target market’ or ‘audience’ early in their training, but most of us don’t get this lesson and broaden the perspective into everything that we do. Next time you are fixing food, ask about your ‘Who.’ Next time you hold a door, think about the person walking through it and smile. Smile before you answer the phone because there is (usually) a human being on the other end of the line. Think about the tasks on your to-do list in terms of the person/people impacted.

Who is your WHO?

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Question Your Questions!

The RIGHT Question is…

Who am I here to be as the 21st Century New Human Being?

If you are an entrepreneur, is your business reflecting you as a New Human Being?  Or are you still patterning your business on 20th Century ideas?  Values?

In your work, whether in your own business or as an employee, are you serious about fulfilling your purpose or are you just doing a job?

If you are not working, does your life reflect your values or are you waiting for some future event or date?  Have you given away your power or are you empowered to be who you were born to be?

In the United States we have been subjected to an amazing number of heated battles over topics that most had thought long ago agreed upon as a nation.  One wonders why these topics are being resurrected and debated yet again.  The answer is that the 21st Century New Human Being threatens the old ways that some wish would return.  The values of the 21st Century reflect a new consciousness and business, politics, life must adjust to the new consciousness.

Even family life is adjusting.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone is plugged into their personal electronics and we walk around wishing to be left alone until we need something from each other.  At the same time, we connect with Facebook friends, we tweet about our lives and keep up with others on Twitter, we have professional networks on LinkedIn, we email and surf the net.  We are connected in constant ways with others around the world.  And ask any server in a restaurant and they will tell you what percentage of diners are sitting at the table on their smart phones!

But are we connected to our inner selves?  Are you going inside to seek your answers or are you waiting for the next email or Facebook post or Tweet?  Are you expecting someone else to give you the answers or are you actively seeking them through your own inner connections to guidance?

The New Human has a well-developed intuition and sense of Soul Purpose in the 21st Century.  As we evolve, we will develop even better perceptions through our sixth sense than through the five physical senses.  Telepathic conversation will become the norm.  Everyone will be ‘psychic.’  We are moving in this direction.

So who would be frightened by this evolution?  Perhaps someone who is lying is afraid that you might telepathically perceive the lie.  Maybe someone who has been selfish or greedy is afraid that the New Human will want to live in connected community and will want the possessions that have been so assiduously amassed or hoarded.  Perhaps someone who is ‘doing just fine, thank you’ is afraid of change and wants things to be less complicated than they appear to be now.

We can never get inside the head of another person but we are seeing a divide occur between groups who might not even be aware of the values that the divide reflects.

I heard the statement made by a father who lost his son in the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  Americans are getting caught up on both sides of a discussion of how to stop gun violence but maybe they are asking the wrong questions.  This bereaved father was not playing on emotion – he went back to founding documents for the Great American Experiment and quoted this from the Declaration of Independence, penned by Thomas Jefferson:

“…certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This father pointed out that Jefferson and the founding fathers were very deliberate in their choice of words for this important document.  ‘Life’ is listed before ‘Liberty.’  Perhaps society is asking the wrong questions if it is addressing ‘Liberty’ before ‘Life.’

How are you asking the wrong questions about your Life, your Business, your views, your values, your relationships?  Are you coming from a point of view that doesn’t allow the winds of change to shift you from a fixed position?  Are you unconsciously clinging to old ideas that might have worked in days past but are no longer applicable to the evolving 21st Century New Human Being?

I challenge you to question your questions!

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MUSE-INGS: Shine the Light of the Real You

I have the privilege of working with the best clients in the world. They are each an amazing shining light, a beacon of hope and love to others. And yet I spend a lot of coaching time helping them to own their own brilliance, to ramp up that inner light and to show their inner splendor to the world. This is the essence of the coaching work that I do.

And I see how much energy there is in the world that is trying to hold people back from their own greatness! It is sad and frustrating and anger-provoking when I hear/see this happening. So what is going on?

We’re told by our educational systems that we must toe the line, behave as we’re told to, be good little soldiers and follow orders. We study as we’re directed and we regurgitate the information that we have memorized. Then we go out into the world and get a job where our role is to make the boss look good. Occasionally someone turns to us and lets us shine our light, but just a little, not enough to out-shine anyone above us in the chain.

Entrepreneurs create a business to reach out to others, to make money and, we hope, to shine their light into the world. But do they really understand the role they can play in the overall story that is unfolding?

Our granddaughter is doing an assignment for her English class which is studying Romeo and Juliet. She has to create a mask that displays various aspects of herself – symbols of who she is, what she likes, what she enjoys doing, how she sees herself, something she doesn’t particular like. It’s been fascinating watching her do the self-examination required to create this mask and to hear the reasons behind the symbols that she has chosen. I applaud the teacher of high school freshmen who has given them this assignment. Makayla is creating, quite consciously, a representation of her persona as she sees herself today, and it is beautiful.

Ask yourself who you really are. What symbols would you use to display yourself to the world? And what are the masks that you wear to hide the real you from the rest of us? Are you playing small because you don’t want to out-shine those you perceive as ‘above’ you? Are you trying to shine your light and feeling as if there is always someone with a bucket of water waiting to put out your candle?

The changes that are happening around us are calling us each to determine and to live the life purpose, the soul purpose, for which we incarnated at this time. We chose to be here to take part in the changes that are occurring. We signed up to be agents of change and carriers of the Light while the winds of change are blowing across this planet. But we must grow in our own consciousness if we are to hold the hands of others and to help them to grow as well.

The way to accomplish this is to be who you are, the very Being of Light who lives inside you, who chose this time and this body and these circumstances in which to shine that light out into the world.

Watch the people around you who are struggling with circumstances and listening to the words of an energy I call ‘the contraction of consciousness.’ People forget themselves in this miasma of fear and constriction and horror. They lose touch with their own inner light and they blindly follow someone who feeds their fear to the point where they cannot see their own power to change. They give away their power to someone who will take care of the perceived enemy. This is not expanding consciousness. It constricts the person into a pinpoint of fear until they cannot see beyond that point, cannot expand their awareness to the greater picture, and they become brittle and break.

Be the person who lives in expanded awareness of the bigger picture. Know that you are a Being of Light who is having this Earth experience so that you can grow in consciousness and contribute to the growth of human evolution. Be who you are. That is all that is asked of you and that can be a tall order.

Be the Light.

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MUSE-INGS: But What IS My Life Purpose?

More and more I hear that people would love to be fulfilling their Life Purpose but they don’t know what it is. Some people feel they know what to DO but they aren’t sure who to BE. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who have created successful businesses but don’t feel fulfilled by that success. What to do?

Understanding that you have a Life Purpose is the first step. And in our culture we can be duped into believing that our Life Purpose is to make as much money as we can. Since money is merely an energy exchange between 2 parties determining the value of the money based on the value of the exchange, I cannot see that making money is truly anyone’s Life Purpose. That is not to say that in fulfilling one’s Purpose one cannot make a lot of money but the money is the result, not the goal.

Others define ‘success’ as status or security or safety or, often, freedom from financial stress. What if we worked to redefine this word? What if we take this Mystic Message about Light and Love and Life Purpose and find a way to define success based on those concepts? Let’s try.

I believe that success in Life depends on growing the amount of Light and Love that surrounds one in Life. If you have people around you, family or friends or neighbors or colleagues, near or far, whose lives have been enhanced by your connection to them, then you have been growing Light. If you give Love freely, without asking for anything in return, then you have increased the Love in your own world and in the lives of others. This is success. It has nothing to do with the amount of money you have in the bank. It does not depend on your income this year or this month or in any given week. True success is not about money.

What I see is that people who learn their Life Purpose as identified in their unique handprints, or through other intuitive means, feel a great sense of relief because it defines the call that their inner spirit has been trying to respond to but has not had a clear path for that response. Sometimes it just feels as if something is missing even if that missing thing hasn’t been identified yet. There is a yearning, a soul longing for something that’s not here.

Each of us is a being of Light, brought to Earth for a purpose. Each of us was loved into existence, requested by the rest of the Universe so that we could fulfill a purpose that supports and is supported by all of existence. This is a profound trust that has been placed in us. To live up to this we must learn to access the Light within, connect with Love Energy, share that Love and Light by fulfilling our Life Purpose.

How do you connect to Love and Light? Do you meditate? Do you find it through you connections with other people? Do you experience Love and Light by connecting with Nature?

Play this week with the idea of connecting to Love and Light in new ways. Look each day for a way to connect. Once you have made that connection see how you can share Love and Light with the world around you. People crave this and many do not know how to access Love and Light for themselves. Be the beacon for them. Just shine Light and Love through your smile. Talk from that vibration. Spend this week eschewing negative talk or talk of darkness and keep yourself in the Love and Light Energy level.

And learn your Life Purpose. Meditate on this. Ask for guidance. As one client said this week, “I feel relief that this is my Life Purpose!” You will be guided by that Life Purpose once you have determined it so it will make future decision making easier.

Take your Light out there. Be Love in the world. Live your Life Purpose. You will feel fulfilled.


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MUSE-INGS: Take out the Garbage!

In my old computer programmer days [seems like centuries ago!] we used to say, ‘GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out’! Seems that’s what this message is all about. What we input into our internal database is what comes out in our life.

So what are you putting in? When I work with clients who are accepting what others are trying to input it reminds me of the days when someone gave us ‘garbage’ to put in the database on the computer but expected a ‘garden’ to come out of it. That only works if the garbage is fertilizer and you also plant flowers!

Your thoughts are your thoughts. Other people own their thoughts, too. But it’s up to you to decide which thoughts you will accept and store away in your database. Do you believe in your own self-worth or have you let someone else define that for you? For example, we women look at magazines and think that we must measure up [or down!] to what we see. But even those models say they don’t look like that either! Have you had a parent or spouse or friend tell you that being an entrepreneur is not wise because there’s no security in that? Not true!

I’ve had several clients who have heard this in some form or other but today’s job market is not like it was decades ago. No one’s job is secure today. But if you are an entrepreneur you can make your own success, you can adjust your course, you can use the Law of Attraction to your benefit without being impeded by others. YOU have more options than someone who is not on their own.  If you are in a job as an employee, you must still decide who YOU are because your job description does not define you!

And look at your relationships to see if you are allowing others to input their ideas, thoughts, models of the world into your internal database. It’s pretty easy to let that happen. But they are not living your Life Purpose. It is not their responsibility to live out your mission on Planet Earth.

Now look at what you regularly input into your own database. So often we read, digest, listen to ‘stuff’ that does not lift up our own internal vibration. We allow ourselves to be lowered to a frequency that does not resonate with our spirit and we can’t understand why we are feeling ‘down.’ It’s our internal vibratory frequency that is ‘down.’ That’s the clue that we must do something to lift our own vibration.

Remember the Beach Boys’ song, ‘Good Vibrations’? [OK, maybe I’m the only one old enough to remember the Beach Boys!] Our internal mechanisms want us to feel good, to feel those ‘Good Vibrations.’ What are you doing today to feel a higher vibration than the day might bring on its own?

As I write this I have had technical glitches with three client sessions – three! My whole morning. What was that all about? Now my choice is to rail against the Universe or the gods of cyberspace, or I can deal with each issue as it arises and move forward. I chose the latter path.

We are always at choice about how to respond to what happens to us. But our options for those responses come from our own internal database. We must be careful to input only that which we would be happy to bring out as an option, a possible choice for us. This is why it is such a good idea to periodically clear out the database by clearing limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, blocks that we might not even know we have. Often times when I work with clients, this is the most important work we do. The rest of what they are looking for flows from this!

You might also try the ‘nightly review’ where before you go to sleep you review your day, going backwards through the day to decide if, next time, there is a better choice for you to make in a certain situation. This instructs your Unconscious Mind to store the new choice as an option for next time instead of the old one.

Take out the ‘garbage’ every night!


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Muse-ings: Change your thoughts and your world will change.

One concept that has really helped me is to use the analogy of paddling a canoe upstream versus allowing it to float along downstream being carried by the current of the river. How often do you feel as if you are paddling as hard as you can and yet getting nowhere? How hard do you paddle to keep bucking the tide and move upstream?

The real jailer here is the thinking that we do to arrive at impasses keeping us paddling upstream. What belief do you have in a given moment that keeps you struggling when, if you simply change that belief you could relax and float downstream with the current? Determining what this belief is and then doing something about changing that belief can bring a huge relief to you.

Working with beliefs and restrictive thinking I have seen many people turn around their lives just by deciding to believe something different about their situation. Sometimes it is a simple thought and sometimes it is a complex block, but once it is identified and cleared a person really can relax more.

Why is this so important? Because personal growth work is the most important work that you can do at this time. EVERYTHING in your life has the potential to improve if you are engaging in deep personal growth work – your business/career, your relationships, your life. Everything. This is why coaching is so important at this time as we navigate our way through complexities of personal growth work. But nothing is as rewarding as this work.

Many people don’t realize that doing their inner work is the best way to parent their children, but working on yourself allows your kids to be in a process of growth themselves, rather than thinking that, at some point, they will arrive at adulthood and no longer need to learn and to grow. Of course, engaging in improving yourself allows all your relationships to improve, especially your primary partnership. And no one in business or a career with a corporate entity can grow their business or build their career without doing a great deal of personal growth work. No matter what your situation is, doing the work to develop yourself and to maximize your personal growth will pay off in big ways in your work success.

Entrepreneurs know that, while they might love their business, setting off on this path is not all a bed of rose petals – some times there are thorns thrown in there! The path to success for the entrepreneur is through the doorway of personal growth. The entrepreneur who works on his/her own inner work paves the way for the business to grow without the restraints of one’s own limiting beliefs and negative thinking.

It’s easy to get started along this path of personal growth. It is usually preferable to have a guide, mentor, counselor or coach to help you along the way. Sometimes it just takes a nudge from a person who has a slightly different perspective to get us moving in the most important direction. The first session with a trusted adviser can get us started on the right track to really blossom.

If you are a person who doesn’t resonate with the notion of ‘vibratory frequencies’ then understand that, as we are all energy, we have our own personal ‘hum’ that is the frequency of YOU. I have a friend who is blind and she can sense who you are from the energy she feels when you approach her. And haven’t we all encountered so-called ‘energy vampires’ who suck the very energy out of us by their negativity or disconcerting energy frequencies?

Pay attention to energy this week. How do you feel? Are you feeling comfortable and compatible with your surroundings – at home, at work, in the mall or grocery store, around other people? Just notice. And notice, too, how you feel when you get back home to your ‘sanctuary.’ If you feel a difference, then examine where your energy feels the highest and do what it takes so that you can spend more time there.

Energy can be an interesting topic to explore but you know what you feel. Maybe you can do a bit of journaling about the energies you encounter this week. And record the times you had to step away from a person, a place or a thing. You’ll see lots of good information about yourself in this journal!


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