MUSE-INGS: Are You Ready for Connection?

When I had that dream a couple of weeks ago, I felt that it was an important one.  Now I see the message.

Our work in the world now is not just to try to avert dangers and disasters, but to choose the response that supports the evolution of the New Human when something does happen.

The Feminine Way is one in which we reach out to help because there is a need.  We treat others as our family.  We dispense with greed and look to what we can do so that all can survive.  This woman’s story shows a village that does just that.  Instead of hoarding there is sharing.  If someone is better off than another, they take the other into their home.

This is the best of humanity.  This happens around the world when there is a crisis.  Neighbors help neighbors.  Strangers help strangers.  People get a clear understanding that we are all one, we are all members of the same family, the Human Family.

So why is there so much greed rampant in our society?  Why do so many people forget that we are all one?  Why the subterfuge, the anger, hatred, judgment, intolerance of others?  And what would all the hate-mongers do if a devastating earthquake or tsunami hit their village?

I wonder.  Maybe this is the time that we can wipe out the separating forces with a tsunami of Love.  What if we decide that we will Love all others, no matter how different they are, no matter what they’ve done?  We will hold ourselves in so much Love that it pours out of us, without judgment or fear or hatred or anger or intolerance.  Maybe we can each commit to the concept of The Feminine Way, saying now, before we are the ones suffering a devastating disaster, that we will respond with Love if something like that happens around us.  Let us prepare ourselves to be a part of a community and a support of that community should the need arise.

My sister works in the disaster response world.  She would tell you to make the preparations that are prudent for everyone to make, whether the disaster be an earthquake, a tsunami, a hurricane, a blizzard, a tornado or just a power outage.  Check out the Red Cross website for info.  Take care of your family and household.  But also be aware that you are a part of the greater community.

If you have a Homeowners’ Association, get them to have a disaster plan.  Is there someone in the neighborhood who is on oxygen and might need a generator?  Are there elderly or babies who might need something that others can offer?  Does someone need dialysis and can’t get gas for their car to get to the appointments?  The Association could learn these things and prepare as a community for whatever might occur.

Thinking outside the box of ‘me, me, me’ enables each individual to grow as the New Human.

Maybe I had that dream as prophecy.  Maybe it was a message to all of us to think about what The Feminine Way really means in our lives.  And maybe it was a wake-up call to all of us to examine the ways in which we feel disconnected from each other so that we can find our way to connection.

Keep praying for the people in Japan and for the healing of all who inhabit our Mother Earth.


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