ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Question Your Questions!

The RIGHT Question is…

Who am I here to be as the 21st Century New Human Being?

If you are an entrepreneur, is your business reflecting you as a New Human Being?  Or are you still patterning your business on 20th Century ideas?  Values?

In your work, whether in your own business or as an employee, are you serious about fulfilling your purpose or are you just doing a job?

If you are not working, does your life reflect your values or are you waiting for some future event or date?  Have you given away your power or are you empowered to be who you were born to be?

In the United States we have been subjected to an amazing number of heated battles over topics that most had thought long ago agreed upon as a nation.  One wonders why these topics are being resurrected and debated yet again.  The answer is that the 21st Century New Human Being threatens the old ways that some wish would return.  The values of the 21st Century reflect a new consciousness and business, politics, life must adjust to the new consciousness.

Even family life is adjusting.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone is plugged into their personal electronics and we walk around wishing to be left alone until we need something from each other.  At the same time, we connect with Facebook friends, we tweet about our lives and keep up with others on Twitter, we have professional networks on LinkedIn, we email and surf the net.  We are connected in constant ways with others around the world.  And ask any server in a restaurant and they will tell you what percentage of diners are sitting at the table on their smart phones!

But are we connected to our inner selves?  Are you going inside to seek your answers or are you waiting for the next email or Facebook post or Tweet?  Are you expecting someone else to give you the answers or are you actively seeking them through your own inner connections to guidance?

The New Human has a well-developed intuition and sense of Soul Purpose in the 21st Century.  As we evolve, we will develop even better perceptions through our sixth sense than through the five physical senses.  Telepathic conversation will become the norm.  Everyone will be ‘psychic.’  We are moving in this direction.

So who would be frightened by this evolution?  Perhaps someone who is lying is afraid that you might telepathically perceive the lie.  Maybe someone who has been selfish or greedy is afraid that the New Human will want to live in connected community and will want the possessions that have been so assiduously amassed or hoarded.  Perhaps someone who is ‘doing just fine, thank you’ is afraid of change and wants things to be less complicated than they appear to be now.

We can never get inside the head of another person but we are seeing a divide occur between groups who might not even be aware of the values that the divide reflects.

I heard the statement made by a father who lost his son in the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  Americans are getting caught up on both sides of a discussion of how to stop gun violence but maybe they are asking the wrong questions.  This bereaved father was not playing on emotion – he went back to founding documents for the Great American Experiment and quoted this from the Declaration of Independence, penned by Thomas Jefferson:

“…certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This father pointed out that Jefferson and the founding fathers were very deliberate in their choice of words for this important document.  ‘Life’ is listed before ‘Liberty.’  Perhaps society is asking the wrong questions if it is addressing ‘Liberty’ before ‘Life.’

How are you asking the wrong questions about your Life, your Business, your views, your values, your relationships?  Are you coming from a point of view that doesn’t allow the winds of change to shift you from a fixed position?  Are you unconsciously clinging to old ideas that might have worked in days past but are no longer applicable to the evolving 21st Century New Human Being?

I challenge you to question your questions!

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