The Moon and YOU! – Richard’s Commentary

Do you pay attention to the moon? Right now we are being inundated with rain here in Maryland, so I can’t see the moon. But I know she is waning after fullness last Saturday. We’ll soon be coming up on last quarter and then a week later a New Moon. The cycle repeats reminding us of rhythm. Moon cycles are like breaths; she swells from newness to fullness as with a two-week inhale, and then shrinks from fullness back to newness on her two-week exhale. She reminds us to breathe with her: big, full abdominal breaths.

As some of you may know I cast an I Ching Gua on every New Moon. A gua is a six-line hexagram made up of yin and yang (open and solid) lines. (My last post about this can be found HERE for the last New Moon.) I do this for a number of reasons but the key one is I am curious about what new things the New Moon is bringing in, especially what the energies, specifically the energies of change may offer during the month between the New Moons. It is fun to go back over the month and the “reading” of the I Ching to see the correspondences between the reading and actual events! I am amazed at the accuracy!

Another tool I use in conjunction with moon cycles is my Possibilities Playbook I created during Rosemary’s January Possibilities Playshop. My Playbook is a 12-month notebook filled with pictures, phrases, themes and other guidance that I intuitively chose to go into my book in January. Of course, the book is laid out according to the moon phases. Now I record plans, events, feelings and senses of how unfolding reality aligns with what I set in motion in January. This tool is like a “vision board on steroids.” The pictures, words, phrases are pulled from magazines not with desires, hopes, plans in mind but how I want to feel. Looking back on the process I had no idea why certain pictures appealed to me. Now as I examine the pictures in context of what is actually happening I get it! And I am continually amazed!

There are lots of reasons to pay attention to the moon cycles in your life. Certainly gardening and farming, fishing and boating are activities influenced by the moon. I was pleased to learn, during a tour of Napa Valley a few years ago, that at least one vintner, Grgche Hills Estates, uses the phases of the moon for planting, pruning and harvesting. As they say: “Committed to natural winegrowing and sustainability, we farm our five estate vineyards without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, rely on wild yeast fermentation…”

The moon has so much to offer us if we let her into our lives. Think of all the songs we would miss if not for the moon! Pay attention. Note the days on the calendar when she fill, empties and goes dark for a time. Keep a diary of how you feel in relation to the phases. Note your dreams and if they are influenced. Be aware of peoples’ driving and how it changes with the changing moon. You too may be amazed at what you find!




In honor of the coming Full Moon, here are excerpts from a message I channeled from The Divine Feminine about the Cycles of the Moon:

“Dear Ones,

We would have you look at the Moon, and understand that Moon energy is a part of every person on the earth. There’s a reason why this heavenly body is so closely aligned with what is happening on the Earth planet. One thing is that the Moon, in its travels around the Earth, affects every person on the Earth. It really touches every life on the Earth. It touches every plant that grows on the Earth. It touches all the waters. So, understanding that you are seeing the Moon and the Moon is working on you, is energizing you, but it is also having an effect on everything around you, allows you to demystify this heavenly body into something that is important in your life. It’s not just something to look at out there.
It definitely has a place in an understanding of the energies of your body, and of the planet. But those who choose not to acknowledge it will have, what we would call, “hiccups” in their life; hiccups that would cause them to move in one direction, and then have this slight veering, one way or the other, and not understand what it is that is causing that. So, we would say the best thing to do is to pay attention to these Moon energies and to accept them.

So, when you see the New Moon, for example, and you understand that that is the time, the dark of the Moon, is the time when the most feminine energy is coming to the planet, and anyone on the planet is receiving this feminine energy and the ability to be in feminine power: nurturing, supporting, offering, that kind of feminine power…

So when that energy is happening at the New Moon, you take advantage of opportunities for your creativity to be expressed.

Now what happens two weeks later at the Full Moon is that the fullness of whatever opportunities you have offered from the New Moon can now come to fruition, but also they have demands for the next level. So you have, essentially, those two weeks of the waning Moon in which to decide which parts of that you will beef up or support towards the next New Moon; which parts you need to let go of. And the other things that are in your life at Full Moon start to be illuminated. The Full Moon is the most reflection of the Sun’s energy that planet Earth receives. So, at the Full Moon time you have the light of the Sun and you have the light of the Moon hitting you at the Earth. So, what is this? This is like having a lantern, like one of your laser flashlights, to beam the light on what it is that’s going on in your life.

What is inside of you? What, energetically, do you need to proceed? What do you not need? What is it that is hampering you so that, two weeks from now when there is another opportunity for a new Moon, and an offering from the feminine side, what is it that would keep you from stepping forward? What is it that would become an anchor, a proverbial ball and chain on your ankle to prevent you from really leaping forward; really flowing forward?

And when you start to ask the question that way, it becomes very easy for you to say “I no longer need that in my life. It does not serve me if, in the course of this time, it will prevent me from moving forward the way that I need to.”

So, at the Full Moon making the decision about what it is you’re ready to release is the first step…”

Do you have the Full Moons and New Moons marked on your calendar? The energies affect us for 3 days before and 3 days after each event. Try marking this for the next month and notice how you feel around these special times.

We are Earthlings learning to live in this Solar System. Here’s to your journey with the Moon!

The Divine Feminine via


Problems? Be a Solver! – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary posted her “Exploration” on this subject the night of the New Moon in Cancer. As I do on the New Moons I cast an I Ching Gua – a six-line hexagram consisting of open, yin, and closed, yang lines. I posted my results and my interpretation of this I Ching divination on Monday this week (Link). The initial Gua I obtained was “Hardship” – it appeared that I may be in for some “problems” during the month (I use the I Ching to give me a sense of the incoming energies for the month ahead from New Moon to New Moon).

Here is what Divine Mother Mary channeled through Rosemary had to say about problems and how they might be solved:

When people seek solutions to problems, answers to questions, they do not realize that they are seeking help in making a change in their life. They want something outside themselves to change without changing anything in their interior life, and they want that one thing in their life to change without their having to change anything else in their life.

I am fascinated by this Mary quote because here is what Taoist Master Alfred Huang, quoting early 3rd Century BC philosopher, Mencius, offered to help us understand “Hardship” –

If one loves others and they do not respond in the same way,
one should turn inward and examine one’s own love.
If one treats others politely, and they do not return politeness,
one should turn inward and examine one’s own politeness.
When one does not realize what one desires,
one must turn inward and examine oneself in every point.

The message is clear from both Mother Mary and the I Ching: if you want to solve a problem look inside yourself for the solution. How do you need to change your perspective? What do you need to change to be a solver?

One must seek a solution to a problem by asking this question FIRST: “WHO do I need to BE in order that this problem be solved?” –Mary

Turn inward and examine oneself in every point. –Mencius

And the good news for this month is the “Hardship” doesn’t last! There is volatility in the I Ching and it changes to “Union.” I like that energy much better. It also suits the Cancer energy much better!

Enjoy your month of “Union.” Enjoy your problem solving by questing inside for the changes, the appropriate responses, the new perspectives that lead through the lessons to the positive outcomes you desire and deserve!


ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Problems? Be a Solver!

A message from Divine Mother Mary:

“The lessons of Life are not sought; they appear in every experience. One only has to be open to them, be ever in a receptive state, to receive the lessons being presented in any given moment and in any given situation.

When a human being stops learning, they cease to grow and they stagnate in their own foggy energy. It becomes more and more difficult for the Light to penetrate the fog.

When a person believes that they cannot change, their own energy field becomes stagnant and dis-ease follows to prove that they CAN change – their state of health.

People do not realize that their very thoughts can create the dis-ease in their body. Energy can stagnate, get stuck, in places in the body where pain can build and disharmony of tissues can arise. They CAN change.

When people seek solutions to problems, answers to questions, they do not realize that they are seeking help in making a change in their life. They want something outside themselves to change without changing anything in their interior life, and they want that one thing in their life to change without their having to change anything else in their life.

Problems are not solved in this way.

One must seek a solution to a problem by asking this question FIRST:
“WHO do I need to BE in order that this problem be solved?”

This is key to being a problem solver.
“WHO do I need to BE in order that _________________ happen?”

When a person works with this question FIRST, the road to the solution becomes evident.

One can always change oneself. All change arises from within the Self. The oft-quoted guidance to ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ attests to this.

But people often see external causes, situations and other people as needing to change while not understanding the energetics of change.

The reason one must ‘Be The Change’ is to raise the vibrational frequency of a situation. If you are the vibrational frequency of the state desired, you emanate, you broadcast that frequency into the world around you. The more you spread that vibration around, the stronger YOUR EMANATION of that frequency, the more power you exert as an influence to change the vibrations around you.

This is true no matter how small or how large the situation is. This is why such a small percentage of a population can influence the energy of a city or region.

This is also true whether the energy being emanated is having the effect of raising the vibrational frequency or lowering it. Each person has a responsibility to all those around them to focus on emanating an uplifting vibratory frequency. Would you really want to take responsibility for all the effects on those around you when you broadcast a lowering vibration? If it only takes a small percentage of the population to have an influence, do you really want to join with those who are lowering the frequency level, even depressing it, of all the surroundings?

There is also karma attached to the broadcasting of energy. Be very conscious about the energy that you emanate because the world is a mirror reflecting that energy back to you, magnified! Choose the energy you wish to receive by choosing the energy wisely that you send out.

YOU have control over your own energy vibrational level. YOU can change this. By choosing consciously the energy that you put out into the world, you choose the changes you see in yourself, in your own life, and in the world around you.

Be the change you seek.”

Mother Mary via



Last evening was the monthly meeting of our Consciousness Exploration Group; the meaning, underpinnings and origins of consciousness was central to our discussion. We also examined the effect of our thoughts on this nebulous, mysterious “energy” we call consciousness and the impact our thoughts have on our lives.

Then I found this video from early 2013. I spoke about how our thoughts and our choices effect how we experience the year. This sense applies to 2014 as well. Our thoughts become our reality. Think your reality into existence every moment!




30-DoradusCan you believe that we are into June already? Where has 2014 flown?

And now it’s time for another Mercury Retrograde period!Remember that, for about 3 weeks at a time, the Planet Mercury appears to us Earthlings as if it is moving backwards in the sky and we call this its Retrograde time. This is when all sorts of communications experience wild snafus! Read and then re-read everything you write, sign, send! Pay attention to details. Put off signing contracts if you can so that things don’t get confused in the translation. Mercury ‘goes retrograde’ on Saturday, June 7 at 7:57 am Eastern Daylight Time, but you might be feeling the effects already. Just pay attention, because others will be distracted, and you’ll be fine.

We’re very excited about some things that are happening around here! We’re working on a re-design of The Scientific Mystic website – did I tell you that I WON this at Suzanne Evans’ Be The Change Event? Wow! Jane Powell of is designing the new site and it’s fun working with her on it. Can’t wait for the big unveiling later this Summer. Stay tuned!

And the Possibilities Playshop on June 14th in Severna Park, Maryland will be such fun that I am already smiling about it. This is an intimate gathering to clear blocks, contact your guide, create your Playbook and get ready for the coming months and have great fun while doing all that. We laughed a lot during the last one, including when I set the tablecloth on fire accidentally (don’t ask!) so please join us and see what surprises are awaiting you. The details are Here Online or email me with questions at

Hope to see you on June 14th! Remember, if you attended or purchased the DVD before, you can join us for FREE this time! 

The Sun is in the sign of Gemini whose keyword is: I THINK. Question what you think!

Have a thoughtful week and remember to LAUGH!!!

Who is Your WHO? – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary’s question this week is:

WHO is it that you are serving?

My first reaction to this question is to think about my Qigong students; they are my clients and I do feel that I am serving them when we are in class together, when I am leading them through a form, focusing on breath, gathering and storing Qi for health, well-being, and peace. The beauty of my “who” is I am serving myself as well. I am doing the research into Taoism, the basis for the effectiveness of Qigong. I am going through the form with my students, leading myself to health, well-being and peace. And I am working with the forms on my own as well, practicing the forms every day. I continue my research and reading on the subject to go deeper so I can take my students deeper.

In response to Rosemary’s statement:

If you don’t take care of your own health, no one else can do it. You know this. You accept this. But what about your spiritual and psychological health? Your emotional health? Your mental health? Are you serving yourself by taking care of yourself in those areas?

I can feel pretty good, right? Qigong covers all these aspects of my life. Qigong contributes to my health. And the study of Taoism supports my spiritual and psychological health. Reflection on the Five Elements, the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps me work through my emotional and mental issues. Through all these levels I am serving my students and I am serving myself at the same time!

If only it were that simple!

Everything I’ve written above is true. And Qigong does help my students and me work through issues. But what about others I serve?

What about Rosemary? She is my client as well. I support her business,, through managing the technology to operate the business, handling the finances, and helping her with the messaging and marketing of her services. How am I doing with that?

Here I can’t be quite as glib with my answers! Sometimes I grow impatient that Rosemary doesn’t work to my schedule! Whose business is this? Sometimes I get frustrated with the procrastination. But I am a great procrastinator! And too often I get bogged down with the technology rather than focusing on what drives the business – Rosemary’s talent!

So, I need to take Rosemary’s advice here:

My work is to build a relationship in which I support them.

My work with Rosemary is to create the best possible business relationship we can have in order to best serve her, as my client!

And I need to do this analysis for all of my relationships. Everyone is a “client” of everyone else. It is important to nurture client relationships and it is vital to nurture all of our inter-relationships.

Who are your clients? Are you nurturing them? Are you nurturing every relationship with others as if they were your client? Are you nurturing the relationship with yourself?

What a world it would be if this were the case!