For the New Moon in Gemini: Think NEW Thoughts

Happy New Moon in Gemini! And Thursday’s New Moon is also a Super Moon, meaning that the Sun and Moon are together in the sky in the sign of Gemini and the Moon is at its closest point to Earth. Lots of energy from both the Gemini Sun and the Super New Moon. The New Moon is exact at 3:44 pm Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, May 25.

This is a time to look at your limiting beliefs and discard those that do not serve you. The Gemini energy is about communication and thoughts and this time it is important to think about how you are communicating with yourself. What are you telling yourself, especially ABOUT yourself? Which thoughts are you engaging with instead of letting them go? The answers will give you a lot of information about where to focus your inner work during the next couple of weeks.

New Moons are times to do your manifesting work to bring in what you want to have in your life that is new. But are you clear about your Vision for your life? For that new project or situation or dream? Now is the time to get that clarity so that you can focus your manifesting energy like a laser beam on attracting what you do want and avoid attracting what you don’t want, which is what happens when you worry about what you don’t want.

Spend some time over the next couple of days looking at what has come up for you to examine over the last couple of weeks. That Full Moon on May 10 hit a lot of us with a blast of energy. What’s been happening in your life that is inviting you to re-think the automatic thoughts that keep popping up in your mind?

Remember, your thoughts are not you! You can change your thoughts and it will change your life. (I spend most of my time in sessions with clients helping them to do just this.) You have the power to CHOOSE YOUR THOUGHTS. And now is the perfect time to get clear about your Vision so that you can focus your thoughts in the direction of your dreams.

To help you do this, I am offering the Master HeartMind Program starting on May 30. This is a 3-month program to help you get Clarity about your Vision, Confidence by clearing doubts, fears, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, and Commitment to the path forward by planning the roadmap for the next steps. There is more info on the website and I would love to support you in using this New Moon energy to create a new vision for your work, relationships, life.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about this small group program, available live online so that you can join from wherever you are.

The Guidance Circle on the last Thursday of every month, is bringing in some great teaching about how to deal with these uncertain times and how to live a prosperous multi-dimensional life. Even if you can’t join us live on Thursday, May 25 (also the New Moon!), everyone who registers will receive the recording of the message. And if you can be on the call live, you can ask questions, personal or general, at the end of the session. Get more information and register here:

Happy Spring! It’s almost Summer and I look forward to seeing many of you over the coming weeks. Technology is wonderful (when it works!) so that videoconferencing lets me see the beautiful faces of my clients and program participants. I collect and give away SMILES!

Sending many blessings and much love,



30-DoradusCan you believe that we are into June already? Where has 2014 flown?

And now it’s time for another Mercury Retrograde period!Remember that, for about 3 weeks at a time, the Planet Mercury appears to us Earthlings as if it is moving backwards in the sky and we call this its Retrograde time. This is when all sorts of communications experience wild snafus! Read and then re-read everything you write, sign, send! Pay attention to details. Put off signing contracts if you can so that things don’t get confused in the translation. Mercury ‘goes retrograde’ on Saturday, June 7 at 7:57 am Eastern Daylight Time, but you might be feeling the effects already. Just pay attention, because others will be distracted, and you’ll be fine.

We’re very excited about some things that are happening around here! We’re working on a re-design of The Scientific Mystic website – did I tell you that I WON this at Suzanne Evans’ Be The Change Event? Wow! Jane Powell of is designing the new site and it’s fun working with her on it. Can’t wait for the big unveiling later this Summer. Stay tuned!

And the Possibilities Playshop on June 14th in Severna Park, Maryland will be such fun that I am already smiling about it. This is an intimate gathering to clear blocks, contact your guide, create your Playbook and get ready for the coming months and have great fun while doing all that. We laughed a lot during the last one, including when I set the tablecloth on fire accidentally (don’t ask!) so please join us and see what surprises are awaiting you. The details are Here Online or email me with questions at

Hope to see you on June 14th! Remember, if you attended or purchased the DVD before, you can join us for FREE this time! 

The Sun is in the sign of Gemini whose keyword is: I THINK. Question what you think!

Have a thoughtful week and remember to LAUGH!!!


Abell 520It’s the middle of May, we just had a Full Moon, and now the Sun is going into Gemini and the temperature is rising. It feels as if Summer is coming and it’s good to be outside in Nature. (Did you see that gorgeous Moon?)

In the coming week the Sun moves out of the sign of Taurus, the Bull, and into the sign of Gemini, the Twins (on Tuesday, May 20 at 10:59 pmEastern Daylight Time). Taurus has been very earthy and solid, inviting us to appreciate beauty and groundedness and the simple life – think Ferdinand the Bull. Gemini is mental and asks us to think, to be curious and inquisitive. Sometimes in the Gemini energy we can struggle with decisions because we seem to be ‘of two minds’ – like twins, so learn to focus the energy where you feel it is important to focus, not just on what you think you ‘should’ do. Heart and Mind together help to ground the Gemini energy.

Are you ready to think about the rest of the year? Are you ready to explore the possibilities that lie ahead for you? Are you ready for some Gemini FUN?!!! At the Possibilities Playshop on June 14 you can explore, create, clear blocks, laugh, plan, get guidance and get ready to have an AMAZING rest of the year! When we did the January Possibilities Playshop we had a lot of laughs and some great ‘ahas.’ At this Playshop you will also create your very own Playbook as you learn to let your Intuition and Inner Guides help you to plan the coming months. You’ll learn about the Moon and her cycles and how to use Moon energy to help you grow over the ‘moonths’ (from New Moon to New Moon). AND if you attended the previous Playshop or purchased it on DVD, then you can join us in June AT NO COST!!! Those of us who have been using our Playbooks have been surprised at how right on target it is. We created a tool to support journaling, meditating, planning, tracking, capturing ideas.

Check out the Possibilities Playshop HERE and email any questions you have to Early bird investment ends soon so reserve your spot. You can attend in person in Severna Park, Maryland or join the video conference from wherever you are. Looking forward to playing with you on Saturday, June 14!

If you’d like to tune into your guidance in a personal session or learn more about your Life Purpose before the Playshop, the Spring Special is still in effect so request a Reading by Rosemary by the end of May to take advantage of this. Send an email to

After all the transformation energy that has been bombarding us, I hope that things are settling down for you at a new level with excitement and wonder about the next step. I’m seeing this with my clients and it’s thrilling! Remember that it takes more energy to resist change than to go with the flow!

Have a Sunny week!


The Sun has moved into the sign of Gemini and we are moving into Summer weather, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere!  It’s always refreshing to bask in Gemini sunshine and to notice how we can shift our focus to the mental realm.  Pay attention to your thoughts this week.  Notice if you feel like analyzing what is going on around you.  And remember that everyone will be feeling this shift along with you!

Messages for the coming Summer months will be available to you at the Conversation with The Other Side on Wednesday, May 26th at 7:00 pm at the Center for Powerful Living in Colorado Springs.  The Angels, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones on The Other Side are lining up to talk to you so please join us as I share their personal messages for you.  You can register for the event at

If you’re in the Colorado Springs area we’d love to have you share the Sunday Celebration with us at the Center for Powerful Living.  Check out  On Sunday, June 20th we’ll be sharing a pot luck lunch after the Celebration to honor the Summer Solstice.  Put it on your calendar now and plan to celebrate with us!

Have a wonderful week!  Remember that Thursday, May 27 is the Full Moon.  Until then, accept what you are looking to bring into your life and prepare to release on the Full Moon what no longer serves you.