Happy New Moon in Virgo!

“You are supported in making changes in your life. Today is your day to choose a new way of being in the world. Release whatever has been holding you back and live every minute with the freshness of new energy. You create this moment anew in every moment of your life.”

Big day in the heavens yesterday! The New Moon happened on September 13, early in the morning (2:41am Eastern Daylight Time) and the lineup of the Earth, Moon and Sun gave us a partial Solar Eclipse (sadly, not visible in the US). New Moons are the beginning of the Moon cycles and encourage us to focus on the ‘new.’ Solar Eclipses magnify this energy of ‘new’ and encourage us to evolve.

This eclipse is ‘facilitating a reconfiguration and rebooting of consciousness.’ (The Mountain Astrologer magazine) That is potent energy! Have you been feeling it? I have been in this shake-up since the last Full Moon!

My personal experience of this ‘rebooting’ is that I have fully embraced the Universe as an abundant place to live. I focus on abundance, in all areas. And the generosity of the Universe is astounding me! I keep winning things that I need – including a distant healing session for our dog, Tara! (or did Tara manifest that one? Hmmm…)

Pay attention to the Exploration article in this newsletter (link). Notice where your thoughts are taking you. You are in manifesting mode whether or not you are conscious and intentional or you are disbelieving in this manifestation stuff. Doesn’t it make sense to go ahead and think about what you want instead of what you don’t want, just in case those of us who have figured this out are right?

With the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse energy around, there is potent energy to help you manifest something new in your life. And the energy of an eclipse stays effecting us for the next 6 months!

We are also coming up on the next Mercury retrograde, when that planet appears to move backward in the sky. Some people groan when they hear this, others get huge bursts of creativity. Just be sure to be careful, read before signing, be patient with communication snafus September 17 – October 9.

The Sun is finishing up its annual tour in Virgo and enters the sign of Libra on September 23, which is also the Autumnal Equinox. ‘Balance’ is the keyword here. Use the time before the Equinox to find Balance in the flow of your life. On that day with equal daylight and darkness, look at your life and decide how to live in balance so that you can ‘go with the flow.’

We’re really busy around here with Fall activities. I’ll be at the Pathways Natural Living Expo in Falls Church, Virginia on Sunday, September 27, and at the 4th Annual On Purpose Woman Regional Conferencein Columbia, Maryland October 2-3. Please stop by!

***NEW*** In the spirit of the newness of this New Moon and the Eclipse, I will be sending you a link to a podcast of The Scientific Mystic Show at the halfway points between the New Moon and Full Moon and then between the Full Moon and New Moon. This is a brief (approximately 20 minute) message to inspire you. Let me know if you have a question you would like answered or a topic you would like for me to cover. Occasionally, I will have a guest speaker with me for an interview. A link to the current podcast will be offered in a new post soon – watch for it!

Family birthday – our grandson, Cody, has a birthday on September 24. Happy Birthday, Cody! (This is our family’s busy birthday season – 4 grandkids have birthdays between July 15 and September 24!)

September 15  Red Elephant Flight Club VIP Day

September 24  Leading: The Master HeartMind Program Q&A

September 27  Exhibiting: Pathways Natural Living Expo, Falls Church, VA LINK

October 2-3 – Speaking: The 4th Annual On Purpose Woman ConferenceColumbia, MD LINK

October 7 – Leading: The Spiritual Exploration Group, Severna Park, MD LINK

October 8  Leading: The Master HeartMind Program Session

October 11  ACT Program event, Annapolis, MD LINK

October 22  Leading: The Master HeartMind Program Q&A


ring galaxyBack in Maryland in time for the amazing East Coast Autumn and the changing of the leaves. I love the slightly crisp air of Autumn and the brilliant colors around here!

We had a great time visiting our son, daughter-in-law and new grandson in California. I am grateful that they are visiting here soon so that I can get my hands on that little one again. If we’re friends on facebook you’ve probably seen pictures of the cutie. If we’re not friends yet, find me: Rosemary Robertson Bredeson, and enjoy the posts.

Big week in the skies! Mercury goes Retrograde on Saturday, October 4 at 1:02 pm Eastern Daylight Time. This means that, when we look at Mercury from our vantage point on Earth, the planet appears to be moving backward. The energy of Mercury Retrograde is to go inward and review, revamp, reassess. Where are you and where are you heading? Are you, too, going backward in your life or are you moving forward?

Mercury Retrograde also causes people to be distracted so drive carefully, read and re-read before you sign anything, and don’t hit ‘Send’ until you are certain you really want the recipient to read what you wrote! It only lasts until October 25, so hang in there!

On Wednesday, October 8 at 6:51 am Eastern Daylight Time, there will be a Full Moon in Aries and a total Lunar Eclipse. We should get a good view in the US although the Moon will just be setting on the East Coast.

All Full Moons are potent opportunities to let go of what no longer serves us and this one gives us illumination of what those things might be. The Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries help us to learn about the need for balancing the Masculine with the Feminine, inside us as well as around us in the world.

According to The Mountain Astrologerthis Full Moon has the ‘potential for life-changing revelations and shifts in consciousness.’ Will you be a part of the transformation?

Join Richard and me on Saturday, October 25 for the Mystical Marriage Workshop: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World. We will be sharing guidance for getting in touch with your inner masculine and inner feminine as well as how to bring those into balance inside you. This is where Peace begins. Peace in you radiates outward and creates Peace around you. Learn more here: Mystical Marriage Space is limited so reserve your place today! We’ll be in person in Severna Park, Maryland.

Remember that I am offering The Oracle Speaks every Sun sign period. The Libra event is on Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. You can join us in person, online or via telephone. I will be channeling The Divine Feminine with a message for receiving abundance and prosperity in the last quarter of 2014. I believe there will be some teaching from The Sirius Mystery Temple Teachers, as well. Join us for this fun and enlightening evening! You can ask questions, too! More info here: The Oracle Speaks

May the Force of the Full Moon help you along your way this week!



MasterpieceSo how is this Mercury Retrograde going for you? It’s a big one! When Mercury appears to go backward in the sky (approximately 3 times a year for about 3 weeks each time) things seem to go backward on Earth, too! Printer problems, technology upsets, forgetfulness (oh, yes!) and communications foul-ups. Please be careful! Others who don’t know about these periods can be distracted, especially when driving, so drive defensively, and re-read everything before you send it.

This IS, though, a great time to retreat and do some inner work. Powerful things can come up for processing – in journaling, meditating, coaching work. This can also be a very creative time, so give yourself the gift of time to be your most creative self.

This Saturday, June 21 at 6:51 am Eastern Daylight Time, was the Summer Solstice, when the Sun entered the sign of Cancer and we in the Northern Hemisphere experience the longest day of the year – woo hoo! We welcome Light into our lives. We are reminded that we ARE the Light in the world and it is our work to shine that Light as brightly as we can.

My Dad used to joke that the pessimist sees this day as ‘the days are getting shorter’ day. I celebrate the maximum amount of daylight for as long as I can!

I also find this a great time to shed light on the darkest corners inside ourselves that we hide out from the rest of the year. Have you ever noticed that somehow it seems better to face your fears and clear your blocks when the days give you more sunlight and warmth? I am finding that the clients who are willing to do the deep work now are getting great clarity and support and they feel energized to go out to be their best self in the world of the Light. The insights that are coming in just one session can be very powerful. That’s why I’m still offering the Spring Special so that you can get that kick-start session to explore a question or an issue and get the guidance you need to bring more Light into your life.

SPECIAL OFFERPrivate Session with Rosemary for a reading to help you connect you to some answers and leap forward. I don’t usually offer a session at this low investment but I want to help you clear the blocks that have been holding you back from your Big Dream. For a limited time only, there are some sessions available for just $150! Sign up now to claim your spot!  You’ll be amazed at how much information and guidance can come through in just this one session!

The New Moon is coming on Friday, June 27 so spend some time this week clearing out the old ‘junk’ – from your house, your closets, and the closets of your mind. What did you used to believe that no longer fits who you are today? Identify, clear and choose to believe something new & true! (THIS is why it’s such a good time to do a one-on-one session now!)

Enjoy the beginning of Summer. Get ready to SOAR and make those Big Dreams come true!

Have a Light-Filled week!


circumstellar disks-1Hope you had a happy Full Moon Friday the 13th! Wow, what a day! The Full Moon in Sagittarius was exact at 12:11 am Eastern Time on Friday, June 13. This is the time when the Moon is directly opposite to the Sun and we are invited to release anything that no longer serves our highest good. This year has been a time to ask the hard questions and really commit to our spiritual path, to doing our inner work. This Full Moon occurred during the Mercury Retrograde (remember, this is when the Planet Mercury appears to move backwards when we Earthlings view its path) and that means that communications can get a bit garbled. During this Full Moon period, make sure that you are being honest with yourself, and look back over the last six months to assess your progress. Release anything that is holding you back!

And it was Friday the 13th! I’ve always liked these days, though, and don’t believe they are unlucky. How about you? We had a good Friday here!

We have to make our own luck in the world by looking at possibilities and choosing to pursue them. The best way you can explore your opportunities is to join us on Saturday, June 21 in Severna Park, Maryland for the Possibilities Playshop! You’ll be meeting your guides, clearing some blocks, creating your personal Playbook for the coming moon cycles and having a bunch of fun. The details are here: Playshop Link and I hope you can be here so that you can create your very own Playbook to support you through your journey. And did I mention that we’ll have FUN?!!!

The year is almost half over. How is 2014 for you? Is there something you’d like to change that you haven’t? The Summer Solstice is the perfect time to reassess your progress and your path. Do some self-reflecting. Are you hiding? Have you fully committed to your Purpose? What do you need to do?

Summer is here, at least here in Maryland and the Northern Hemisphere. More Sun, more Light. Be the bright Light in the world that I know you are.

Possibilities are in you and all around you. No hiding out! Explore!


deep fieldAre you ready for another Mercury Retrograde? It started Saturday, June 7 and a lot of people are feeling its impact early. When a planet is said to be ‘retrograde,’ it means that it appears, when viewed from Earth, as if it is moving backwards in the heavens. Mercury is the Planet of Communication, like the god Mercury of the winged feet. So when communications are impacted in a backward way, they can get all kerfuffled! (Do you like that word? Microsoft Word doesn’t but I think it describes the situation perfectly!)

Please be careful about contracts, agreements, emails, and conversations when Mercury is retrograde. Review everything. This is also a good time to retreat, to go inside and do some inner work, engage in deep communication with the Self. Personal growth work is highlighted during Mercury Retrograde periods.

And so I am extending the Spring Special for a reading if you have some questions about blocks or stuck places in your life. The investment is only $150 to have a conversation and to get you moving through those blocks. Send me an email if you’d like to schedule a chat:

Coming up next week we have a Full Moon on Friday, the 13th! During the Mercury Retrograde. Be careful to drive defensively next week!

NEW DATE FOR THE POSSIBILITIES PLAYSHOP! By popular demand, we moved this to the following SATURDAY, JUNE 21 so that more people could attend and to combine the Playshop with a celebration of the Summer Solstice. If you couldn’t attend on the previous date but can now, we’d love to have you join us in Severna Park! Here are the details (and we’ve extended the Early Bird Investment to June 14th): Details and Registration Come and have fun as you connect with your guidance for the coming ‘moonths’ – plus I’ve developed some new tools that I will be GIFTING to attendees! Join us on the 21st and celebrate Summer!

Have a week of personal growth and special insights!


30-DoradusCan you believe that we are into June already? Where has 2014 flown?

And now it’s time for another Mercury Retrograde period!Remember that, for about 3 weeks at a time, the Planet Mercury appears to us Earthlings as if it is moving backwards in the sky and we call this its Retrograde time. This is when all sorts of communications experience wild snafus! Read and then re-read everything you write, sign, send! Pay attention to details. Put off signing contracts if you can so that things don’t get confused in the translation. Mercury ‘goes retrograde’ on Saturday, June 7 at 7:57 am Eastern Daylight Time, but you might be feeling the effects already. Just pay attention, because others will be distracted, and you’ll be fine.

We’re very excited about some things that are happening around here! We’re working on a re-design of The Scientific Mystic website – did I tell you that I WON this at Suzanne Evans’ Be The Change Event? Wow! Jane Powell of is designing the new site and it’s fun working with her on it. Can’t wait for the big unveiling later this Summer. Stay tuned!

And the Possibilities Playshop on June 14th in Severna Park, Maryland will be such fun that I am already smiling about it. This is an intimate gathering to clear blocks, contact your guide, create your Playbook and get ready for the coming months and have great fun while doing all that. We laughed a lot during the last one, including when I set the tablecloth on fire accidentally (don’t ask!) so please join us and see what surprises are awaiting you. The details are Here Online or email me with questions at

Hope to see you on June 14th! Remember, if you attended or purchased the DVD before, you can join us for FREE this time! 

The Sun is in the sign of Gemini whose keyword is: I THINK. Question what you think!

Have a thoughtful week and remember to LAUGH!!!


M106Hang in there – Mercury is only retrograde for another week!!!

We are in the midst of a Mercury retrograde period, that legendary time when Planet Mercury looks as if it is traveling backwards when viewed from Earth. Since Mercury rules communication, we often see garbled messages, email and computer problems, and mistakes in documents. (This is not a good time to sign contracts so, if you must, look them over several times! Pay attention to details.) This happens about 3 times a year and each period lasts about 3 weeks. Mercury shifts directions (‘goes direct’ in astrology-speak) at 9:00 am Eastern Time on Friday, February 28. We’ve noticed (computer and email glitches here), have you?

We’ve shipped out the DVDs from the Possibilities Playshop to those of you who ordered them. It’s been great fun to use our Playbooks as journals tracking the Moon Cycle. And the synchronicity between pictures we pasted in our Playbooks and events/messages – Wow! There is still time if you’d like to create your own Playbook and enjoy the exercises from the Playshop. Check out the Playshop tab at

After all the snow we’re getting temperatures up to about 60 for a couple of days! The birds are enjoying the bird feeder, when the squirrels let them eat, and the sounds of Spring start calling to me. Ready to plant a garden but there’s still snow on it! Are you done with Winter where you live? And don’t you just love seeing your Australian friends posting pictures of themselves in their bathing suits at the beach? It will be our turn soon!

I’m carving time in my schedule to get the book done. Had a great coaching session with a mentor in Australia who gave me some tips on it and I’m fired up now. (Yes, every coach/mentor needs their own coach/mentor to keep them in ‘thrive mode.’) If you don’t see much of me in the next couple of months, it’s because I’m being an Author! What do YOU want to create? JUST DO IT! And I’m always happy to mentor you with guidance from many dimensions when you are ready to move forward! Thrive! Express your purpose. Clear away those blocks. Get energetically ready to Spring Forward soon! If you’re ready to THRIVE send me an email so we can get you moving forward!

Happy Birthday, George Washington! (On February 22, many Americans have cherry pie to celebrate the birthday of our first President, who is rumored to have chopped down a cherry tree and then admitted to the deed because he ‘cannot tell a lie.’)


Sun DemiseHappy Valentine’s Day! May you be your own best Valentine today and LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY!

Today is also a Full Moon Day so watch out for Luna’s influence on drivers and tides. This is the time to let go of anything that is draining your energy or time or that is holding you back from expressing your magnificence. (And I do believe that you are magnificent!) As we get ready for Spring, and those of us in the East are looking at huge snowfall amounts enjoying the flakes while simultaneously ready for the crocuses to bloom, it’s time to get your energy space ready for the new growth of Springtime in your life. So clear those negative thoughts out of the way, get rid of limiting beliefs, finish those projects, throw away any ‘stuff’ that isn’t beautiful, meaningful, helpful or that doesn’t bring you joy. Moon energy at the time of the Full Moon is very useful in supporting this ‘getting rid of’ process!

And remember that Mercury is Retrograde, appearing to move backward, so a lot of communication-related things get messed up. Re-read your emails before you hit ‘send.’ Re-re-read contracts before you sign them. Re-view your plans and re-vise. And re-member that other folks are distracted so drive defensively!

I’m so excited about how well-received the Possibilities Playshop 2014 has been! I’m using my Playbook and have been fascinated by the synchronicities that are appearing. For example, my picture for the first ‘moonth’ is an eagle. A week after I created my playbook I was at a wonderful crystal meditation event and an eagle appeared to me and gave me a message. It wasn’t until I was getting ready to write it in my Playbook that I got the connection to the Eagle Energy this month! There’s a lot more that I can share, just from my Playbook, but I’ll save some of the stories for later. It’s been helpful to see how the themes are playing out in each ‘moonth,’ the time between New Moons. You can still get the recording of the January Playshop and create your own < strong>Playbook. I’m thinking I’ll offer it again mid-year for the Summer Solstice, rather than waiting until the next Lunar New Year. Let me know if you’d like to join us and I’ll put you on the list to receive advance notice.

SPECIAL HEALING SESSIONS: My guides for 2014 have asked me to offer a limited number of Advanced Healing Sessions in the coming days. I have opened up some slots for these sessions and they are unlike my usual mentoring work. In these sessions I will be working with healers on The Other Side to clear blocks, remove stuck energies, bring in connections to guidance and creativity, and generally move you to a new level of Consciousness, free to advance your mission on Planet Earth. These are powerful healing sessions and I invite you to consider if you are ready to let go of what is holding you back and take a quantum leap forward. Are you tired of feeling stuck? Are you seeking support in taking that next step? These Advanced Healing Sessions will be available in person in Maryland and also to those of you at a distance. The first part of the session is my working with the healers in your energy field and then we will discuss what you need and I will connect you to your own guidance. This is very powerful work but I have been led to offer this because some of you are ready and this is just the healing work that you have been waiting for.

You will not see these Advanced Healing Sessions offered on the website or to the public but the people who need these are currently in or near to those in RosemarySpace. If you feel that you are one of the ones the guides are calling for healing, or your friend or family member is one, then please send me an email so that we can discuss this further. I do hope that, if you feel this is for you, you will claim your spot soon! I have been told to limit the number so I do want you to be sure to get on the calendar. I look forward to sharing this important healing energy with you!

Enjoy the weather wherever you are! For those of us in the snow, it’s time to stay warm and remember to feed the birds!


Crab-NebHow do you like this galloping Horse Year energy? We’re still in the growing cycle of the New Moon of the Lunar New Year and it seems as if everyone is feeling this energetic push to move forward. Can you feel it?

Of course, I have to warn you that Mercury is Retrograde until February 27 so, while it appears to us on Earth as if the Planet Mercury is moving backward in the sky, there is a lot of ‘re-doing’ here on Earth when Mercury is Retrograde. Pay strict attention to details and re-read everything – emails, contracts, letters, etc. But this is also a great time to do some inner work and explore your inner self. Think about gifting yourself with a connection to the wisdom in other dimensions. Together we can explore the possibilities for you, especially if you are stuck about your Big Dream and your Next Step. Send me an email to explore!

There is no New Moon in February this year! So this really is a time to go inside and explore. It’s also a good time to let go of what is holding you back. Get ready for the Full Moon on Valentine’s Day, and its appropriate message is to let your Heart show you the way.

So find your Heart’s Desire! Talk about it with a trusted confidante. Invite them to share theirs, too, and support each other in manifesting your Big Dream.

The Possibilities Playshop 2014 was a good way to get started on this. I am using my Playbook and continue to add insights and thoughts as I use it to work with the Moon Cycles this year. I’m thinking that maybe we don’t have to wait until next year for the next one. If there’s enough interest I might offer one in the middle of the year to start with the following New Moon. In the meantime, we still have the recording of this year’s (and some helpful bonuses) available to help you get working with that Horse energy and manifest the Possibilities this year holds for you. Check it out here

We’re in for more winter here in Maryland so I’m trying not to say things like ‘Stay warm’ but, ‘Stay warm!’ Some folks in the region have experienced a power outage during this cold weather. That reminds us that there are some people who never have heat when it’s cold. Let’s be grateful for the shelter that we have this season, whether it’s the cold here or the heat Down Under. Gratitude is always in style.

Until Valentine’s Day! Let every heart image that you see this week remind you to Love Yourself and Live Your Big Dream!


Tycho on MoonWe’re done with Mercury Retrograde for 2013 – woo hoo! Did you notice any weirdness while this planet was ‘going backwards’? Or, at least, it looks that way from Earth during a retrograde motion period. People can be distracted and papers/emails/contracts can get a bit mixed up. We had some interesting technology and email issues so I’m glad we’re past that influence.

On Sunday, November 17 at 10:16 A.M. Eastern Standard Time we’ll have a Full Moon, where the Moon is opposite the Sun and we see her reflecting a full circle of light. Full Moons are wonderful times to cleanse your crystals (you can leave them outside overnight) and you can also cleanse your house by getting rid of that which no longer serves you. This includes your interior house as well. See the Article for more about what is necessary!

This is our last week in the Sun Sign of Scorpio. What Transformation have you experienced? Use the energy of Scorpio to assist you in your evolution. On November 21 the Sun moves into Sagittarius and energy becomes more focused on intention, expansion and freedom. Are you living on Purpose?

As we’ve started doing more events here at our Center for A New Alliance we are getting excited about some new offerings starting after the first of the year! You can join Satsang with Rosemary in person in Severna Park, Maryland or via video conference or phone. Last month we heard some amazing wisdom from The Divine Feminine in the message and participants were able to ask questions to get even more guidance personally and generally. I hope you’ll be with us to hear the wisdom TOMORROW, Saturday, November 16 at 7:00 P.M. Eastern Time. You can register online to let us know you’re coming. Click for Information You’ll want to hear the message as we move into the holiday season!

Please note: we are going through a technology change to improve our email process. We’ll be changing to a new provider in December. To get ready for this shift, you will receive an email confirming that you wish to continue receiving my weekly MuseLetter. And as a reward for your continued loyalty we’ll send you an audio recording of the inspirational message from the October Satsang with Rosemary event. Please keep an eye out for the confirmation email! (And to insure that you hear this month’s message, remember to join us tomorrow for the November Satsang!)

Have a week full of JOY!