ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Problems? Be a Solver!

A message from Divine Mother Mary:

“The lessons of Life are not sought; they appear in every experience. One only has to be open to them, be ever in a receptive state, to receive the lessons being presented in any given moment and in any given situation.

When a human being stops learning, they cease to grow and they stagnate in their own foggy energy. It becomes more and more difficult for the Light to penetrate the fog.

When a person believes that they cannot change, their own energy field becomes stagnant and dis-ease follows to prove that they CAN change – their state of health.

People do not realize that their very thoughts can create the dis-ease in their body. Energy can stagnate, get stuck, in places in the body where pain can build and disharmony of tissues can arise. They CAN change.

When people seek solutions to problems, answers to questions, they do not realize that they are seeking help in making a change in their life. They want something outside themselves to change without changing anything in their interior life, and they want that one thing in their life to change without their having to change anything else in their life.

Problems are not solved in this way.

One must seek a solution to a problem by asking this question FIRST:
“WHO do I need to BE in order that this problem be solved?”

This is key to being a problem solver.
“WHO do I need to BE in order that _________________ happen?”

When a person works with this question FIRST, the road to the solution becomes evident.

One can always change oneself. All change arises from within the Self. The oft-quoted guidance to ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ attests to this.

But people often see external causes, situations and other people as needing to change while not understanding the energetics of change.

The reason one must ‘Be The Change’ is to raise the vibrational frequency of a situation. If you are the vibrational frequency of the state desired, you emanate, you broadcast that frequency into the world around you. The more you spread that vibration around, the stronger YOUR EMANATION of that frequency, the more power you exert as an influence to change the vibrations around you.

This is true no matter how small or how large the situation is. This is why such a small percentage of a population can influence the energy of a city or region.

This is also true whether the energy being emanated is having the effect of raising the vibrational frequency or lowering it. Each person has a responsibility to all those around them to focus on emanating an uplifting vibratory frequency. Would you really want to take responsibility for all the effects on those around you when you broadcast a lowering vibration? If it only takes a small percentage of the population to have an influence, do you really want to join with those who are lowering the frequency level, even depressing it, of all the surroundings?

There is also karma attached to the broadcasting of energy. Be very conscious about the energy that you emanate because the world is a mirror reflecting that energy back to you, magnified! Choose the energy you wish to receive by choosing the energy wisely that you send out.

YOU have control over your own energy vibrational level. YOU can change this. By choosing consciously the energy that you put out into the world, you choose the changes you see in yourself, in your own life, and in the world around you.

Be the change you seek.”

Mother Mary via



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