Freedom and Energy – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary concludes her comments on the Mystic Message by stating:

Freedom and energy – intimately connected and your choice!

We are always about choice! That’s the great thing about being human, and as I wrote last week in remembering what the 4th of July celebration is all about, it is our freedom to choose that makes us unique; unique as Americans in this 21st Century and unique as human beings on this planet, Earth. We are free to choose to remain just as we are, whether that’s “stuck” in some place of comfort and security or launching on yet another adventure to see how far the next road takes us. We can choose to remain complacent or we can screw up our courage and take a new path, set our sights on a new vision.

Rosemary and I will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of our marriage on July 22nd. Just the other day, July 9th, we remembered our first meeting…40 years ago! I haven’t consulted Rosemary yet; we actually renew our commitment to “another year” on our anniversary. But I already know what my answer to the question is! After 40 years of adventure why would I choose to get off the road and settle for the easy track?

I know I have the energy. And I know I have my purpose still challenging me to “get on with it!” Hey, I am building more Qi every day, breathing life and vitality into my Tan T’ien, balancing my chakras, keeping fit and healthy for the continuing journey ahead!

And well you may wonder about all of this! If you’ve been following Rosemary and/or me for any length of time you know the depth of understanding she offers. If you read this blog, her weekly newsletter, published for over four years now without missing a beat, you know the richness of her material, the serious commitment she has to her purpose and the vibrant community she and I are building. You may even have a taste of her sources, The Source, the incredible reach she has to the many dimensions she hears, sees and senses with all of her being. The clarity of her access and the purity of her channel are unquestioned.

I choose to remain on this path with Rosemary, this highway of adventure in all realms of our existence, from the simple physical life on Earth to the travels through multiple dimensions to other worlds where we encounter other beings, angels, guides, loved ones who have died, both recently and long ago. No door seems to be closed to her loving curiosity and her gentle questions. Teachers come to her to guide both her and all of humanity, those with the openness to listen, to be with her as she seeks.

You too may choose this experience. It takes an open mind, curiosity and even a little courage to seek out what Rosemary can reveal. Some people have come to her with doubt, trepidation, even undisguised skepticism. None have left without receiving confirmation that Rosemary offers wisdom, comfort, guidance and insight from The Other Side.

I am not writing this post as an ad for Rosemary, but as a tribute to our decades together and the wisdom she has brought to me. I have received many messages over the years through Rosemary from what we call The Other Side. This is our simplified name for the many dimensions Rosemary reaches. It is as if the normal three or four dimensions we live in melt before her “gaze” and the past, future, extra-terrestrial, angelic realms, and the after-life open to her. She not only brings guidance and wisdom through from these extra-dimensional “places”, she even dialogs with guides and answers questions participants in her conversations bring.

Events with Rosemary are educational, enlightening, transformative and even fun. We laugh with loved ones who have passed but are having a grand time on the other side. We marvel at some of the advice from historical figures. We wonder at the teachings of future beings as they reveal how important our lives now are to them, then!

And now you have a choice! You too can participate in a Conversation with The Other Side with Rosemary as she shares messages specifically for you brought to you by your guides, your angels, your loved ones who have crossed over. It is as easy as dialing a phone or clicking a link on your computer. If you are lucky enough to be in the Annapolis, Maryland area you can even attend in person!

Your next opportunity is Saturday, July 13 at 7:00 pm Eastern time. And this is the bargain of a life-time at $55 for the entire event, two hours of teaching with personal messages for everyone.

But don’t wait too long. Limited space is available; everyone gets a message so only 12 people attend.

And in case you wonder how all this works, we have posted sample messages on Rosemary’s website; these were messages for me channeled through Rosemary at our last event in June. You can watch Rosemary in action here.

Saturday, July 13, 7:00 pm Eastern. It’s your choice, if you have the energy!


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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Where did that idea come from?

Dear Ones,

Have you ever considered where ideas come from? Where does that light bulb image in cartoons indicate the idea has its source?

Ideas start as seeds within the Light of Consciousness and they are accessible by those who can reach into that frequency level to retrieve them. Some people are not able to reach beyond where they live and think because they do not possess the curiosity to seek new ideas. They are stuck with the ideas they have been given or they create their own reality and do not seek ideas that might challenge their thinking.

Other people are constantly seeking new ideas, reaching for those seeds but not taking the time to plant the seeds, nurture them, feed them, water them so that they might blossom into the flower of new thought, action or instrument of change. They capture the new seed, play with it for a while and then discard it when they seek the next seed.

Still others are the ‘farmers of ideas.’ They access the frequency level of the Light of Consciousness, pick up a seed of a new idea, then examine the seed, evaluate it, plant it and nurture its growth until the new thought blossoms. But they don’t stop there. They then harvest that blossom and share it with others, not being attached to how it is received but offering it up for consumption and staying curious about what others will do with that new thought.

Are you a ‘farmer of ideas’? Do you seek new concepts, new ideas, new ways of looking at what is going on around you? Are you open to new ways of perceiving the world around you? Are you open to the possibility that things are not as you have always imagined them to be?

It is in staying open to new ideas and to even seeking them that you grow and expand in your awareness. Living a Conscious Life requires that you be constantly accessing the frequency level of the Light of Consciousness and letting the new ideas that you find there inform how you live your life.

If you are a business person, an entrepreneur, a career person, then you are being called to live that work as a Conscious Individual, bringing new ideas to your workplace that come from higher levels of Consciousness. Every relationship that you are experiencing invites you to renew the relationships with higher Consciousness, helping your partner/partners in that relationship to also grow and expand. And in your personal life you must expand yourself, build your understanding of Life by reaching for new understanding, new Consciousness for your personal growth.

No idea exists to simply be in the ‘idea state’ forever. Ideas are meant to be examined, explored, nurtured if they are accepted, and to grow.

Does this mean that every idea is a good one? No. You must be discerning, for there are those who promulgate ideas that are not coming from the highest frequency level of Consciousness. These are not the kind of ‘ideas’ that come from Source and from Light. Rather, these ideas are really ‘ego extensions,’ whether of a single person or a group ideology that desires an expansion of control or influence, not an expansion of higher level Consciousness. Be careful of these sources of ideas.

Examine where your source is. Where did this idea start? Who is interested in passing along this idea? Who benefits when people accept this reality? Does this idea resonate with my highest intentions for the good of all?

Pay attention to your thoughts for they stem from the acceptance of an idea that originated somewhere. Know the source of the ideas that you embrace. Be discerning.

And be the one who reaches into higher frequency levels to bring new ideas into Earthly Consciousness. Be a leader of new thought that advances the personal growth of humans. You will like the energy of this work!

And so it is.

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MUSE-INGS: ‘Why? Why? Why?’ by Rosemary Bredeson

Remember the two-year-old asking, ‘Why? Why? Why?’

Why do you suppose that question was so important to that little mind?

I wonder if the question was deeper than we thought.  Why is the grass green?  Why is there a snake swimming in the water?  Why is it thundering?  Why can’t I have a pony?

Every two-year-old has no problem coming up with an exhausting [for Mommy & Daddy!] list of items about which to ask, ‘Why?’  Maybe we get so tired of asking that question when we’re two that we exhaust ourselves and forget to keep asking as we grow older.  Or Mom & Dad get so exhausted that we figure we’d better quit to keep the peace.

But maybe it’s time to reinstate that question but ask it of ourselves instead of our parents. Why am I choosing to do this?  Why do I believe this way and not that way?  Why am I acting like this?  Why am I voting this way?  Why do I drive the way I do?  Why am I eating this? Drinking this?  Thinking this?

What if we continued to ask ourselves ‘Why’ questions all throughout the day?  This just might lead to a deeper connection with our inner self and our behaviors.  Every decision would then become a conscious decision.  Every emotion could be examined in the moment to get to the feeling behind the emotion and possibly to the belief behind that feeling.  Every interaction with another person could be informed by our understanding of why we are interacting in a certain manner.  This consciousness might even lead to an apology or a change in behavior in the middle of the interaction.

And what about the answers that we don’t like when we ask the questions?  Why don’t I like this person?  Because they remind me of my 4th grade teacher who was mean to me for a whole year.  Wow!  Wouldn’t that be a revelation?  And the poor person who in the 21st Century had nothing to do with that teacher was suffering because of an unconscious resemblance!

Much of what we do, say, believe comes from our unconscious mind and it can stay unconscious as long as we choose to ignore it or to avoid examining it.  This is not conscious living.

So decide today to start asking yourself ‘Why?’  throughout the day.  Be as relentless as you were when you were two years old.  Ask ‘Why?’ and then ask the ‘Why?’ behind that.  Keep going until you feel your have reached your ‘aha.’  The first answer might not be the most meaningful.  The two-year-old inside you knows to keep going, that there is always another layer to the question and to the answer.

And no fair answering your inner two-year-old with ‘Just because!’


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “What’s Your Big Question Today?”

Every one of you has a question or two about your life on Planet Earth that it is difficult to ask.  For some of you it is the proverbial ‘Why am I here?’ question.  For others, it is something like ‘What happens when we die?’  And then many of you wonder about all sorts of ideas that have been proposed that you do not feel have been proven to your satisfaction, like the existence of Life elsewhere in the Universe or the actual origins of the chemicals and minerals of the planets or the nature of animals or other living things on your planet.  Questions abound when the thinking mind explores the world around the person.

The danger comes when a person stops asking questions because of one of these two reasons:  they stop being curious and thus choose not to explore, or they believe that they have all the answers and thus do not need to ask any more questions.

Do you fall into one of these two categories?  Do you sometimes get tired of the ‘not knowing’ and wish you had all the answers?  Or do you sometimes get tired of always finding another question to ask?  Or both?

Believe this, Dear One:  you are a questing being.  Your soul incarnated in your body so that you could ask questions and learn the answers which would lead to more questions as you explore the world around you.  You chose to incarnate on Planet Earth at this time so that you could learn all about 21st Century Earth and her peoples, the environment, the societies, the ideas, the poetry, the art, the cuisines.  You incarnated in a particular family so that you could learn all that that family had to teach you.

Let’s talk about that last sentence for a moment.  Have you wondered why you were born to the family you were born to?  Maybe you grew up feeling like an outsider, or maybe your mother gave you up for adoption and you were raised by some other family.  Do you have an answer for why you were born where and to whom you were born?  Examining this is a part of growing into who you incarnated to be.  Why those particular parents?  Siblings?  Why that school/philosophy/religion/neighborhood/country?  There are lots of aspects of your early life that you can examine to understand more fully how you have been shaped by those very aspects.

The uncurious mind doesn’t bother to explore these questions but one who would grow, who would develop, experiences a certain curiosity about their origins that helps to elaborate on their understanding of Self.  Did you ever wonder about your rebellious or non-rebellious nature as a young person?  What do you suppose that was about?

You rebelled against what was helping you to define yourself, or you chose not to rebel in obvious ways because you chose to adopt what was being presented to you.  The process of growing up is a process much like shopping for a new outfit of clothing.  You try on several to see if they fit, if they are comfortable, if they present the image you wish to project and to see if they are appropriate for who you are in that moment.  When you are growing as a person you are exposed to many new ideas, philosophies, possibilities and you try them on for a fit.  Some you discard, some you adopt and some you modify.

This process never ends.  As long as you are breathing you are exploring the wonder called ‘Life.’  Adopt a curious attitude about what is around you.  Examine it and yourself for ways that you can grow.  Learn from everything that happens or appears around you.  And enjoy the process!

This IS Life!

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Create the Day You Would Like to Have!

Quite frankly, I’m tired.  It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. I have a lot to do.  Sometimes I long for unconsciousness [or maybe it’s just that I long for sleep!].  But there is always a connection to be made when you are conscious of the need that all humans have for connectedness.

I recently bought some cosmetics at a department store and ended up having a delightful time chatting with 3 of the women who worked at the counter.  At dinner with a couple of friends, one of whom had her dog with her, the waiter got talking to us about his pets and how they had contacted him after their passing. [I had told him that I am a medium and that I often give people messages from their pets who have passed on.]  These connections were great fun and brought a smile to my face that answered the smiles of the other people.

It’s so easy to wake up every morning with the to-do list on your mind.  Or, worse, to start immediately addressing the problems that you have to solve that day.  It’s easy to jump immediately into your day without setting an intention and, yet, that is the most creative energy of your day.

You don’t have to wake up and compose a concerto but you can use those first waking moments of the day to create the day you would like to have.  If you set yourself in a grateful, giving, curious energy before you even get out of bed then whatever happens to you that day will be merely a lesson to be learned.

Tomorrow morning, wake up and tell yourself that you can gracefully handle anything that life throws at you!  Wake up and think about someone you can help.  Wake up and smile with gratitude for something in your life.  Then go out there and make it the best day ever!


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MUSE-INGS: Shift or Get Off the Planet! by Rosemary Bredeson

Do you sometimes feel as if everything around you is in a whirlwind and you’re trying to stand still but it’s hard?  Or are you the whirlwind and everything around you is stagnant and not moving with you?  Either way you can feel out of kilter with what’s happening in your environment.

I sometimes wonder how some people can stand still when there’s so much exciting energy to step out with but a lot of people are holding firm to where they have been before because it’s comfortable, secure, safe.  I used to be that way, too.  But I learned that exploring the world of ideas, of Consciousness beyond the ordinary, was a far more exciting place to hang out than in a bar with those who just wanted to drink themselves into oblivion.  I’ve never understood choosing that kind [or, actually, any kind!] of oblivion so I’d be the one drinking club soda.  I eventually decided that I just don’t like the energy of that bar scene and avoid them like the plague.

It pains me sometimes to see people who choose to numb themselves to new concepts and ideas.  They don’t even use chemicals to do this; they merely shut down the curious part of their brains and follow a path laid out carefully before them without ever pausing to examine where they are and why they are there.  This type of person doesn’t question what they are told.  They are the followers who often live in fear.  Do you know some of them?

I remember when my daughter went through her ‘why, why, why’ stage of life.  Boy, it gets tiring to deal with those questions!  But I did love her curiosity.  She would get a cute look on her face as if she were deeply pondering that ‘why’ and she really wanted to know an answer that would satisfy her.  My answers didn’t always satisfy her but she kept plodding onward.  She still asks ‘why’ and continues to explore ideas.

Our sons were more inward in their explorations.  The older one studied lots of ideas in college and I remember his telling us about an experience he had during a play on which he was crewing and had a few moments before he was needed.  He sat and stared at his hand, pondering nothingness, when his hand disappeared and he realized that he could see the stage curtain THROUGH his hand.  Of course, this freaked him out but it left quite an impression on his young mind.

Do you foster exploration in the folks around you?  Are you ready to have a conversation about ideas that stretch your understanding?  UFOs? ETs? Nothingness?  Collective Consciousness?  Angels?  The Other Side?

Try bringing up one of these topics at your next dinner party.  It’s much more exciting than talking about the weather or sports!  Explore ideas with your friends and see which ones are willing to go there with you and which ones are afraid to step into those arenas.

Even better than talking to others, sit by yourself and ponder questions that your normal, busy life doesn’t give you time to consider.  Have you ever stared at the ocean and pondered the life beneath the surface?  Have you ever looked up at the night sky and thought about what is moving there that appears to be stationary?  When is the last time that you read a book that explored the current thinking about Consciousness?  Quantum Physics is now proving what Metaphysics has known for thousands of years – have you read anything about this?

Next time you’re in a bookstore pick up a magazine that you haven’t read before and explore some new ideas.  Then find someone to chat with about what you learned.  It’s time to step up to the responsibility to expand human awareness.  Tag – You’re It!!!

Now, Shift or Get Off the Planet! [Just kidding!  Just Shift!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Are you living life with gusto?”

Dear Ones,

Life is to be lived with great gusto! Where is your enthusiasm for your life? Are you starting and ending each day with gratitude for your blessings or are you focusing on what is not working for you or on what you lack? It is difficult to find the gusto if you can only see what is missing in your life.

Every breath that you take is a miracle of Life. You are living on Planet Earth at this very moment because your Soul chooses to have you experience this time, the place you are standing and the people around you in this present moment. How wonderful it is that you are even able to receive these words!

Give yourself permission to enjoy your next inhalation. Focus on your breath for a moment. In. Out. In again. Out again. Be grateful that you can breathe. Think of all those around you who are also breathing and be grateful that they are in your life. Even those with whom you are not well pleased are in your life so that they might help you to learn lessons so be grateful for the opportunity to learn.

Look around you today with a sense of wonder, of curiosity, with gratitude for everything that is around you. Smile, for your smile will raise the vibration of the air around you and will bring a higher vibration energy to all those who see you smile. Ask yourself what you can do to keep yourself comfortable while raising your vibration and sharing that higher frequency with the world. You might find that you are moving beyond your so-called ‘comfort zone’ to do this but you will quickly become more comfortable with a higher frequency energy and this will catapult you into higher and higher levels of satisfaction with your life.

Does this make sense to you? Lifting your vibrational level brings you more satisfaction with your life. Your life doesn’t have to change to be more satisfying – you do. And once you realize that this is true you will have more control over your life. Change how you see the world around you. Are you sorting for what is wrong or are you enjoying what is simply there? Are you focusing on lack or are you reveling in the gifts that abound? It is all about your perception of reality, for you create your reality with your attitude toward your life. Even if facts and data don’t change you can change your feelings, your attitudes and your perceptions.

Start by noticing your language. Are you celebrating with excitement what is in your life in this moment or are you allowing your thoughts to carry you away from the celebration that is available to you? How are you speaking about this moment? When you become aware of your language you can easily change what you are saying so that you language what you wish to feel. The half-empty glass can make you feel less celebratory than the half-full glass, so make a decision right now that you will see the glass as half-full.

Speak of higher vibration thoughts when you talk to others and you can help them to feel more excitement, too. Focus on The Light in the World, not on the darkness. Focus on what is beautiful and exciting and wonder-full in the world and your energy will be infectious. It is okay to infect others with enthusiasm and this happens naturally when you are living your life with gusto!

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Is This Mushroom Safe?

Interesting analogy – early humans figuring out which foods to eat and 21st Century humans figuring out what truth is for them.

One way to extend this is to think of the early humans who ate the poison mushrooms.  I wouldn’t want to be the one who tested that!  But I don’t think this message is about eating poison mushrooms first – it sounds more as if we are being cautioned about eating the poison mushrooms that someone is telling us are safe to eat.

Think about ideas that poison a society but permeate it anyway.  Hatred.  Intolerance.  Injustice.  Ignorance.  Think about how easy it is to swallow that poison mushroom if someone you trust tells you it is safe for you to do so.  I think it’s time we stood up to our responsibility to be individual thinkers, to ask for evidence that a mushroom is safe or to eschew eating it altogether.

Every day, each of us is bombarded with ideas from many sources.  Do you absorb and accept every idea that is sent your way?  Do you believe everything that you are told?  I suspect not.  Who, then, do you decide you will believe?  Are you willing to find the original sources of the data, to do your own research?

I remember a paper I had to write in college, in a History of the Theater course I was taking to fill in my schedule so I had enough credits to live on campus after I had taken all the math courses I needed for my major.  My assigned topic was ‘Squire & Marie Bancroft’ who had lived in the 19th Century.  I traveled from Greensburg, Pennsylvania into Pittsburgh to find resources at the University library there and was fortunate enough to find primary sources, documents written by the Bancrofts themselves.  Unfortunately, they were written in French so I had to painstakingly translate them for my paper, but the information was invaluable because it came from the principles themselves and hadn’t been distorted by a biographer’s perspective.  [Aside: The professor didn’t believe a lowly math major could write such a good paper so he accused me of plagiarism!  I did prove the sources of the materials to his satisfaction and he gave me a good grade later.]

What are you willing to do to determine the veracity of what you hear?  Are you like a sponge, sopping up what is told to you?  Do you check a few sources to see if you can find corroboration or do you just listen to someone you think is giving you the whole story?  Do you know how to check inside for what rings true for you?

Living a Conscious Life requires choosing what you will believe and what you will question.  Check with your Inner Guidance before you accept any idea, even the ones I am writing here.  If you don’t know how to do this yet, learn.  Sometimes you need to meditate or take a nap or take a walk in nature before you can see clearly what you need to see.  Give yourself permission to do this before you commit to an idea or a project that doesn’t feel completely right to you.

You are moving along a path of your own spiritual journey.  You don’t have time for detours into someone else’s ‘stuff.’  Believe what is in alignment with who you are at your core, with the energy that carries you forward on your journey.  Don’t believe someone who wants you to eat a poison mushroom by telling you that it is safe!   Skip the mushrooms, please!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Be Your Own Genius!

Dear Ones,

Ever since humans have been walking on Planet Earth they have been questioning the reasons for happenings around them.  You might believe that early humans were not curious but how do you think decisions were made about what to eat and what not to eat?  They came out of curiosity and someone tried to eat something.  They lived or they died, and the others learned what was safe and what was not.

Humans have a similar kind of curiosity today but the situations are more subtle than when they were looking for food.  Today, people are searching for simple solutions to complex problems, and so they look to someone else to tell them what is safe and what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t, and what is true and what isn’t.  People are giving away their power to the external source who tells them what they want to believe.  Unfortunately, many of those who are speaking out have not done the research themselves, as the early humans did.  These speakers are believing something told to them by someone else who supposedly did ‘research.’  This so-called ‘research’ might or might not have been valid or worthwhile but for every bit of research there is some audience who wants to believe the results and so in that sphere it becomes validated by acceptance and repetition.

Do you see how far removed people are becoming from the source of the information available to them about ‘safe or unsafe,’ ‘works or doesn’t work,’ ‘true or not’?  Decide today that you will become a person who seeks the source.  Don’t believe or accept on blind faith.  Check inside yourself for your own truth.  Just because someone says it is so does not make it valid for you at this time.  Even what we are telling you should be checked against your internal compass to make sure it is congruent with the direction in which your journey is taking you today.

In all things it is important that you learn to go inside and reach for your Inner Guidance.  You KNOW what is true for you, even if you feel you cannot be certain.  There is always a part of you that knows for sure.  Reach for that part.  Seek help if you do not know how to do this.  Get in touch with guidance for yourself, for there is a wealth of information available to you if you seek it.  Great thinkers throughout time have known this and have used their innate abilities to find answers to their questions.  They seek answers but look to themselves, their own research, even their dreams to find what they seek.  Many geniuses will tell you that it is in rest and relaxing out of the search that great ideas arise.  Why should you be different?

Are you one of those who think you have to be active all the time?  Do you feel you must be doing, doing, doing in order to move forward?  What if you could make more forward progress by resting, thinking about something else, engaging in a hobby, and then returning to problem-solving with fresh eyes?  Perhaps napping and allowing your unconscious mind to connect the dots for you would be more productive.  Maybe a meditation exercise would free your creativity so that you could return to your task with greater understanding.

These are suggestions for 21st Century humans to approach problem-solving and answer-seeking.  The early humans knew what they were about when they made their own observations.  Stop giving away your power as a thinking, creative person and do your own research, find your own answers.  Listen to others but do not be swayed to act against what feels true for you.  Do not believe just because others believe.  Be an individual, for you were brought to Planet Earth for an individual purpose.  No one else has the same roadmap.  Be careful about who you allow to drive your life!

And so it is.


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