MUSE-INGS: Create the Day You Would Like to Have!

Quite frankly, I’m tired.  It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. I have a lot to do.  Sometimes I long for unconsciousness [or maybe it’s just that I long for sleep!].  But there is always a connection to be made when you are conscious of the need that all humans have for connectedness.

I recently bought some cosmetics at a department store and ended up having a delightful time chatting with 3 of the women who worked at the counter.  At dinner with a couple of friends, one of whom had her dog with her, the waiter got talking to us about his pets and how they had contacted him after their passing. [I had told him that I am a medium and that I often give people messages from their pets who have passed on.]  These connections were great fun and brought a smile to my face that answered the smiles of the other people.

It’s so easy to wake up every morning with the to-do list on your mind.  Or, worse, to start immediately addressing the problems that you have to solve that day.  It’s easy to jump immediately into your day without setting an intention and, yet, that is the most creative energy of your day.

You don’t have to wake up and compose a concerto but you can use those first waking moments of the day to create the day you would like to have.  If you set yourself in a grateful, giving, curious energy before you even get out of bed then whatever happens to you that day will be merely a lesson to be learned.

Tomorrow morning, wake up and tell yourself that you can gracefully handle anything that life throws at you!  Wake up and think about someone you can help.  Wake up and smile with gratitude for something in your life.  Then go out there and make it the best day ever!


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One Response to “MUSE-INGS: Create the Day You Would Like to Have!”

  1. Martha L Shaw Says:

    Thank you for this reminder! You are so right. We can change a life one smile and positive thought at a time!

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