ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Where Do You Get Your Information?

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The truth inside you is revealed by your finding your Inner Light and shining that out into the world.

Do you think that you know the ‘Truth’ with a capital ‘T’? So often, we seek truth, we think we find truth, we think our truth is better than their truth. But, really, what is this truth that we seek, find, compare?

Did you used to believe in Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy? The Easter Bunny? What is the truth around these characters?

Maybe you believed in the Boogeyman or the Monster Under the Bed? What is the truth about these characters?

Your belief made these very real to you. I suspect, however, that you have changed your truth around Santa Claus and the Boogeyman. What makes you feel that other stories you once believed, or believe today, cannot also change as you mature, evolve and grow?

The truth of who you are is the Inner Light that is the spark of the Divine, your connection to Source Energy, the Universe Within, your Spirit. Whatever you call your essence it is your truth.

What you believe can change from day to day, from moment to moment, but who you are – who you REALLY are, at your core – that does not change.

When you believe that you are a light being, placed on this Earth with a purpose to fulfill, a reason for being here, in this very place at this very moment surrounded by the very people who surround you, then you can be who you really are.

Your circumstances do not define who you are. Who you love and who doesn’t love you have nothing to do with the Light Within you. What you do does not say who you are. Your success or failure does not speak to who you are.

You are Light. Your truth comes from the cosmic light that was formed at the beginning of the Universe. Anything that is trying to dim you, to dim your light, is not truth.

Just as Santa Claus is a belief, so is most of what you believe about yourself ‘just a belief.’

I hear from clients language that tells me their belief has crept into their definition of ‘truth.’ ‘I’m not smart enough.’ ‘I can’t afford that.’ ‘I’m too fat to _____.’ ‘When I get that job I’ll be happy.’ ‘I’m too old to _____.’

I also hear things like ‘Life is hard.’ ‘Suffering is just a part of life.’ ‘I don’t have anyone who will help me.’

The list goes on. And I would bet that you could add to this list from your own experience.

Yet, these beliefs are not Truth with a capital T. They are beliefs. Beliefs can change.

“I’m the only one who can take care of that’ can change to ‘I’ll ask my brother to handle that issue for Mom.’ ‘I don’t have enough money to get the help I need’ can change to ‘I trust that money will come to me as I need it when I get my priorities straight.’

This list goes on, too.

Your truth can change as you mature, evolve and grow. Let it shift. Look for the Light. Truth has a Light Quality about it that helps you to believe.

The Truth is that you are your Inner Light. Now be who you REALLY are!





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The word ‘family’ can be a real emotional trigger for some people. I’ve worked with coaching clients who had beliefs about themselves that were limiting their success because they had heard stories or even made up stories about their families and they accepted those stories as unchangeable.

You can change the stories you hold in your head. You can change the stories about your family and its members. You can write your own story. You can create your own loving, accepting, supportive family – TODAY!!!

Whether you believe me about this or not, it is true. I can hear the alarms going off and trying to convince you that the story you believe is the absolute Truth, with a capital ‘T,’ and that you can’t change the Truth.

What if the story contains some FACTS but it no longer has to be your TRUTH, about you, about life, about anything?

I now dub you ‘Lady’ or ‘Lord’ ‘Creator of Your Own Truth’! From this day forward you are the creator of the beliefs that you hold, no matter what the ‘facts’ of your past might have led you to believe. You are the one who decides on the members of your ‘family.’ You create the stories that you want to live.

The facts of your childhood might seem to lead to certain conclusions but children rarely hold all the information available during those younger years. You might have formed opinions about situations you experienced or family members and somewhere in your unconscious mind you believe that you know ‘Truth’ when, just possibly, you don’t.

Guess what? That story belongs in the past. You can write your own story now, today, and it can be a different one. You are Lord or Lady Creator of Your Own Truth! You decide what you will believe. You choose which thoughts you will energize by your focusing on them. You can even choose the people that you will invite into your ‘family.’

Before you were born you chose the human DNA that you would need to get to the lessons for this lifetime. That means that you chose a mother and a father and some other family members whose job it was to help you to learn your lessons and to grow. For some, it was less painful than for others. For some, it is still painful to be associated with family members who are connected through the bloodlines.

Others have graduated from those birth families and have collected around them people whom they can trust, who love them, who support them and accept them, no matter what. This is the meaning of ‘family’ now.

If you are living far away from family that you love, you can create a group that gets together for holidays, does things together, shares experiences, helps out and supports, loves unconditionally. You can do this even if you live down the street from blood-relatives who are toxic to you. You can choose your family now.

When we feel obligations that are burdensome or that hurt our hearts and souls, we can choose to move away from that family. It might seem difficult, but it can be the most liberating choice you ever make. Feeling ‘stuck’ with a family is often the result of being ‘stuck in our story.’

What is the story that you find yourself telling over and over again? Have you allowed a story from the past to creep into the position of defining you? Are you ‘stuck in your story’?

Then write a NEW story! You have permission. You are Lady or Lord Creator of Your Own Truth! Love yourself enough to be the creator of a fine life story. Be the ancestor of a legacy that makes you proud and smiling today.

This is important 21st Century work for each human being. Love yourself. Be Who You REALLY Are. Be the Light. Write your own story.

I bow to you, Oh, Lord or Lady Creator of Your Own Truth! Huzzah!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: The Science of Metaphysics

Today’s message is from The Pleiedians for you:

“We wish to speak today about the Science of Metaphysics.

Many have said that ‘Science is now proving what metaphysics has known for a long time.’ The truth can actually be languaged in a better way:

“The Universe is revealing itself to scientists in such a way that they can now believe what metaphysicians have known through their revelatory methods.”

This shifts the information to ‘revelation’ from ‘discovery,’ moving the action to The Universe as the Revealer from the scientist as the Discoverer.

This may seem to be a subtle shift but it is an important one, for scientists can only discover what The Universe is ready to reveal to them. Each apparent quantum leap forward in understanding by humans is the result, not of discoveries, but of the Recognition of Revelations, humans recognizing what The Universe is revealing.

Humans have been recognizing the revelations of The Universe for many millennia. It is science that has limited its ability to recognize these revelations by putting limits on what can be discovered, by narrowing its focus to a list of what things should look like according to established norms. The whole process of scientific inquiry is based on creating a set of assumptions based on a hypothesis (a human construction of a possibility) and then trying to prove or disprove that hypothesis. Unexpected results are often discarded or identified as ‘anomalous.’ The role of other scientists is to argue against what the findings are.

There might be times in the physical world where this system works, but let us contrast this with the way that metaphysicians operate in their explorations.

In the realm of metaphysics, one rises above the known, the expected, and opens oneself to the field of limitless possibilities. No judgments. No pre-conceived notions. No rules and no ‘shoulds.’ The metaphysician is open to the exploration in a way that is energized by curiosity and receptivity. There is also a trust that is engendered by an understanding that the metaphysician has of the connectedness of all things, the unity that is The Universe. The guiding principle of the metaphysician is, ‘As Above, So Below.’ Thus, all exploration of The Universe at large is an exploration of the Self, the Universe Within, and vice versa.

Those civilizations that moved away from the concept of the unity of The Universe collapsed onto themselves in their pursuit of separation.

Science and the pursuits of the mind are not separate from metaphysics and what is known in the heart. Judgment is not the same as discernment. Openness and acceptance are not signs of weakness but, rather, are signs of great strength and a wise understanding of the true nature of The Universe.

Those who embrace the path of the metaphysician will have more science revealed to them than those who limit themselves to the narrow path of the scientist.

The explorer is never certain of the revelation that is waiting beyond the next bend in the path, but is ever open to the wonder that lies there.

It Is So.”

And, so, are you willing to be open to the path of the metaphysician and EXPLORE?

The Pleiedians via


The Success of Your Authentic Self – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary and I just returned from our monthly gathering of the EQUAAC group we are part of. This is the Equality Anne Arundel County group who, among other things, worked for the passage of Marriage Equality in Maryland. It’s a wonderful, warm group of men and women, both gay and straight who happen to believe in “equality” in all things! Rosemary and I are always welcomed with open arms, hugs, kisses and big smiles. It is such a pleasure to be part of this group!

And one thing always strikes me when we get together: I can be my authentic self with these wonderful human beings. I don’t have to pretend; there are no pretenses; there are no hidden motives, no one trying to get an upper hand or convince anyone of something other than genuine gladness to be together.

Maybe this is a luxury of getting older. I can be myself no matter whom I’m with or what I’m doing. Why can’t it always be this way? Here’s Rosemary’s answer:

We forget.

We forget to reach inside ourselves for answers. We forget that we are ‘enough’ just as we are. We forget that no one else knows exactly what our Soul Contract with the Universe is and that we agreed to come into this world at this time.

I am forgetting less often! I am working very hard, through my various practices to remember who I am, why I’m here and to live with that level of authenticity. And it does take practice. The ego wants to pretend; it’s sometimes easier that way, less risky. The ego doesn’t always like authenticity. But inside there are better answers; “real” answers. When we go inside we do remember what’s important.

And it is a matter of remembering, as Rosemary points out in yesterday’s post. We all come in knowing and remembering our purpose, our true self and the true reason the Universe called us to BE, here and now. Society and our ego want us to forget. We go through our growing years and our “educational process” learning to forget! If we all remembered to fulfill our purposes society would be very different. And society, just like our egos, wants to maintain the status quo.

There may be stability in the status quo but I wouldn’t call it success. Where is the impetus for evolution if we all toe the line and forget our purpose? Where’s the progress if we ignore our inner truth and accept someone else’s judgment about that? Where’s the lesson, the gain, the success if we pretend we are something other than who we came here to be?

Our success can only truly be measured against our true purpose. We all know our purpose; we may have forgotten it but it is in there, inside. We came with blueprints; we can remember. It takes practice but it is there.

Rosemary’s clarion call is to “remember.” I echo this call! We are called to awaken to our purpose, to our authentic selves. What better time than now, this holiday season and at year’s end to take up this cause and remember!



My “Three-Minute” video for the week: Be Your Authentic Self!

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Each of us has within us beliefs and thoughts that we take to be the Truth, no ifs, ands or buts. What if those beliefs and thoughts were not really Truth with a capital T?

As we move forward into the new consciousness of 21st Century thinking it becomes more important that we examine the places within us where we have formalized beliefs and thoughts that are no longer relevant to our personal growth. Have you looked?

A crystalized belief feels like an energy block. It is not negative or bad; it is merely a block where the energy feels stuck. It is important, though, because stuck energy prevents us from moving forward into our highest potential. And the longer energy stays stuck the more problems that block can cause us.

Think of the crystalized belief as a crystal from the Earth. Crystals have a consciousness that has been created over millions of years. Humans have not been on the planet that long. What information might be stored in that crystal for you?

Now look at the crystals within you for the messages that they hold for you. What does stuck energy want you to know so that you can move forward and let the energy flow again?

Once you have received the message what will you do with the information?

I have worked with clients who take a long time to recognize the crystallized belief that came from parental instructions. Others have been influenced by church or teachers or society. A belief that has been around for a long time within us can grow its own structure until it resembles a crystal stone and seems to be a permanent part of the person.

YOU, however, are in charge of what you believe! The crystals within you are messengers for you. They are waiting for you to identify and communicate with them. They want to be released into the Universe but are willing to stay within you until you are ready to interact with them.

Do you believe that ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’? If so, would you ignore a tree filled with hundred dollar bills because you don’t believe it exists? Do you believe you are ‘not good enough’ because someone told you that 40 years ago? Are you willing to replace that thought if someone today were to tell you something different? One problem with holding on to crystallized beliefs is that they become so familiar that you can be afraid to let go. What happens if you don’t believe that anymore? What belief will you replace that one with?

Lately we’ve been experiencing the world of Earth’s crystals in a new way. There is a reason that a certain crystal will cross your path. There is a resonance in the energy of a crystal that communicates with something inside of you. Crystal radios use actual crystals as transmitters of energy. Mainstream technology is putting crystals in everyday items such as hair dryers and comforters. Crystals are coming out of the closet to help humanity.

Check out the corners of the closets of your mind. Where might you find the hidden gem of a crystal with a message for you? Do you need help? Find a counselor who can help you look at those crystallized beliefs of yours and unveil the message.

Once you have the information you no longer need to keep the energy blocked. Release that inner crystal and things become ‘crystal clear’ to you!

Everything you need to know is available. You just need to know where to look and how to interpret what you find. Start with what you know are energy blocks. And be ready for the energy leap of personal growth to follow the crystal clarity!

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