MUSE-INGS: ‘Why? Why? Why?’ by Rosemary Bredeson

Remember the two-year-old asking, ‘Why? Why? Why?’

Why do you suppose that question was so important to that little mind?

I wonder if the question was deeper than we thought.  Why is the grass green?  Why is there a snake swimming in the water?  Why is it thundering?  Why can’t I have a pony?

Every two-year-old has no problem coming up with an exhausting [for Mommy & Daddy!] list of items about which to ask, ‘Why?’  Maybe we get so tired of asking that question when we’re two that we exhaust ourselves and forget to keep asking as we grow older.  Or Mom & Dad get so exhausted that we figure we’d better quit to keep the peace.

But maybe it’s time to reinstate that question but ask it of ourselves instead of our parents. Why am I choosing to do this?  Why do I believe this way and not that way?  Why am I acting like this?  Why am I voting this way?  Why do I drive the way I do?  Why am I eating this? Drinking this?  Thinking this?

What if we continued to ask ourselves ‘Why’ questions all throughout the day?  This just might lead to a deeper connection with our inner self and our behaviors.  Every decision would then become a conscious decision.  Every emotion could be examined in the moment to get to the feeling behind the emotion and possibly to the belief behind that feeling.  Every interaction with another person could be informed by our understanding of why we are interacting in a certain manner.  This consciousness might even lead to an apology or a change in behavior in the middle of the interaction.

And what about the answers that we don’t like when we ask the questions?  Why don’t I like this person?  Because they remind me of my 4th grade teacher who was mean to me for a whole year.  Wow!  Wouldn’t that be a revelation?  And the poor person who in the 21st Century had nothing to do with that teacher was suffering because of an unconscious resemblance!

Much of what we do, say, believe comes from our unconscious mind and it can stay unconscious as long as we choose to ignore it or to avoid examining it.  This is not conscious living.

So decide today to start asking yourself ‘Why?’  throughout the day.  Be as relentless as you were when you were two years old.  Ask ‘Why?’ and then ask the ‘Why?’ behind that.  Keep going until you feel your have reached your ‘aha.’  The first answer might not be the most meaningful.  The two-year-old inside you knows to keep going, that there is always another layer to the question and to the answer.

And no fair answering your inner two-year-old with ‘Just because!’


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