Exploring the Field of All Possibilities – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary’s exploration this week is a great lead-in to her Possibilities Playshop scheduled for this Saturday. It is not only the Playshop but the Playbook, the product of the Playshop, that is an amazing tool to help with “exploring the field of all possibilities.” Let me explain:

During Rosemary’s Playshop we play at several activities designed specifically to get us out of our heads, out of the problem space, so we can move into the field of possibilities where solutions lie. And one of the first steps is to clear the way to get there, clear the limiting beliefs that tend to hold us in “tunnel vision.”

Here’s how Rosemary describes the “problem”:

This is the way that we can hold ourselves back from showing our greatness to the world. Tunnel vision is the very block that prevents us from seeing the possibilities that are in front of us because our focus is so narrowed. And we feel as if there is no roadmap out of our situation.

We do this clearing, opening up beyond the tunnel vision, through visualizations. This is necessary to begin to believe that there may actually BE a “roadmap” to the field.

Once we clear the old beliefs, a process to re-vision the problems and re-create a new vision forward, we are then in a great space to create the roadmap. And this is no ordinary roadmap, but one created and guided by our intuition. This is where the “play” begins in earnest.

Briefly, we pull pictures and words from old magazines, images and phrases that appeal to us. We do this fast without much thought about why they appeal. This is somewhat similar to creating vision boards (have you ever done one of those?) but with less intention, suspending the rational left-brain activity and relying on our child-like unconscious minds to direct the play.

Pictures are put in an envelope, words in another; pictures can even be sorted by size and put in different envelopes. Then the “roadmap” or Playbook is created by pulling pictures and words blindly from the envelopes for each of the months going forward. We actually align our calendars with the phases of the moon to bring an even deeper intuitive, feminine connection to the Playbook.

The resulting Playbook is an intuitively created “solution space” to use as a guide for the months/year ahead. The pictures and words can be interpreted as the moon cycles through her phases. I frequently consult my Playbook for a number of reasons, including when I am stuck or catch myself in tunnel vision.

I use my Playbook as a journal to record events. It is always curious to review the pictures and words I chose months ago to see how they inform my current situation. I also record my I Ching Gua that I cast at each new moon; there is always an alignment with the reading and my Playbook entries for that moon!

The point here is not to “sell” you on the power of Rosemary’s Possibilities Playshop event but to suggest there are tools you can use to move easily, even with a lot of fun, from tunnel vision around a problem to a new vision of expanded possibilities where solutions live. Inner work, access to our intuitive powers, even play serves to offer a way forward!

And remember, problems are lessons waiting to be learned in the field of all possibilities!



ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: The Possibilities Playshop is Saturday; Let’s Play!

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: The Possibilities Playshop is Saturday; Let’s Play!

PS: Here’s the link for more information and registration: Playshop

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Exploring the Field of All Possibilities

When we feel stuck in our progress, whether it be on a specific project or task or we are stuck in a bigger way, not knowing our purpose in life or not knowing how to shift or eliminate a particular situation or relationship, we tend to drop into a sort of tunnel vision about it.

Have you ever found yourself thinking only of your problem? Nothing else seems to get onto your radar screen. Solutions seem ‘out of sight’ and, maybe, not even available at all. There’s nothing beyond what you can see.

This is the way that we can hold ourselves back from showing our greatness to the world. Tunnel vision is the very block that prevents us from seeing the possibilities that are in front of us because our focus is so narrowed. And we feel as if there is no roadmap out of our situation.

We often get stuck in tunnel vision because our belief structure, at the unconscious level, restricts us from moving into the exploratory experience of curiosity about what else might be possible. We know what our problems are and we keep looking at them as if they will suddenly jump up and tell us how to solve them. If only that were true!

What we must learn to do instead is to seek the solutions beyond the point where the problem lies.

When I worked on the Hubble Space Telescope some of the astronomers decided to point the telescope at dark places in the sky that looked empty when viewed through earth-based telescopes. No one knew if there would be anything there since nothing had ever been seen in that particular area before.

What emerged were huge fields of never-before-seen stars and galaxies! What had looked empty for all the years of humans looking at the sky from Earth were now filled with exciting stars and galaxies and other celestial presences. How exciting it was!

Where is the parallel to this in your life? What have you been looking at through your ‘old eyes,’ that is, through the lens of your old beliefs? Do you wonder if there is anything that you haven’t seen yet? Do you hope that there IS something there?

This is the pursuit of solutions that can lead you to exploring the field of all possibilities. When you tie yourself to what is known already, you limit your own field of view to see just what you expect to see. When, however, you open yourself, with curiosity, to whatever might be waiting for you, ALL possibilities can reveal themselves to you!

Examine the beliefs, those inner decisions that reside at the unconscious level, that might be holding you hostage and limiting you to tunnel vision. Discard and clear those limiting beliefs.

Then turn yourself toward an exploration of what might be there, waiting just beyond what you can see. There are always possibilities beyond the one you see with tunnel vision.

How exciting this exploration can be!


ngc-5584Labor Day! Here in the US this signals the end of Summer. School has started for the kids, swimming pools are closing. Nights are getting cooler and days are getting noticeably shorter. Sigh…

And yet I love the Autumn, when the leaves change colors and air crisps up and we can wear clothes with sleeves in them again. (I’m not particularly fond of being hot!) So bring it on!

We are still in the energy of the growing New Moon so keep your focus on bringing in what you desire. Have you ever made a crystal grid? Set an intention and arrange some crystals or gemstones (or rocks and jewelry) in a pattern that appeals to you. Invite what you need, for your Highest Good, to come into your energy space. Light a candle near this every day. Maybe add some incense. Keep your unconscious mind focused on the positive thoughts of what you are attracting and stay in gratitude for having already, in some dimension, received it. Practice moving your thoughts from what you don’t have to what you are accepting from the benevolent Universe.

I am so excited about the wisdom and guidance that The Divine Feminine are sharing with us each month! The Oracle Speaks event in the Sun sign of Virgo was really deep teachings and covered many sources of information and support that humans might be unaware are around (like whales who created their own internet!). If you couldn’t join us live, you can still purchase the recordings of The Oracle Speaks events. I urge you to listen to these! Those who have attended have benefited from the profound guidance they received. Details are here: The Oracle Speaks

The next Possibilities Playshop is scheduled for September 20 in Severna Park, Maryland. These are really fun times to play, connect with your guides, create and/or update your personal Playbook, and explore possibilities for the coming months. Learn more and grab one of the limited spaces while the Early Bird Discount Investment applies! This is a great way to get ready for the Fall Equinox (September 22) and for the rest of 2014. Give yourself a day to hang out with some other fun folks and come play with us! Here’s more info: Possibilities Playshop

Enjoy your final Summer fling and plan to start off the Fall Season with a time to play in the field of all possibilities with us!


circumstellar disks-1Hope you had a happy Full Moon Friday the 13th! Wow, what a day! The Full Moon in Sagittarius was exact at 12:11 am Eastern Time on Friday, June 13. This is the time when the Moon is directly opposite to the Sun and we are invited to release anything that no longer serves our highest good. This year has been a time to ask the hard questions and really commit to our spiritual path, to doing our inner work. This Full Moon occurred during the Mercury Retrograde (remember, this is when the Planet Mercury appears to move backwards when we Earthlings view its path) and that means that communications can get a bit garbled. During this Full Moon period, make sure that you are being honest with yourself, and look back over the last six months to assess your progress. Release anything that is holding you back!

And it was Friday the 13th! I’ve always liked these days, though, and don’t believe they are unlucky. How about you? We had a good Friday here!

We have to make our own luck in the world by looking at possibilities and choosing to pursue them. The best way you can explore your opportunities is to join us on Saturday, June 21 in Severna Park, Maryland for the Possibilities Playshop! You’ll be meeting your guides, clearing some blocks, creating your personal Playbook for the coming moon cycles and having a bunch of fun. The details are here: Playshop Link and I hope you can be here so that you can create your very own Playbook to support you through your journey. And did I mention that we’ll have FUN?!!!

The year is almost half over. How is 2014 for you? Is there something you’d like to change that you haven’t? The Summer Solstice is the perfect time to reassess your progress and your path. Do some self-reflecting. Are you hiding? Have you fully committed to your Purpose? What do you need to do?

Summer is here, at least here in Maryland and the Northern Hemisphere. More Sun, more Light. Be the bright Light in the world that I know you are.

Possibilities are in you and all around you. No hiding out! Explore!


Last January I offered the Possibilities Playshop to create a Playbook for 2014. It was well received and we are all now using our Playbooks for guidance and reflection as the year unfolds.

Soon, just in time for the Summer Solstice, I am again offering the Playshop here in Maryland. It is scheduled for Saturday, June 14 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. In today’s repeat video I talk about Possibilities:








If you are feeling limited. If you want to expand your horizons. If you want to open up to the possibilities that are out there for you, check out the details: Possibilities Playshop.

PS: Early Bird pricing for this event ends May 31 – act soon! Click Here

Playshop Preview – Richard’s Commentary

This week I am commenting on Rosemary’s video for the week rather than her “Exploration” article. I have several reasons to make this adjustment to the blog.

We are, as I write and as I post, under the influence of the “dying Moon.” What I mean by this is the Moon is nearly conjunct with the Sun in Gemini. We are in that period when the Moon loses her race with the Sun falling farther and farther behind until she falls right into his light. She is exactly conjunct with the Sun at 2:43 PM Eastern time today, Wednesday, May 28, 2014. I know this because I looked it up in my Playbook that I created during Rosemary’s Possibilities Playshop last January.

I follow the Moon cycles very closely. I know the Moon influences me and I need to correlate those influences I feel with the Moon and where she is in her travels. This careful tracking is a way for me to be both grounded in my body and to understand the effects of the Heavenly bodies, the Moon being the closest, on my physical being.

And after I created my Playbook during Rosemary’s January Playshop I now have a tool to help me with my tracking. Here’s how I use my Playbook:

First it is a guide to the Moon cycles. We laid out 13 “moonths” – this is the number of New Moons in a year. The New Moon marks the beginning of each moonth. In the Playbook the New Moons are designated with pages of pictures and words pulled from magazines chosen intuitively and glued onto notebook pages. Other intuitive tools are used to create a “map” to the year. This map then provides a loose guide on what to expect as the year unfolds.

Second it is a journal in which I record key events, feelings, thoughts and how these correlate to the pictures and words mapped out for the year. There is always meaning and this correlation activity provides deep insight into the passing moonth.

Third I record the I Ching Gua I cast for each moonth in the playbook. I have been using the ancient Chinese method of divination, the I Ching, as a means to receive an intuitive understanding of the energies I can expect for each moonth. I cast a six line hexagram just after each new Moon asking the question: “what does this next moonth have in-store for us?” it is always insightful. And now with my Playbook it always correlates in some fun and surprising ways with the pictures and words I chose for the moonth back in January!

Fourth I very much enjoy the surprises planted in the Playbook. This is especially true as I move through the year and get farther away from when I created the Playbook. The “play” involved in the process is becoming much more evident as the year spins out and the “predictive” nature of the Playbook becomes ever more clear. While predicting the future is not the intent of this process it nevertheless does have that quality. The correlations between the words and pictures (and other surprises placed into the book) and events as they unfold each moonth are both exciting and even a little uncanny.

And there is a fifth use for the Playbook: it actually becomes a means to manifest the year. It is similar to a “vision board” but more fun. As in creating a vision board attractive pictures and words are pulled from magazines. But then for the specific moonths the pictures and words are selected blindly, intuitively, from a large envelop. Intention rather than conscious choice guides this process of aligning the pictures/words with the calendar.

Rosemary’s Possibilities Playshop is a fun process, but even more importantly the resulting Playbook becomes a highly useful tool for the next year. We all had such a good and productive time during the January Playshop that Rosemary is offering a mid-year Playshop for those who missed out on the first one.

The next Possibilities Playshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 14, 2014, from 10:00 to 2:00 pm Eastern time. If you are in the Annapolis, MD, Washington, DC area you can attend in person. We are also recording the event so if you can’t attend a video course will be available shortly after the live event.

Rosemary’s website has all the details and a way to register. The early bird pricing for the event ends on May 31. Check it out soon!