MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Where did that idea come from?

Dear Ones,

Have you ever considered where ideas come from? Where does that light bulb image in cartoons indicate the idea has its source?

Ideas start as seeds within the Light of Consciousness and they are accessible by those who can reach into that frequency level to retrieve them. Some people are not able to reach beyond where they live and think because they do not possess the curiosity to seek new ideas. They are stuck with the ideas they have been given or they create their own reality and do not seek ideas that might challenge their thinking.

Other people are constantly seeking new ideas, reaching for those seeds but not taking the time to plant the seeds, nurture them, feed them, water them so that they might blossom into the flower of new thought, action or instrument of change. They capture the new seed, play with it for a while and then discard it when they seek the next seed.

Still others are the ‘farmers of ideas.’ They access the frequency level of the Light of Consciousness, pick up a seed of a new idea, then examine the seed, evaluate it, plant it and nurture its growth until the new thought blossoms. But they don’t stop there. They then harvest that blossom and share it with others, not being attached to how it is received but offering it up for consumption and staying curious about what others will do with that new thought.

Are you a ‘farmer of ideas’? Do you seek new concepts, new ideas, new ways of looking at what is going on around you? Are you open to new ways of perceiving the world around you? Are you open to the possibility that things are not as you have always imagined them to be?

It is in staying open to new ideas and to even seeking them that you grow and expand in your awareness. Living a Conscious Life requires that you be constantly accessing the frequency level of the Light of Consciousness and letting the new ideas that you find there inform how you live your life.

If you are a business person, an entrepreneur, a career person, then you are being called to live that work as a Conscious Individual, bringing new ideas to your workplace that come from higher levels of Consciousness. Every relationship that you are experiencing invites you to renew the relationships with higher Consciousness, helping your partner/partners in that relationship to also grow and expand. And in your personal life you must expand yourself, build your understanding of Life by reaching for new understanding, new Consciousness for your personal growth.

No idea exists to simply be in the ‘idea state’ forever. Ideas are meant to be examined, explored, nurtured if they are accepted, and to grow.

Does this mean that every idea is a good one? No. You must be discerning, for there are those who promulgate ideas that are not coming from the highest frequency level of Consciousness. These are not the kind of ‘ideas’ that come from Source and from Light. Rather, these ideas are really ‘ego extensions,’ whether of a single person or a group ideology that desires an expansion of control or influence, not an expansion of higher level Consciousness. Be careful of these sources of ideas.

Examine where your source is. Where did this idea start? Who is interested in passing along this idea? Who benefits when people accept this reality? Does this idea resonate with my highest intentions for the good of all?

Pay attention to your thoughts for they stem from the acceptance of an idea that originated somewhere. Know the source of the ideas that you embrace. Be discerning.

And be the one who reaches into higher frequency levels to bring new ideas into Earthly Consciousness. Be a leader of new thought that advances the personal growth of humans. You will like the energy of this work!

And so it is.

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