Exploring the Field of All Possibilities – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary’s exploration this week is a great lead-in to her Possibilities Playshop scheduled for this Saturday. It is not only the Playshop but the Playbook, the product of the Playshop, that is an amazing tool to help with “exploring the field of all possibilities.” Let me explain:

During Rosemary’s Playshop we play at several activities designed specifically to get us out of our heads, out of the problem space, so we can move into the field of possibilities where solutions lie. And one of the first steps is to clear the way to get there, clear the limiting beliefs that tend to hold us in “tunnel vision.”

Here’s how Rosemary describes the “problem”:

This is the way that we can hold ourselves back from showing our greatness to the world. Tunnel vision is the very block that prevents us from seeing the possibilities that are in front of us because our focus is so narrowed. And we feel as if there is no roadmap out of our situation.

We do this clearing, opening up beyond the tunnel vision, through visualizations. This is necessary to begin to believe that there may actually BE a “roadmap” to the field.

Once we clear the old beliefs, a process to re-vision the problems and re-create a new vision forward, we are then in a great space to create the roadmap. And this is no ordinary roadmap, but one created and guided by our intuition. This is where the “play” begins in earnest.

Briefly, we pull pictures and words from old magazines, images and phrases that appeal to us. We do this fast without much thought about why they appeal. This is somewhat similar to creating vision boards (have you ever done one of those?) but with less intention, suspending the rational left-brain activity and relying on our child-like unconscious minds to direct the play.

Pictures are put in an envelope, words in another; pictures can even be sorted by size and put in different envelopes. Then the “roadmap” or Playbook is created by pulling pictures and words blindly from the envelopes for each of the months going forward. We actually align our calendars with the phases of the moon to bring an even deeper intuitive, feminine connection to the Playbook.

The resulting Playbook is an intuitively created “solution space” to use as a guide for the months/year ahead. The pictures and words can be interpreted as the moon cycles through her phases. I frequently consult my Playbook for a number of reasons, including when I am stuck or catch myself in tunnel vision.

I use my Playbook as a journal to record events. It is always curious to review the pictures and words I chose months ago to see how they inform my current situation. I also record my I Ching Gua that I cast at each new moon; there is always an alignment with the reading and my Playbook entries for that moon!

The point here is not to “sell” you on the power of Rosemary’s Possibilities Playshop event but to suggest there are tools you can use to move easily, even with a lot of fun, from tunnel vision around a problem to a new vision of expanded possibilities where solutions live. Inner work, access to our intuitive powers, even play serves to offer a way forward!

And remember, problems are lessons waiting to be learned in the field of all possibilities!



Problems? Be a Solver! – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary posted her “Exploration” on this subject the night of the New Moon in Cancer. As I do on the New Moons I cast an I Ching Gua – a six-line hexagram consisting of open, yin, and closed, yang lines. I posted my results and my interpretation of this I Ching divination on Monday this week (Link). The initial Gua I obtained was “Hardship” – it appeared that I may be in for some “problems” during the month (I use the I Ching to give me a sense of the incoming energies for the month ahead from New Moon to New Moon).

Here is what Divine Mother Mary channeled through Rosemary had to say about problems and how they might be solved:

When people seek solutions to problems, answers to questions, they do not realize that they are seeking help in making a change in their life. They want something outside themselves to change without changing anything in their interior life, and they want that one thing in their life to change without their having to change anything else in their life.

I am fascinated by this Mary quote because here is what Taoist Master Alfred Huang, quoting early 3rd Century BC philosopher, Mencius, offered to help us understand “Hardship” –

If one loves others and they do not respond in the same way,
one should turn inward and examine one’s own love.
If one treats others politely, and they do not return politeness,
one should turn inward and examine one’s own politeness.
When one does not realize what one desires,
one must turn inward and examine oneself in every point.

The message is clear from both Mother Mary and the I Ching: if you want to solve a problem look inside yourself for the solution. How do you need to change your perspective? What do you need to change to be a solver?

One must seek a solution to a problem by asking this question FIRST: “WHO do I need to BE in order that this problem be solved?” –Mary

Turn inward and examine oneself in every point. –Mencius

And the good news for this month is the “Hardship” doesn’t last! There is volatility in the I Ching and it changes to “Union.” I like that energy much better. It also suits the Cancer energy much better!

Enjoy your month of “Union.” Enjoy your problem solving by questing inside for the changes, the appropriate responses, the new perspectives that lead through the lessons to the positive outcomes you desire and deserve!


ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Looking for Solutions?

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Looking for Solutions?


My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: What’s Your Message?

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MUSE-INGS: Banish the Darkness!

Have things ever looked so bleak that you thought there was no way out of the dark pit you were in?   Were you ever so low that you thought you’d never climb up?

When something happens or circumstances and people and situations seem hopeless we can easily let ourselves focus on nothing but the problems and the darkness that we feel.  It can take a Herculean effort to pull ourselves up out of that pit when the temptation to wallow in the darkness is so great because we just can’t muster the energy it would take to shift.  Or, worse, we don’t even believe that we can make a shift.

Often when we are wrestling with a problem we think that we must continue to focus on that problem, thinking about it, dwelling on it, talking about it, telling the story over and over again.  We begin to frame our life in terms of the problems and we sink more deeply into the darkness.

We can, however, take some action to lift ourselves up out of that darkness.  I’m not talking about sticking our fingers in our ears and saying ‘la-la-la-la-la’ until we can’t hear even our own thoughts, even though at times that can be very tempting.  But we can instead decide not to attach to thoughts of the problems.  If we keep thinking about the problem then we stay in the space where the problem occurs or occurred.  The solutions live elsewhere.  If we attach to the vibration of the darkness brought about by a problem then we cannot see into the Light that illuminates the solution for us.

The first rule here is to realize, ‘I am not my thoughts.’  Say that to yourself right now:  I am not my thoughts.  A corollary to this is: I don’t have to believe everything I think.

Too often we fixate on a thought, especially a thought about a problem, and we find it almost impossible to move our thinking off that point.  But it is never impossible to make that move, although sometimes it feels very difficult.  A slight shift in our thinking helps us to open the darkness a crack and start to see some Light.

Try it the next time you find yourself dwelling on a problem that you face.  Ask yourself what you would rather be thinking about than that problem.  Maybe it’s a person who makes you laugh, or a movie that you saw or a book that you read or music that you enjoy.  Just for a minute, allow yourself to think a different thought.

That’s all it takes to start the shift.  The problem might still be there but you have started the process of opening yourself to finding potential solutions rather than keeping yourself stuck in the problem thoughts.  Then it is possible for you to do the visualization to fill yourself with a colored Light that helps you to shift your vibrational level to a higher one than the level of the problem.  Now you are starting to reach into the dimension where the solutions lie.  Now you can be open to searching for solutions instead of focusing on problems.

We all experience darkness in our lives at times but to banish the darkness we must commit to ourselves that we will seek the Light and avoid attaching to the thoughts that keep us in the darkness.  Make that decision today!


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MUSE-INGS: Take out the Garbage!

In my old computer programmer days [seems like centuries ago!] we used to say, ‘GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out’! Seems that’s what this message is all about. What we input into our internal database is what comes out in our life.

So what are you putting in? When I work with clients who are accepting what others are trying to input it reminds me of the days when someone gave us ‘garbage’ to put in the database on the computer but expected a ‘garden’ to come out of it. That only works if the garbage is fertilizer and you also plant flowers!

Your thoughts are your thoughts. Other people own their thoughts, too. But it’s up to you to decide which thoughts you will accept and store away in your database. Do you believe in your own self-worth or have you let someone else define that for you? For example, we women look at magazines and think that we must measure up [or down!] to what we see. But even those models say they don’t look like that either! Have you had a parent or spouse or friend tell you that being an entrepreneur is not wise because there’s no security in that? Not true!

I’ve had several clients who have heard this in some form or other but today’s job market is not like it was decades ago. No one’s job is secure today. But if you are an entrepreneur you can make your own success, you can adjust your course, you can use the Law of Attraction to your benefit without being impeded by others. YOU have more options than someone who is not on their own.  If you are in a job as an employee, you must still decide who YOU are because your job description does not define you!

And look at your relationships to see if you are allowing others to input their ideas, thoughts, models of the world into your internal database. It’s pretty easy to let that happen. But they are not living your Life Purpose. It is not their responsibility to live out your mission on Planet Earth.

Now look at what you regularly input into your own database. So often we read, digest, listen to ‘stuff’ that does not lift up our own internal vibration. We allow ourselves to be lowered to a frequency that does not resonate with our spirit and we can’t understand why we are feeling ‘down.’ It’s our internal vibratory frequency that is ‘down.’ That’s the clue that we must do something to lift our own vibration.

Remember the Beach Boys’ song, ‘Good Vibrations’? [OK, maybe I’m the only one old enough to remember the Beach Boys!] Our internal mechanisms want us to feel good, to feel those ‘Good Vibrations.’ What are you doing today to feel a higher vibration than the day might bring on its own?

As I write this I have had technical glitches with three client sessions – three! My whole morning. What was that all about? Now my choice is to rail against the Universe or the gods of cyberspace, or I can deal with each issue as it arises and move forward. I chose the latter path.

We are always at choice about how to respond to what happens to us. But our options for those responses come from our own internal database. We must be careful to input only that which we would be happy to bring out as an option, a possible choice for us. This is why it is such a good idea to periodically clear out the database by clearing limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, blocks that we might not even know we have. Often times when I work with clients, this is the most important work we do. The rest of what they are looking for flows from this!

You might also try the ‘nightly review’ where before you go to sleep you review your day, going backwards through the day to decide if, next time, there is a better choice for you to make in a certain situation. This instructs your Unconscious Mind to store the new choice as an option for next time instead of the old one.

Take out the ‘garbage’ every night!


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MUSE-INGS: “The Muse Speaks” by Rosemary Bredeson

‘I do everything the voices in my head tell me to do’ reads the tee shirt.  Or the husband wears the one with ‘I do everything the voices in my wife’s head tell her to tell me to do.’

We joke about hearing a voice so much that we label as insane anyone who says they hear a voice.  But why is that so bad?  Granted, there are some people who are not able to distinguish between their life and a myriad of voices that they hear and they do have a struggle with sanity.  But sane people can be connected with other voices and can learn from the guidance available.

I have a friend who suffered from Meniere’s Disease and had pain and ringing in her ears.  It lasted for 7 years until she agreed that she would channel the guidance coming from a Muse named ‘Rose.’  The disease went away when she started sharing the messages she was receiving.  She is sane and has been very helpful to a lot of people since that day.

My granddaughter used to give people messages from their power animals when she was 5-6 years old.  She was hearing what the animals wanted the person to know that day.  She is now a happy, healthy teenager who wants to be a veterinarian.

I could list a lot of people who have heard voices.  Have you ever felt a voice inside that seems to be saying, ‘Call your friend’?  And when you do, your friend says, ‘I was just thinking about you’?  We’ve all had this experience.

When faced with issues in our lives we often focus on the ‘Woe is me!’ thought instead of asking for and listening to guidance.  And when faced with the proverbial blank page at the start of a creative project, who hasn’t wished they had The Muse standing in the room with them to drop the ideas into their head?

Often when I work with clients, especially in the Mystic Transformation Days where we spend a whole day together delving into developing their roadmap through the next steps for them, the messages come through with new possibilities, new ways to view what is going on, new insights and tools and directions to follow.  In that way, I can act as a Muse, an inspiration, reaching beyond the problems into other dimensions where the solutions dwell.

Anyone who is willing can learn to reach into those solution spaces by allowing their thoughts to drift into ‘What if?’ territory.  Staring at a blank page of paper doesn’t necessarily bring ideas with which to fill the paper, but relaxing one’s vision as one looks at the paper can allow an image to emerge that calls the person to become a scribe for The Muse.

It is said that many geniuses took naps to find solutions to their problems.  This allows the person to get out of their own way and to allow creative ideas to emerge.  Contact your Muse while you sleep.  Incubate the dream of your solution or the germ of your creative idea by simply asking, before you sleep, for your Muse to inspire you [and to help you remember the dream!].

Try living your life this week in the ‘What if?’ mode and see what possibilities your Muse shows you!  And, if you get stuck, I’m happy to be Your Muse!


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