The title of Rosemary’s post of her poem, Butterfly, holds deep meaning in itself. Thanksgiving and Transformation aren’t words that go easily together, but if we give the pair a bit of thought there is more there.

We are now moving well into the last month of 2014. All the turkey trimmings are gone or put away. Is your sense of “thanksgiving” also put away with the November decorations, thrown out with the bones of the bird? Or do you practice gratitude all year long?

Rosemary’s second butterfly in her poem says: “Nothing is static. Nothing stays the same. The only constant is change.” Can we be grateful for every change? Can we look at every change as part of a greater transformation as explained by the third and smallest butterfly? This is the challenge the poem presents. It is the every day, small changes, moment to moment, that generate the transformations of our lives. And gratitude every day, moment to moment for those small changes leads to “thanksgiving transformation.”

Can you hear the vibration that rings between these two words? There is an echo between them, they are “light shadows” – we are thankful and we transform; we transform and we are thankful – every day and in every way. Thanksgiving Transformation is a state of being – continuous gratitude for the continuous state of change we experience. Thanksgiving Transformation is Life!

There is another pairing of words the squirrel of the poem brings to us: Presence and Preparation. These set up another vibration, the echo between being present in the moment, experiencing it fully, and being prepared for the next moment, that moment of change. It’s almost asking that we exist in two states at once; the dynamic about being prepared for tomorrow’s change while being fully present today is the challenge.

butterflyAnd this dynamic, this vibration is present in every breath, every heartbeat. As we inhale we breathe in appreciation, gratitude, thanksgiving for everything, especially the change of our body chemistry with the intake of fresh air. As we exhale we prepare for the next breath, exhausting the stale, used up air and the byproducts of our metabolism.

From the smallest change in our body chemistry, moment to tiny moment, to the great transforming changes in our lives, day-to-day, year-to-year, we are blessed. At the microcosmic level every moment is a miracle. And at cosmic scales, the beauty of the remnants of a supernova, as just one example, pictured here, are mind-boggling! I am in constant thanksgiving for all of it and all the blessings. I may not always be prepared for the coming changes, transformations, but I can truly give thanks for them!

Thanksgiving Transformation. You can’t have one without the other!




CRYSTALS AND YOU – Richard’s Commentary

As I write this we are in Florida visiting friends on our way to a conference in Orlando. The items we brought, combining housewarming (our friends moved here recently) and host gifts, are crystals. In fact our son, who has been collecting crystals since he was two, sent a special quartz crystal he had found in Raleigh, NC, to our “adopted grandson”, aged 6, as a special connection. We are all tapping into the “wisdom of the worlds.”

Here is the paragraph from Rosemary’s channeled message from The Divine Feminine that I most resonate with:

Not all people alive at this time are ready to hear the Wisdom of the Worlds as transmitted by these crystals, and, so, they will deny the value or, indeed, even the idea of crystals as messengers. They will dismiss crystals as ‘new age fads’ or ‘just fancy rocks.’ When you hear this from a person, or if you feel this yourself, know that this attitude comes from a fear of the challenge of personal growth. If you are connecting to these words then, Dear One, you are ready for personal growth through a personal relationship with the Crystal Kingdom.

Many people are awakening to this special and “personal relationship.” We have another friend in the Annapolis area who hosts a crystal grid and sing bowls meditation once each month. These experiences are some of the most powerful meditation experiences I have had recently. And I am pleased and impressed by the number of young people who are attending. Several help with the hundreds of pounds of crystals set up each month. They are clearly ready for the “personal relationship.”

What does this mean exactly? I can’t explain it with rational thought or logical words. These are feelings. There is a vibrational experience and sensibility that works on trans-rational levels. It could be loosely compared to intoxication, but it is a trip of the mind/soul/spirit rather than a chemical trip of the body. And there is a Universe of “information” available on these trips. I am still processing my last experience with the crystals.

Do you have a crystal with which you resonate? If so you can simply sit with it. Hold it in any way that feels comfortable. Let your mind drift. Follow your breath. Then begin to gently tune in to the crystal. This is usually a very subtle process; a sensitive attunement with the energy radiating from the crystal. It is a delicate “listening” experience…listen with your entire person, especially inside. Tune out the five senses and “listen” with your heart. After a little while set the crystal aside and record what you experienced.

If you need to find a crystal to discover a “personal relationship” you can simply locate a “rock shop” in your area; you can find very inexpensive and yet powerful crystals almost anywhere these days (the Crystal Kingdom is seeking these relationships). Go into the shop in this “listening” mode described above. First sense the overall feeling of the shop. If it feels dead, low energy, or if you sense any negativity from the shopkeeper, choose another shop. But in my experience it is rare for a shop with crystals to have negative energy. To find “your” crystal simple scan the collection in the sensitive mode, listening with your heart. The crystal will call out to you!

Of course, if none of this makes any sense to you, you may not be ready for this “personal relationship.” And that’s OK too! We are all growing and developing at our individual rates. Remain in flow and patient!

For all of us, in all stages of development, the Crystal Kingdom is blessing us with their energy and messages!


EXPLORATION: Are You the Rose or the Thorn?

Today’s Exploration is a Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine.  Enjoy!

“Dear Ones,

Roses are among the most beautiful flowers on Planet Earth and, yet, roses have thorns on them.  The thorns on the rose stem are not there as punishment but as protection for the beauty and fragrance of the flower.

You are like the rose flower – beautiful to see and enticing with attracting essence of you like the fragrance of attar of roses.  The thorns on your stem are the protective barriers that you have erected to prevent anyone from getting too close to your essence.  The outward beauty attracts but the inner is hidden and protected.

This very human way of being in the world has led many to forget about their own inner beauty.  They have become so used to the thorns that they hold themselves aloof and separate from the essence of others and even from their own.

THIS is the main problem on Earth in the 21st Century – a forgetting, an amnesia of the essence of humanity.

Many see only the prickly thorns of others and focus on the façade that others have erected as protection.  Most have even fooled themselves by their own protective stances into believing that they are what they project to the world.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

You, Dear One, are as beautiful as the most beautiful rose.  Your essence is as attractive as attar of roses, which has a very high vibratory frequency.  No one can take away or diminish your essence, your inner vibration.  However, YOU can choose to lower your vibration, to appear to the world as someone you are not.

For you, Dear One, are the Light of the World.  You hold a high vibration of Light Essence in you that only you can choose to show to the world.

Are you willing to expose yourself to the world as you truly are at your core?  Or will you choose to continue to hide behind the façade that you have created to fit the model of the world that you want to believe is real?

The light within you is REAL.  The world around you is the collective agreement of all of the facades that people have erected to project an image of an imagined reality.

Break FREE of this projection!

Be the REAL YOU in the world!

Allow others to choose whether or not they will stay behind their façade, but choose to reveal the Inner Light of YOU.

Be the Rose that you are and shed the thorns.  The time is NOW.

And So It Is.”

Rosemary adds:

Remember that you are the Light of the World.  It’s time for each of us to step up to our Soul Commitment and be the person we were born to be.  We all survived the big Shift of 2012 and we can no longer hide our light from each other.  Have you done the work to connect with the Inner You?  Are you confident that you are manifesting your Inner Light to the world?

What are you waiting for?  We’re all waiting for YOU to SHINE!!!

And we love you for letting us share in your Light.  As each of us shines we invite all others to do the same.  Think how great a world we can create when we are all shining as brightly as we can.  Wow!!!

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ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Vibrational Frequencies & You

My video for the week: Vibrational Frequencies & You

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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Rethinking Money

Dear Ones,

The heart of the matter is not money, but, for many, money becomes the essence – of relationships, of business, of families, of friendships. We would tell you that money does not have the right vibration to be held as the essence of anything.

Money exists in human societies because people created a way to exchange things of value as they learned to trade what they had for something else that they needed. The value of one person’s goods was agreed upon and the value of the other person’s goods was required to be of equal or greater value before the trade was allowed to proceed. At some point people decided that it was simpler to agree upon the value of something tangible that was then traded because the common agreement to value was less open to misunderstanding. And, thus, money, or an exchange medium, was created.

Dear Ones, the energy of money has shifted over time to become something which many people see as more important than it is. Having money gives some people a sense that they are more important than those who do not have as much money. Feeling a sense of lack of money makes others feel that they are less worthy or important because they do not have the money they wish they had. Neither perspective is valid.

Are you struggling with money in your life today? Do you worry about money even though you have enough for the moment? Are you projecting your thoughts to a time in the future when you predict there may not be enough money for your desires to be fulfilled? And do you look at your relationships with others with money in mind?

We would ask you to rethink your relationship to money. Raise your consciousness to the level of your spiritual life and allow money to be put into its proper perspective, as a medium of exchange between people or entities who have agreed on its value. Money, having it or not having it, does not define who you are in your essence. Please do not allow it to become the standard by which you measure yourself or anyone else.

You have within you the Light of Your Unique Greatness. This is WHO you are. The vibration of this Light is a very high vibration and it has nothing to do with money. Your having or not having money does not change the brightness of this Light. You ARE the Light and the Light is YOU. Your very essence is Light. You were born to share this Light with others on Planet Earth at this time.

For some of you, there are monetary exchanges in which you are engaged that allow you to share your Light with others and to have them give you money in exchange for the value they have received. For others, you share your Light and you exchange money for other services or products. But always your role as a human being on 21st Century Earth is to share your Light.

What you need does not come from money. The Universe provides for your needs. The methods, the how of the delivery, might not look as you wish they did, but you are taken care of and your lessons are presented to you. Money is merely an exchange medium for participating in some transactions on Earth.

There will come a time when your societies will no longer use money to exchange products and services. People will revert to the times when the common good directed the exchanges and all contributed what they could to the operation of a society. People will be valued for their contributions to the common needs rather than for their net worth. Societies will combine resources so that all might exist and focus on higher vibration thoughts and activities. Money will lose its mystique and will, again, be relegated to a role of exchange medium, not god.

Live your life as if this time has already arrived. How can you serve others? How can you state your worth in your own mind so that monetary exchanges reflect your self-worth but do not define it. Put money into its proper place in your thoughts and your life will be more relaxed.

The result just might be that all the money you need flows to you when you need it because you have not created a logjam of thoughts about lack. You deserve to live the conscious life within the highest vibration possible.

And so it is.

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MUSE-INGS: Take out the Garbage!

In my old computer programmer days [seems like centuries ago!] we used to say, ‘GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out’! Seems that’s what this message is all about. What we input into our internal database is what comes out in our life.

So what are you putting in? When I work with clients who are accepting what others are trying to input it reminds me of the days when someone gave us ‘garbage’ to put in the database on the computer but expected a ‘garden’ to come out of it. That only works if the garbage is fertilizer and you also plant flowers!

Your thoughts are your thoughts. Other people own their thoughts, too. But it’s up to you to decide which thoughts you will accept and store away in your database. Do you believe in your own self-worth or have you let someone else define that for you? For example, we women look at magazines and think that we must measure up [or down!] to what we see. But even those models say they don’t look like that either! Have you had a parent or spouse or friend tell you that being an entrepreneur is not wise because there’s no security in that? Not true!

I’ve had several clients who have heard this in some form or other but today’s job market is not like it was decades ago. No one’s job is secure today. But if you are an entrepreneur you can make your own success, you can adjust your course, you can use the Law of Attraction to your benefit without being impeded by others. YOU have more options than someone who is not on their own.  If you are in a job as an employee, you must still decide who YOU are because your job description does not define you!

And look at your relationships to see if you are allowing others to input their ideas, thoughts, models of the world into your internal database. It’s pretty easy to let that happen. But they are not living your Life Purpose. It is not their responsibility to live out your mission on Planet Earth.

Now look at what you regularly input into your own database. So often we read, digest, listen to ‘stuff’ that does not lift up our own internal vibration. We allow ourselves to be lowered to a frequency that does not resonate with our spirit and we can’t understand why we are feeling ‘down.’ It’s our internal vibratory frequency that is ‘down.’ That’s the clue that we must do something to lift our own vibration.

Remember the Beach Boys’ song, ‘Good Vibrations’? [OK, maybe I’m the only one old enough to remember the Beach Boys!] Our internal mechanisms want us to feel good, to feel those ‘Good Vibrations.’ What are you doing today to feel a higher vibration than the day might bring on its own?

As I write this I have had technical glitches with three client sessions – three! My whole morning. What was that all about? Now my choice is to rail against the Universe or the gods of cyberspace, or I can deal with each issue as it arises and move forward. I chose the latter path.

We are always at choice about how to respond to what happens to us. But our options for those responses come from our own internal database. We must be careful to input only that which we would be happy to bring out as an option, a possible choice for us. This is why it is such a good idea to periodically clear out the database by clearing limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, blocks that we might not even know we have. Often times when I work with clients, this is the most important work we do. The rest of what they are looking for flows from this!

You might also try the ‘nightly review’ where before you go to sleep you review your day, going backwards through the day to decide if, next time, there is a better choice for you to make in a certain situation. This instructs your Unconscious Mind to store the new choice as an option for next time instead of the old one.

Take out the ‘garbage’ every night!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Find that place of peace within!

Dear Ones,

When there is strife in a culture then people lose their way to the Light.  Dealing with friction takes so much energy from a population that many forget how to be at peace within themselves.  We hope you learn that finding a place of peace within your inner being is the only way to reduce strife and friction in the world around you.

When is the last time that you felt fully at peace?  Do you remember how to arrive at that place whenever you wish?  If you do not know how to find a place of peace within you then you must first practice conscious breathing.  Start by deciding to breathe deeply.  Yes, it is the decision that starts the process.  Once you have made this decision you must focus all your attention on your breath.  Follow the in-breath down into the depths of your body.  Allow the out-breath to take with it any tension from your body.  Begin this process with a focus on relaxing your body before you try to still the mind and relax your mental processes, for it is by following your breath that you will reach a point where your thoughts can begin to release and ease.

After you have relaxed into your breathing you can create a visualization to help you find a place of inner peace.  If you do not usually see pictures when you do a process like visualization, you might try to create a feeling or a sound or some kind of sensory experience of a place that feels peaceful within you.  Once you have created a place to go to in your mind where you feel totally at peace, then you can return here whenever you are caught up in the feelings of friction that might surround you.

Sometimes it is just by knowing that you have an alternative to the world around you, even if it is created in your imagination, that can give you confidence in your ability to withstand the energies that bombard you each day.  For you must understand that you ARE being bombarded by all sorts of energies every day.  We are not speaking here just of the energies in the airwaves around you, although there can be ill effects to some sensitives from the electromagnetic energies that permeate the atmosphere.  We are also saying that each individual that you encounter in a given day is giving off an energy or energies, some of which are not in consonance with your vibrational level. When you are living a Conscious Life, you must become aware of your energy situation at all times.

Being conscious of your energy situation requires that you understand that everything is energy – your body, your chair, your computer, your thoughts.  Everything you touch in a day has an energy and you leave your imprint on that item as it leaves an energy imprint on you.  Every person with whom you come into contact is also creating/receiving an energy imprint in that interaction.  Adding this to the thoughts that you generate in a day shows how much energy is actually being inserted into your personal space.  When you listen to disturbing news or have a painful interaction with another person, or when you have a delightful exchange with someone you love, you are shifting your energy signature in the world to reflect that interaction.  Become conscious of this energy situation so that you can learn to clear your own energy and disconnect from someone else’s.  In this way you can avoid becoming a part of the strife or friction around you.

Learn techniques to help you with this.  If you need help, work with someone who understands these energy situations.   Go often to the place inside you where you can feel peace so that you can radiate that energy around you.

And remember to breathe!

And so it is.


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