The theme of the week, after a successful Possibilities Playshop I held last Saturday, is to tap into your dreams, your visions. This is a way to tap into your Inner Guidance. Here is a video from a couple of years ago that addresses the importance of trusting our inner guidance. Enjoy this replay!

Rosemary’s 2 Minute Video: Your Inner Guidance



MUSE-INGS: Bring Your Dreams into Your Now

So much of what we are surrounded by these days seems to draw our attention to what we lack and what we ‘need’ to fill that space of lack. Just watch commercial television for a few minutes and you will be convinced that you ‘need’ that beer to attract the sexy girls, that drug to feel happier, those clothes to feel good about yourself, that cell phone to be ‘cool’ and the list goes on and on.

And then there is the fear-mongering that leads us to be fearful of everything including being ‘not enough.’ We are also told to fear foreclosure, terrorism, the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, the loss of beauty, etc. How are we supposed to overcome this constant bombardment that tells us to focus on lack?

First, avoid those commercials! We rarely watch commercial TV but saw a lot of commercials during the American football playoff games. In another week we’ll be watching the Super Bowl with its extremely high-priced commercials telling us what we lack. [ I actually love the commercials that are done especially for the Super Bowl as they often tell stories and are very creative, but they do want us to feel that we’re not good enough unless we buy their product.] News broadcasts also seem to want us to focus on the stories with the most sensational happenings which lead us into a focus on what we don’t want. Maybe we should also stay away from the news. [I do.]

So what do you focus on instead? Focus on how you feel, what you do have in your life, and keep yourself in the space of gratitude and action based on living in the present moment. And BE who you were born to be so that you can fulfill your Life Purpose in this lifetime. When you know your WHY and you commit to being who you are, you have a lens through which to view your life that brings into focus the values that lift you up and that help you to choose what you will do in every moment.

Think about your purpose. Do you know your ‘why’? If you’re not sure, then make an effort to identify why you are living this life. Conscious Living is a choice based on a commitment to be awake and aware in every moment and to move toward greater consciousness and personal growth. Knowing your Life Purpose is an important part of Conscious Living.

What are your dreams? Your visions? The Mystic Message is not about giving up your dreams, but about holding them as visions that are with you in the present moment. This is why affirmations are written in present tense rather than in the future. Hold onto your visions as manifested in this blossoming present moment. Your dreams are your dreams NOW and if you focus on the dream as present in a ‘becoming reality’ sense then you are attaching the energy of presence to the dream rather than the energy of lack of the unmaterialized dream living in a nebulous future. Hold that dream in your own space so that it is not ‘the stick’s length’ away from you, which is where it will stay just like the carrot.

Be who you are. Commit to living your Life Purpose. Hold your dreams in the present moment. All of your energy can be focused on now and so can your joy.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Dream the Fulfillment of Your Life Purpose!

Dear Ones,

What kind of planner are you? Do you write out specific goals and work doggedly to achieve them? Or do you have an idea and then ‘go with the flow’ to see where you end up? Do you share your goals and dreams with others or do you hold them as secrets inside yourself? What are your visions for yourself, your life?

Many people spend a lot of time lamenting what they have or don’t have in their lives when, if they spent the same energy thinking about what they want to have they could actually be moving in the direction of manifesting that in their life. This is the only useful aspect to developing dreams, visions and goals for any aspect of your life.

If you wish to lose weight, for example, yet spend all of your time thinking about how you don’t weigh the amount you wish you weighed, then you will always be striving for something that is distant from you. If you wish you had more money in your bank account you will be energizing the amount that is there [or not there] without energizing manifesting energy for what you want to have there. If you are constantly talking about wishing you had a relationship/job/business/friend//car/whatever that is not in your life at the moment then you are energizing the lack thereof.

Some people do not have dreams and visions for themselves. Or, if they do, they are nebulous and far away. We wish you to change that for yourself.

But don’t write down goals and then beat yourself up if you do not achieve those goals. Dreams and visions and goals should be constantly reassessed as new information and circumstances arise. The first step is to create the dreams and visions and goals that are in alignment with your Life Purpose.

Do you know your Life Purpose? Do you have a plan for achieving this? Have you examined the dreams you have for your life to check their alignment with your Life Purpose? This is the work of the world today.

Many are focused simply on what they are lacking: money, food, a home, a job. And there are many who are existing without these things. What if your Life Purpose were to make a lot of money so that you could support those who are needing help? Others need an education so that they can be self-sufficient but they do not have access to the education they believe they need. Are you an educator?

Sometimes dreams can intersect. For example, if you are one who dreams of owning a business and someone else who has a dream of selling their business, there could be a match up of dreams that would benefit both parties. But if you are constantly energizing the lack of the business you wish to own, and/or they are constantly energizing the lack of a buyer for their business, you could both miss an opportunity to realize a dream.

Do you see how this works? Create the dream, the vision for yourself and your life. Energize that dream by joining with it emotionally and mentally. Believe that that dream is realized somewhere in the Universe and you are getting closer to arriving at that dream. Welcome the dream. Be grateful for the manifestation of that dream. Feel what it feels like to be in perfect alignment with a dream you can realize. Stay in gratitude and see the dream as present in your own reality within the Universe.

And believe that all the resources that you need to realize that dream, like the person who wishes to help you achieve your dream while they achieve theirs, are actually present right now, ready for you to accept those resources and enjoy the dream.

Dream yourself into your success TODAY!!!

And so it is.


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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Feeling Stuck in the Darkness?

Dear Ones,

We wish to speak to you today of reaching into your heart to find the Light Within.

There is too much darkness in the world today and the dark thoughts of economic issues, wars, division, uprisings and fear of the future are fueling the growth of this darkness.  There must be a shift to thoughts of Light.  Each individual is personally responsible for bringing about this shift — first, within the self and then into the outer world.

Many people do not have any idea about how to create the shift from darkness to Light so those that do know how to do this must become teachers for the others.  The best way to teach this is to model this in your own Life.

Do you catch yourself grabbing onto and holding thoughts of doom and gloom or darkness and fear?  Do you find it difficult to make the shift to thoughts of hope and optimism and dreams and visions of Light?

Here is a technique to use when you find yourself stuck in ‘dark thinking.’

First, become clear that the darkness is in your mind because you have attached meaning to a thought or belief that has a low vibration to it.  Your mind has become fixated on that thought and has generated darkness at that low vibration in all your cells for the mind exists in every cell of your body.  Then you must give yourself another thought of a higher vibration — of Light, positive energy, Love.

Now we realize that when things seem to be at their darkest it might seem too difficult to find a thought of a higher vibration.  This is why you must first understand that the darkness is the RESULT of your attaching yourself to a low-vibration thought, idea or feeling.  The thoughts, ideas and feelings might arise of their own accord or be planted in your consciousness by outside forces (such as the media or negative-thinking people).  But you have the power to decide whether you will attach yourself to these low vibrations or you will find a higher vibration to which you can lift yourself.

When you decide to lift your vibration, you can use visualization to imagine that you are washed in a higher vibration Light that permeates your cells and that does, indeed, lift your vibrational frequency.  For some, the use of a golden-colored Light works best.  Others use their intuition to choose the color that they need in the moment and visualize that color flowing into and through them to lift their vibration.

There is a new energy center developing in conscious human beings between the heart center and the throat center.  This is the Heart-Mind Center and its color is a beautiful clear blue-green like the tropical seas.  Visualize this color throughout your body so that you can use your Heart-Mind to shift into a new way of thinking, a new consciousness.

This is the vibration of the changes in consciousness with the 2012 shift.  Claim this for yourself by bringing your personal vibrational level up to the frequency of this blue-green.

Feel how good the Light of Hope, Peace, Joy feels as it banishes the darkness.

And so it is.


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