MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Your Power is in this NOW!

Dear Ones,

Open your heart to your old self. Forgive all that has gone before this moment in your life. Allow your life to be the unfolding moment in which you find yourself now, right now, in whatever may be your circumstance, your location, your relationships. NOW is the most precious gift you can give yourself.

If your heart is heavy because of things in the past you are taking energy away from the NOW. If you are worried about things that might happen in the future you are taking away energy from the NOW. If you are angry or hurt or upset about something that someone else has done in the past or that you did or did not do, then you are giving away your power in the NOW to a time that cannot truly hold a claim on this moment. If you are anticipating something that has not materialized yet you are giving away your power from this moment NOW.

Stop and breathe in the present moment. Allow all of your consciousness to flow into this moment NOW. Open your heart to the YOU in the NOW. No matter where you are sitting or standing or walking, no matter who the people are who surround you or whether you are alone, no matter what the other events and circumstances of your day might be – PAUSE, BREATHE, and LOVE YOURSELF JUST AS YOU ARE IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT.

All of your power exists within you NOW. All decisions that must be made are existing within you with all of the wisdom that you can access NOW. All of your relationships depend on the consciousness that you hold about yourself NOW.

Your Soul knows your Purpose and your Heart knows your Path. Together you have all that you need to have to exist fully in and through this moment NOW.

Think about that statement. You have all that you need to exist fully in and through this moment NOW. BREATHE. All wisdom is within you. All that you need for NOW is here in this moment with you. Hold that thought and love yourself.

Too often it is easier to focus attention on something in the past or something that might or might not appear in the future, when the true gift you give yourself is to be fully present in the moment NOW. Take the breath that connects you to the NOW in which you find yourself. Breathing the air of Mother Earth connects and grounds you in the moment that made you a human being – your first breath of Mother Earth’s atmosphere, when you were no longer a part of your biological mother but became a human being on the surface of your Mother Earth.

Being fully human means that you stay connected to Mother Earth through breathing her atmosphere, her vital air, into your body and connecting yourself to your life on the Earth plane. Bring your consciousness into this moment to take full advantage of all that exists in the NOW for you. Expand your awareness around you to absorb all that surrounds you. Revel in the gift of the NOW.

Love yourself in the NOW. Forget and forgive yourself in the past. Allow the future to unfold as it will, as a carpet of new NOWs ready to welcome you into their gifts.

Your power is yours right NOW!

And so it is.

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