MUSE-INGS: Every NOW is a Powerful Place for You to Be!!!

Your true power comes from within you but too often we look outside for approval in order to feel our power. And we also find ourselves giving away our power to others – other people, other circumstances, other times.

Say this with me now – “I claim ALL of my power NOW!”

Some of you might be laughing or doubting or, sadly, crying. But I want you to feel your own power right now in this present moment.

You might think that you aren’t feeling very powerful, but that could be because your definition of ‘power’ is linked to the old model of ‘power over another.’ That is no longer what ‘power’ means! Your inner power has nothing to do with other people or circumstances or times. Your inner power derives from YOU being YOU! And the best way to access that inner power is to bring all your awareness, your consciousness, into the present moment so that you have all your energy available to you in the NOW.

Sometimes I wonder why this is not as easy as it sounds. But I realize that our minds are such fantastic computers, always calculating what might happen and what we’ve learned from what has happened, that it takes a special effort to bring our conscious thoughts into the present moment.

The gift of a great mind is the ability to transcend time. And the gift of a great consciousness is to be able to access fully this present moment in time.

Imagine that you can bring all your awareness into this moment NOW and to fully focus in the NOW in which you are existing. This is powerful stuff!

In classes, I sometimes ask for a volunteer to stand with me and concentrate fully on some problem they are having outside the class and really use their mind to focus on that problem. I can touch them with my finger and push them off balance! [I never let them fall, of course!] Then I ask them to bring their attention fully to their power center, the Third Chakra, the Dan Tien, that energy center that is the seat of your personal energy in your body. Holding attention here, focusing fully on the body’s power center, located a few inches below the navel, gives such stability and power that no matter how hard I push I cannot get the volunteer to move. It’s a dramatic demonstration of bring your consciousness into the present moment so that you can access all of your power!

Try this exercise yourself and see how it feels to bring your attention to your power center and to focus your attention in the NOW. Breathe. Then move into your next activity. Come from your own inner power. Move through your day taking time to focus in the NOW.

And if you need practice, try meditation. Sometimes people have a lot of trouble with meditation and I hear complaints that they can’t still their minds enough. I believe that meditation can be practiced without having to fight your mind’s tendency to think. Allow yourself to practice being fully present to this moment NOW and don’t worry about the thoughts that come. Also, don’t attach to those thoughts and feel you must ‘think them through.’ Allow them to drift by like the clouds in the sky and bring your attention back to the NOW.

NOW is all we have. Enjoy this NOW and let go of the past and the future. Happy NOW!

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