MUSE-INGS: Bring Your Dreams into Your Now

So much of what we are surrounded by these days seems to draw our attention to what we lack and what we ‘need’ to fill that space of lack. Just watch commercial television for a few minutes and you will be convinced that you ‘need’ that beer to attract the sexy girls, that drug to feel happier, those clothes to feel good about yourself, that cell phone to be ‘cool’ and the list goes on and on.

And then there is the fear-mongering that leads us to be fearful of everything including being ‘not enough.’ We are also told to fear foreclosure, terrorism, the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, the loss of beauty, etc. How are we supposed to overcome this constant bombardment that tells us to focus on lack?

First, avoid those commercials! We rarely watch commercial TV but saw a lot of commercials during the American football playoff games. In another week we’ll be watching the Super Bowl with its extremely high-priced commercials telling us what we lack. [ I actually love the commercials that are done especially for the Super Bowl as they often tell stories and are very creative, but they do want us to feel that we’re not good enough unless we buy their product.] News broadcasts also seem to want us to focus on the stories with the most sensational happenings which lead us into a focus on what we don’t want. Maybe we should also stay away from the news. [I do.]

So what do you focus on instead? Focus on how you feel, what you do have in your life, and keep yourself in the space of gratitude and action based on living in the present moment. And BE who you were born to be so that you can fulfill your Life Purpose in this lifetime. When you know your WHY and you commit to being who you are, you have a lens through which to view your life that brings into focus the values that lift you up and that help you to choose what you will do in every moment.

Think about your purpose. Do you know your ‘why’? If you’re not sure, then make an effort to identify why you are living this life. Conscious Living is a choice based on a commitment to be awake and aware in every moment and to move toward greater consciousness and personal growth. Knowing your Life Purpose is an important part of Conscious Living.

What are your dreams? Your visions? The Mystic Message is not about giving up your dreams, but about holding them as visions that are with you in the present moment. This is why affirmations are written in present tense rather than in the future. Hold onto your visions as manifested in this blossoming present moment. Your dreams are your dreams NOW and if you focus on the dream as present in a ‘becoming reality’ sense then you are attaching the energy of presence to the dream rather than the energy of lack of the unmaterialized dream living in a nebulous future. Hold that dream in your own space so that it is not ‘the stick’s length’ away from you, which is where it will stay just like the carrot.

Be who you are. Commit to living your Life Purpose. Hold your dreams in the present moment. All of your energy can be focused on now and so can your joy.

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