Muse-ings: Change your thoughts and your world will change.

One concept that has really helped me is to use the analogy of paddling a canoe upstream versus allowing it to float along downstream being carried by the current of the river. How often do you feel as if you are paddling as hard as you can and yet getting nowhere? How hard do you paddle to keep bucking the tide and move upstream?

The real jailer here is the thinking that we do to arrive at impasses keeping us paddling upstream. What belief do you have in a given moment that keeps you struggling when, if you simply change that belief you could relax and float downstream with the current? Determining what this belief is and then doing something about changing that belief can bring a huge relief to you.

Working with beliefs and restrictive thinking I have seen many people turn around their lives just by deciding to believe something different about their situation. Sometimes it is a simple thought and sometimes it is a complex block, but once it is identified and cleared a person really can relax more.

Why is this so important? Because personal growth work is the most important work that you can do at this time. EVERYTHING in your life has the potential to improve if you are engaging in deep personal growth work – your business/career, your relationships, your life. Everything. This is why coaching is so important at this time as we navigate our way through complexities of personal growth work. But nothing is as rewarding as this work.

Many people don’t realize that doing their inner work is the best way to parent their children, but working on yourself allows your kids to be in a process of growth themselves, rather than thinking that, at some point, they will arrive at adulthood and no longer need to learn and to grow. Of course, engaging in improving yourself allows all your relationships to improve, especially your primary partnership. And no one in business or a career with a corporate entity can grow their business or build their career without doing a great deal of personal growth work. No matter what your situation is, doing the work to develop yourself and to maximize your personal growth will pay off in big ways in your work success.

Entrepreneurs know that, while they might love their business, setting off on this path is not all a bed of rose petals – some times there are thorns thrown in there! The path to success for the entrepreneur is through the doorway of personal growth. The entrepreneur who works on his/her own inner work paves the way for the business to grow without the restraints of one’s own limiting beliefs and negative thinking.

It’s easy to get started along this path of personal growth. It is usually preferable to have a guide, mentor, counselor or coach to help you along the way. Sometimes it just takes a nudge from a person who has a slightly different perspective to get us moving in the most important direction. The first session with a trusted adviser can get us started on the right track to really blossom.

If you are a person who doesn’t resonate with the notion of ‘vibratory frequencies’ then understand that, as we are all energy, we have our own personal ‘hum’ that is the frequency of YOU. I have a friend who is blind and she can sense who you are from the energy she feels when you approach her. And haven’t we all encountered so-called ‘energy vampires’ who suck the very energy out of us by their negativity or disconcerting energy frequencies?

Pay attention to energy this week. How do you feel? Are you feeling comfortable and compatible with your surroundings – at home, at work, in the mall or grocery store, around other people? Just notice. And notice, too, how you feel when you get back home to your ‘sanctuary.’ If you feel a difference, then examine where your energy feels the highest and do what it takes so that you can spend more time there.

Energy can be an interesting topic to explore but you know what you feel. Maybe you can do a bit of journaling about the energies you encounter this week. And record the times you had to step away from a person, a place or a thing. You’ll see lots of good information about yourself in this journal!


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One Response to “Muse-ings: Change your thoughts and your world will change.”

  1. foresightyourctpsychic Says:

    Hi Rosemary

    Interesting article. The one exception I can see to this premise is that sometimes, when you’re trying to make a change in your life, it may feel like you’re paddling upstream for awhile while you build that new belief or way of doing things.

    And once you’ve integrated that belief or action, you start to go with the flow again 🙂


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