MUSE-INGS: Shine the Light of the Real You

I have the privilege of working with the best clients in the world. They are each an amazing shining light, a beacon of hope and love to others. And yet I spend a lot of coaching time helping them to own their own brilliance, to ramp up that inner light and to show their inner splendor to the world. This is the essence of the coaching work that I do.

And I see how much energy there is in the world that is trying to hold people back from their own greatness! It is sad and frustrating and anger-provoking when I hear/see this happening. So what is going on?

We’re told by our educational systems that we must toe the line, behave as we’re told to, be good little soldiers and follow orders. We study as we’re directed and we regurgitate the information that we have memorized. Then we go out into the world and get a job where our role is to make the boss look good. Occasionally someone turns to us and lets us shine our light, but just a little, not enough to out-shine anyone above us in the chain.

Entrepreneurs create a business to reach out to others, to make money and, we hope, to shine their light into the world. But do they really understand the role they can play in the overall story that is unfolding?

Our granddaughter is doing an assignment for her English class which is studying Romeo and Juliet. She has to create a mask that displays various aspects of herself – symbols of who she is, what she likes, what she enjoys doing, how she sees herself, something she doesn’t particular like. It’s been fascinating watching her do the self-examination required to create this mask and to hear the reasons behind the symbols that she has chosen. I applaud the teacher of high school freshmen who has given them this assignment. Makayla is creating, quite consciously, a representation of her persona as she sees herself today, and it is beautiful.

Ask yourself who you really are. What symbols would you use to display yourself to the world? And what are the masks that you wear to hide the real you from the rest of us? Are you playing small because you don’t want to out-shine those you perceive as ‘above’ you? Are you trying to shine your light and feeling as if there is always someone with a bucket of water waiting to put out your candle?

The changes that are happening around us are calling us each to determine and to live the life purpose, the soul purpose, for which we incarnated at this time. We chose to be here to take part in the changes that are occurring. We signed up to be agents of change and carriers of the Light while the winds of change are blowing across this planet. But we must grow in our own consciousness if we are to hold the hands of others and to help them to grow as well.

The way to accomplish this is to be who you are, the very Being of Light who lives inside you, who chose this time and this body and these circumstances in which to shine that light out into the world.

Watch the people around you who are struggling with circumstances and listening to the words of an energy I call ‘the contraction of consciousness.’ People forget themselves in this miasma of fear and constriction and horror. They lose touch with their own inner light and they blindly follow someone who feeds their fear to the point where they cannot see their own power to change. They give away their power to someone who will take care of the perceived enemy. This is not expanding consciousness. It constricts the person into a pinpoint of fear until they cannot see beyond that point, cannot expand their awareness to the greater picture, and they become brittle and break.

Be the person who lives in expanded awareness of the bigger picture. Know that you are a Being of Light who is having this Earth experience so that you can grow in consciousness and contribute to the growth of human evolution. Be who you are. That is all that is asked of you and that can be a tall order.

Be the Light.

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