MUSE-INGS: But What IS My Life Purpose?

More and more I hear that people would love to be fulfilling their Life Purpose but they don’t know what it is. Some people feel they know what to DO but they aren’t sure who to BE. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who have created successful businesses but don’t feel fulfilled by that success. What to do?

Understanding that you have a Life Purpose is the first step. And in our culture we can be duped into believing that our Life Purpose is to make as much money as we can. Since money is merely an energy exchange between 2 parties determining the value of the money based on the value of the exchange, I cannot see that making money is truly anyone’s Life Purpose. That is not to say that in fulfilling one’s Purpose one cannot make a lot of money but the money is the result, not the goal.

Others define ‘success’ as status or security or safety or, often, freedom from financial stress. What if we worked to redefine this word? What if we take this Mystic Message about Light and Love and Life Purpose and find a way to define success based on those concepts? Let’s try.

I believe that success in Life depends on growing the amount of Light and Love that surrounds one in Life. If you have people around you, family or friends or neighbors or colleagues, near or far, whose lives have been enhanced by your connection to them, then you have been growing Light. If you give Love freely, without asking for anything in return, then you have increased the Love in your own world and in the lives of others. This is success. It has nothing to do with the amount of money you have in the bank. It does not depend on your income this year or this month or in any given week. True success is not about money.

What I see is that people who learn their Life Purpose as identified in their unique handprints, or through other intuitive means, feel a great sense of relief because it defines the call that their inner spirit has been trying to respond to but has not had a clear path for that response. Sometimes it just feels as if something is missing even if that missing thing hasn’t been identified yet. There is a yearning, a soul longing for something that’s not here.

Each of us is a being of Light, brought to Earth for a purpose. Each of us was loved into existence, requested by the rest of the Universe so that we could fulfill a purpose that supports and is supported by all of existence. This is a profound trust that has been placed in us. To live up to this we must learn to access the Light within, connect with Love Energy, share that Love and Light by fulfilling our Life Purpose.

How do you connect to Love and Light? Do you meditate? Do you find it through you connections with other people? Do you experience Love and Light by connecting with Nature?

Play this week with the idea of connecting to Love and Light in new ways. Look each day for a way to connect. Once you have made that connection see how you can share Love and Light with the world around you. People crave this and many do not know how to access Love and Light for themselves. Be the beacon for them. Just shine Light and Love through your smile. Talk from that vibration. Spend this week eschewing negative talk or talk of darkness and keep yourself in the Love and Light Energy level.

And learn your Life Purpose. Meditate on this. Ask for guidance. As one client said this week, “I feel relief that this is my Life Purpose!” You will be guided by that Life Purpose once you have determined it so it will make future decision making easier.

Take your Light out there. Be Love in the world. Live your Life Purpose. You will feel fulfilled.


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