MUSE-INGS: Be the Force of Positive Energy

I just read about more concerns stemming from the Fukushima reactor disaster in Japan over a year ago. It makes you wonder what might be future impacts of this release of radioactivity into Earth’s atmosphere over time. That one plant could potentially impact all of life on Earth.

I’m not making any dire predictions here but it does make you think about ‘The Butterfly Effect.’ The flap of the wings of a butterfly can set up a situation that impacts a place thousands of miles away.

But I’m also reminded that the energy of a town can positively impact the crime rate in that town. Remember that experiments have been done in many cities where a number of people equal to 1% of the population of that city can lower the crime rate of that city by simply meditating together. That’s an impact of positivity.

Stirring up negative energy can have the opposite impact, can’t it? Have you ever experienced ‘mob mentality’? I have. And it can be pretty ugly. I was at a football game in high school during the race riots in DC in the 1960s. The energy becomes as electric as in a thunderstorm. It’s pretty scary to be escorted out of a stadium under police protection while fearing physical harm.

So why don’t more of us engage in the uplifting of Earth’s energy and send that around the globe?

Let’s try it. Remember that there is an energy grid around the planet in addition to the magnetic field. This energy grid is like a netting that stretches around the Earth. We can send Light Energy, positivity, into this grid and boost it’s energy around the planet.

Try taking the time to do this when you learn of something going on anywhere on Earth. The next time you hear a report about a natural disaster, visualize some Light going into this grid that makes it available to Mother Earth’s Light Workers to do their healing work. When you hear about anger or fear or famine or earthquake, take a moment to send some positive, healing energy into that grid.

This kind of work does not require you to travel or to spend money, just a few minutes of your time to be conscious and to do the work.

YOU can be The Butterfly having a positive effect elsewhere in the world!

And take your responsibility seriously as you consider this. Because you are aware and are of the level of consciousness to know about this energy grid, you can make a difference around the globe. The simple act of visualization can have a great impact. Visualize peace and healing. Visualize wholeness. Visualize security for the troubled.

There is a benefit to you as well as to the others when you hold the energy of positivity within you as you visualize. You, too, will feel the higher level of energy within you and YOU will experience that peace, healing, wholeness and security.

That’s a nice reward for working to help the globe!

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