MUSE-INGS: Banish the Darkness!

Have things ever looked so bleak that you thought there was no way out of the dark pit you were in?   Were you ever so low that you thought you’d never climb up?

When something happens or circumstances and people and situations seem hopeless we can easily let ourselves focus on nothing but the problems and the darkness that we feel.  It can take a Herculean effort to pull ourselves up out of that pit when the temptation to wallow in the darkness is so great because we just can’t muster the energy it would take to shift.  Or, worse, we don’t even believe that we can make a shift.

Often when we are wrestling with a problem we think that we must continue to focus on that problem, thinking about it, dwelling on it, talking about it, telling the story over and over again.  We begin to frame our life in terms of the problems and we sink more deeply into the darkness.

We can, however, take some action to lift ourselves up out of that darkness.  I’m not talking about sticking our fingers in our ears and saying ‘la-la-la-la-la’ until we can’t hear even our own thoughts, even though at times that can be very tempting.  But we can instead decide not to attach to thoughts of the problems.  If we keep thinking about the problem then we stay in the space where the problem occurs or occurred.  The solutions live elsewhere.  If we attach to the vibration of the darkness brought about by a problem then we cannot see into the Light that illuminates the solution for us.

The first rule here is to realize, ‘I am not my thoughts.’  Say that to yourself right now:  I am not my thoughts.  A corollary to this is: I don’t have to believe everything I think.

Too often we fixate on a thought, especially a thought about a problem, and we find it almost impossible to move our thinking off that point.  But it is never impossible to make that move, although sometimes it feels very difficult.  A slight shift in our thinking helps us to open the darkness a crack and start to see some Light.

Try it the next time you find yourself dwelling on a problem that you face.  Ask yourself what you would rather be thinking about than that problem.  Maybe it’s a person who makes you laugh, or a movie that you saw or a book that you read or music that you enjoy.  Just for a minute, allow yourself to think a different thought.

That’s all it takes to start the shift.  The problem might still be there but you have started the process of opening yourself to finding potential solutions rather than keeping yourself stuck in the problem thoughts.  Then it is possible for you to do the visualization to fill yourself with a colored Light that helps you to shift your vibrational level to a higher one than the level of the problem.  Now you are starting to reach into the dimension where the solutions lie.  Now you can be open to searching for solutions instead of focusing on problems.

We all experience darkness in our lives at times but to banish the darkness we must commit to ourselves that we will seek the Light and avoid attaching to the thoughts that keep us in the darkness.  Make that decision today!


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