EXPLORATION: Are You the Rose or the Thorn?

Today’s Exploration is a Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine.  Enjoy!

“Dear Ones,

Roses are among the most beautiful flowers on Planet Earth and, yet, roses have thorns on them.  The thorns on the rose stem are not there as punishment but as protection for the beauty and fragrance of the flower.

You are like the rose flower – beautiful to see and enticing with attracting essence of you like the fragrance of attar of roses.  The thorns on your stem are the protective barriers that you have erected to prevent anyone from getting too close to your essence.  The outward beauty attracts but the inner is hidden and protected.

This very human way of being in the world has led many to forget about their own inner beauty.  They have become so used to the thorns that they hold themselves aloof and separate from the essence of others and even from their own.

THIS is the main problem on Earth in the 21st Century – a forgetting, an amnesia of the essence of humanity.

Many see only the prickly thorns of others and focus on the façade that others have erected as protection.  Most have even fooled themselves by their own protective stances into believing that they are what they project to the world.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

You, Dear One, are as beautiful as the most beautiful rose.  Your essence is as attractive as attar of roses, which has a very high vibratory frequency.  No one can take away or diminish your essence, your inner vibration.  However, YOU can choose to lower your vibration, to appear to the world as someone you are not.

For you, Dear One, are the Light of the World.  You hold a high vibration of Light Essence in you that only you can choose to show to the world.

Are you willing to expose yourself to the world as you truly are at your core?  Or will you choose to continue to hide behind the façade that you have created to fit the model of the world that you want to believe is real?

The light within you is REAL.  The world around you is the collective agreement of all of the facades that people have erected to project an image of an imagined reality.

Break FREE of this projection!

Be the REAL YOU in the world!

Allow others to choose whether or not they will stay behind their façade, but choose to reveal the Inner Light of YOU.

Be the Rose that you are and shed the thorns.  The time is NOW.

And So It Is.”

Rosemary adds:

Remember that you are the Light of the World.  It’s time for each of us to step up to our Soul Commitment and be the person we were born to be.  We all survived the big Shift of 2012 and we can no longer hide our light from each other.  Have you done the work to connect with the Inner You?  Are you confident that you are manifesting your Inner Light to the world?

What are you waiting for?  We’re all waiting for YOU to SHINE!!!

And we love you for letting us share in your Light.  As each of us shines we invite all others to do the same.  Think how great a world we can create when we are all shining as brightly as we can.  Wow!!!

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