ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Learn Something New Today!

Where do you go for information? Or are you not curious about learning something new?

I sometimes lament the fact that I don’t have enough life left in which to learn and to master all that I want to learn and master. So many books to read! (My preferred way to learn and explore) There are classes to take, webinars to join, documentaries to watch, people to meet and talk with, topics to research.

And where can I get information that I trust?

I have discovered that there is a lot of wisdom to be gained through meditation. My guides give me lots of answers. They also lead me to sources where answers can be found. I trust their guidance.

Trust is key. Do you trust your sources? Do you trust your inner guidance? Or do you place your trust in one source other than yourself and choose not to do further research on your own?

There is nothing wrong with having a trusted source of information. I wouldn’t be teaching classes, whether on dowsing or hypnosis or essential oils, if I didn’t believe in what I am sharing. And, yet, I invite students to explore topics on their own. Do research. Compare different sources. Read a bunch of books on a topic. Talk to people you trust about their views/experiences/knowledge.

And check inside to see how you feel about what you are encountering. Does it resonate for you? Another person’s truth may not be truth for you.

This is especially true in the realm of spirituality. What someone else believes may be truth for them at that moment but it might not fit for you. Have you changed your beliefs in your lifetime?

Of course you have! Didn’t you, at one time, think the Tooth Fairy came and exchanged money for a tooth under your pillow? And didn’t Santa Claus bring your toys at Christmas?

What about that belief that you couldn’t do something? Until you tried it and succeeded?

And how about that belief that ‘nobody likes me’ that we all felt at some point, as a child or even in adulthood. Well, I like you now!

What we believe can change. What we know today can be modified with the next moment’s input.

You are never too old to learn something new – about life, about the world, about yourself. Are you exploring? Are you curious? Are you asking questions?

When I worked on the Hubble Space Telescope we had to be open to what was revealed to us. Many theories were confirmed. Others were contradicted. We continue to learn about the Cosmos from the discoveries that our space exploration is bringing to us.

NASA has just released pictures of Pluto from close up, after almost a decade of traveling to get those pictures. What will be revealed? How exciting it is that something new is coming to us to learn!

In personal life, what we don’t know we don’t know can trip us up! If you think you know everything you need to know, you will stop growing, stop evolving. Keep asking questions. Keep exploring yourself and the world around you.

Learn something new TODAY!


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ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Where Do You Get Your Information?

My “two minute” video: Where Do You Get Your Information?


THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “What if You had a Muse?”

Dear Ones,

The Muse.  Who is your Muse?  Where do you go when you seek information, guidance, creative ideas?

Do you even believe that you have a Muse available to you?  Why do you think this concept has been so prevalent in history if the inspiration of a Muse were not always available?

Great geniuses throughout human history have listened to the music that their Muse has played in their mind.  Even those who went deaf or blind have been able to produce amazing works of composition because their Muse connected them with the Source of Creativity in the Universe.

You, too, have available to you a connection to the Source of Creativity in the Universe.  You do not need to be a great genius in the field of music, art, theater, literature to connect to this Creativity.  The Muse is available to you to solve far more problems than the composition of your next great piece of art!

Think about the problems that you must solve in your everyday life.  We know that many of you struggle with financial issues, with relationship problems, with career questions.  Problems big and small can have creative solutions to them if you reach beyond where you sit in the middle of the problem and connect with the Source of Creativity to find those solutions.  Great genius in the field of Science, for example, has not come from those who insist on doing things the way they have always been done.  Someone who is doing the same thing over and over in a certain way will never have a new result.

But the person who tries a new approach, who wonders, “What if?” will be the one who comes up with a novel solution.

And it is The Muse who answers “What if?” questions.

How often do you allow yourself to ponder the “What if?” questions of your life?  True creativity comes from this exploration, not from staying with the familiar or never trying something new.  Great inventions do not come from thinking “But we’ve always done it this way!”  Do you connect with The Muse when you are in a problem-solving mode or do you look for ways to repeat old patterns and hope for new results?

Think about this in the context of relationships.  If you are constantly acting a certain way and getting the same response each time in a relationship, have you considered that perhaps it is you who must try executing a “What if?” step in the dance of that relationship?

And if you are struggling with problems with finances or your work, think about asking The Muse to help you connect to creative solutions to those problems.  Ponder the “What ifs?” of the situation.

The life of the human on Planet Earth is not as restricted to the dimensions of the 3-dimensional world plus the 4th dimension of Time.  There are many dimensions beyond those four that hold more information if you simply reach up into them.

This guidance comes from beyond the typical source in the 3-dimensional world.  We and others offer this guidance so that you can live a Conscious Life to the fullest extent possible.

Reach for the guidance of The Muse.  Find a way to connect.  Or find a person to connect through so that you can have the services of Your Muse.  Live your Conscious Life creatively!

And so it is.


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are you willing to change your beliefs?

Dear Ones,

People are gathering.  Are you noticing this?  People are gathering with those who think the way they do.  They are not gathering to discuss ideas and issues.  They are gathering to fuel their emotions by listening to others who think as they do, with the same open-mindedness or closed-mindedness that they embrace.

But there are some who are finding their Tribes. They are finding those who also wish to uplift the World.  Those who are feeling called to assist all of humanity in growing, in evolving, are looking for others who feel a mission to do the same.  These are the groups who are gaining power in the World.

The media reports on the groups that are the most vocal, the most emotional.  Many media outlets, especially in the Western part of the World, are fueling this emotionalism by carefully determining what they will and won’t share with their audiences, picking and choosing so-called ‘facts’ and ignoring truth.  Some countries have always had government-controlled information channels but more countries are operating that way in this time.

What does this mean to you as you attempt to live a Conscious Life?  Here is what we would say to you.

Be very careful about what information, images, thoughts and ideas you embrace.  We are not saying you need to believe this person or that, but you must decide for yourself where your truth is in a given moment.  Can you be a solid rock in a moving stream of information and mis-information?  Can you at the same time be an open-minded individual who is willing to examine new information and, possibly, change your position if the information leads you to do so?

Those who hold fast to ideas that may have been true for them in the past, even when current evidence indicates that those ideas are no longer valid, are the people who are refusing to evolve and to grow.  The others, however, who continue to explore new ideas, may or may not change their beliefs as a result of that exploration but they are open to the possibility.  The latter are the ones who carry humanity forward to expanded awareness and evolved consciousness.

Let us look at what this means in your daily life.  If you are someone who has a difficult time letting go of old patterns and beliefs, do you limit your contacts to those who will support your non-growth?  Are you still socializing with people who behave the way you did in high school even though their behavior often embarrasses you?  Are you staying in relationships that do not help you to grow because they are familiar, even if not comfortable?  Do you shut down when someone around you expresses an opinion that does not agree with yours?  And, when that happens, do you make the discussion a personal attack rather than a discussion of ideas, impersonally evaluated?

None of these choices supports you in your personal journey toward fulfillment in your life.  Why choose to stay ‘stuck’ when you have the option to grow into more Light?

The path of personal growth demands that each individual continually seek enlightenment, that is, a growing Light within that reflects expansion of consciousness.  Everything that happens is an opportunity to learn something that can expand your Inner Light.  Are you willing to seek that?  Are you willing to examine the ideas you hold, consciously or unconsciously, and determine if they are appropriate for you today?  Are you willing to grow rather than to stagnate?

You are always at a point of choice in your Life.  You can choose to continue to believe what you have always believed or you can change those beliefs.  You can choose to hold the same thoughts about yourself or you can change the thoughts you embrace.  And you can choose to look around you for the lessons in the present moment or you can shut down and move sightlessly through your moments.  The choice is always yours.

We hope you will choose to look for the Light in every situation, to look for the path of growth, and to be willing to expand your awareness to examine new ideas, new thoughts, new beliefs and to embrace the new beliefs if they resonate with your own Inner Light.

And so it is.


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