MUSE-INGS: Will you live your Mission?

We see so much discussion today about individual vs. collective, my rights vs. everybody else’s. Has humanity really devolved to the point where we believe that we live in isolation from all others and from Mother Earth?

I think it’s time for us to do a bit of a reality check. No one was born alone, as in dropped on the planet from a star. Well, okay, maybe some Earthlings really did start out on a distant star but that’s a discussion for another time. You were born of a mother, no matter what kind of mother she was. You had an umbilical cord that was cut after you became a human inhabitant of Mother Earth and took your first breath of Mother Earth’s air. Someone cut that cord. Someone raised you and fed you.

Even if you feel as if you were on your own because of your childhood situation the truth is that there were other people around you. As you go through your day today notice how many other people you interact with. Even if you are at home alone and don’t see anyone else, you have electricity brought to you by people. You eat food prepared, grown, delivered, etc. by people who work so that you can live. You probably received some mail delivered by a person. You received this email prepared by us and delivered through services into your email inbox.

The list goes on and on. Did you drive your car? How many people supported your having that vehicle to get yourself around in? Did you talk on the phone? What was involved in having that conversation?

Do you see where I am going with this? No one is really in isolation. But sometimes we can feel so alone. We can feel that it is difficult to get excited. We feel like victims.

YOU are NOT a victim!!! There might be things in the past or even in the present that you do not like having on your timeline but at this moment you are alive and you have access to the great power within you. YOU are a being of Light no matter how dark your day appears to be. YOU are connected to the Source of Light and Love in the Universe and you can extend that Light and Love into your life no matter what the circumstances are.

Do you know your Soul Purpose, the reason you are living this lifetime on Planet Earth? Discover it. Do you know what your Mission on Earth is? Discover it. Find your ‘why’ and let it propel you forward.

Raising your consciousness isn’t about sitting and thinking. It is about lifting your awareness into a higher level than the space where problems and circumstances live. Reach beyond your circumstances so that you can see where your greatness lies. Reach into your inner spaces and find your inner Light so that you can shine that into the world.

YOU have a role to play in the unfolding Plan. The Universe asked you to be here at this pivotal moment in the life of Mother Earth. The Divine Feminine stands ready to appear through you. Show the world that you accept your Mission. Live your Soul Purpose within the circumstances around you and decide to change them if you want them to be different. Nurture yourself so that you can nurture others.

BE who you came here to BE. And we’re all here to help you!

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