MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: The Spirit, the Soul and the Ego

Dear Ones,

Life and Death. How often do you consider that these are inseparable choices on the continuum of existence? If your spirit chooses to embody in human form on Planet Earth for a Life-time, then your spirit is also choosing to experience the human event called Death.

Remember that you contain 3 different levels of energy in your being on Earth. The eternal part of you is your ‘spirit’ and this perfect energy of Light lives forever. Your spirit is your Life Essence and holds for you the connection to Source, to The All, to The Universe, to God or to Spirit, whatever you call the essence of existence.

Your spirit connects with your Soul who is on a lifetimes-long journey of evolution, learning and growing and having experiences that bring lessons in clear focus so that they can be learned and completed. Your Soul chooses the lessons for this lifetime and plans the route to get those lessons learned. Your Soul also has student helpers who are a part of your Soul Group, those souls who have agreed to participate together in the education system called Planet Earth.

The third level of energy in your being is your Ego, the part of you that is living out the physical life on Earth, paying attention to physical reality, making choices about whether or not to do, say, be something in a given moment. The Ego chooses the physical form of the lessons that the Soul is trying to learn.

Now, Dear One, if you are resisting the notion that your Soul experiences more than one lifetime on Planet Earth we would tell you that it is not material to this message. Whether the Soul lives one or many times on Planet Earth might not be something remembered by the Ego and so it really does not matter. What matters, though, is that you remember that your Soul is on the Planet Earth to learn lessons, in every moment, working to gain greater understanding of the cosmos, the planet, the humans and other kingdoms inhabiting Mother Earth, and what it means to be a part of something eternal. The goal of your lifetime is to expand your consciousness, your awareness of what is greater than your Ego in the Universe.

Given that you are a part of something much greater, and yet your Ego thinks it is the only energy that matters, you will sometimes experience a conflict between what your Ego wants and what your Soul needs to learn a lesson. The Ego lives with the decision-making power in the Earth plane and this is what has been named ‘free will.’ You can, through the Ego, choose not to learn a particular lesson when your Soul presents it to you. But be aware that your Soul will continue to present that lesson to you because, if you remember, that is its job, to get the lessons learned. So, if you choose to ignore the lesson to be learned, if you decide to put off really embracing the learning, then the next time your Soul will work harder to get your attention focused on completing the lesson plan.

Dear One, we wish you to learn and expand your awareness and grow in consciousness with as much beauty and grace as you can. However, if you choose to stay in darkness, if you choose to ignore what you could be learning, you may find that things get more difficult and messier so that you must face the lesson square on and learn what is there for you to learn.

We recommend that you move through your Life seeking out the lessons for yourself so that your growth can be accelerated. And don’t worry that you will finish up too soon and have no reason to keep living. Your Soul knows what it is doing and will always have some graduate courses available for you to work on when you complete a portion of this lifetime’s syllabus!

Death is the graduation ceremony for those who have completed a lifetime. Life, the eternal part, continues. The Soul reflects and examines the Life. And the cycle begins again.

And so it is.

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