MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Are You Ready to Live Your Life Purpose?

Dear Ones,

When there is terror in the heart then there is no room for love. When fear rules a life then one cannot see the Light. When self-doubt and confusion color a person’s days then those days cannot be fulfilling.

But the Light is always there. There is always Love. Fulfillment awaits those who live in Love and Light.

Too many people are allowing their Light to be diminished by ‘should’ and ‘ought’ thinking. And many more are being told lies about what is real and they believe the lies instead of looking for information about what is true. We wish to enlighten you and, thus, your life.

First, let us say that Light abounds in the Universe. There are millions of Suns shining their Light brightly through millions of years. Stars exist that have never been seen yet by humans. There is an amazing amount of Light already in existence in the Universe and there are other kinds of Light, as in Light Energy, that humans cannot see yet. The vibration of Light Energy is higher than most vibrations that humans perceive on Earth and so there is an abundance of Light to be experienced.

Next, consider Love Energy. Love Energy is the attracting force in the Universe that holds the cosmos in position and creates structure on Earth and beyond. Love is the primary force, the primary motivator, and lack of Love creates an opposing motivator because the human psyche craves connection to pure Love Energy. Every individual who exists on Planet Earth was loved into existence. We are not talking here just about the human act of procreation, which is not always performed in the energy of Love, but the human being who is produced was loved into life by the forces of the Source in the Universe joining with Mother Earth to produce exactly the human who was needed at that moment on the Planet.

And so, Dear One, you were uniquely positioned at the moment of your birth to bring to Planet Earth that which was needed by all other Earth inhabitants. You were loved into this existence for a purpose defined by the Love Energy that brought you to Earth. All other beings exist to fulfill their own purpose and to support you in fulfilling yours. Think about that. The entire Universe and all of Planet Earth’s inhabitants are conspiring to support you in learning your Life Lessons and in fulfilling your Life Purpose.

And all because of Love.

When you can connect to the level of Love Energy that creates this world then you learn that your individual problems of the day are merely stepping stones to the fulfillment of your Life Purpose. Every individual who seems to be motivated by a lack of Love is in your life so that you can learn a lesson and grow. Every situation in which you find yourself is put on your path to help you to fulfill your destiny.

You are Love. You are Light. You are Life.

So now you can open yourself and especially your heart to welcome in that which exists in your life at this time. Everything in your life is there to help you grow more Light for the world. Everything in your life is helping you to learn to Love, yourself and others. Your Life is a part of the greater whole because the connections are vast and started before you were born.

Fulfill your Life Purpose through sharing your Love and Light with the rest of the world. After all, they asked you to be here!

And so it is.


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