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MUSE-INGS: Personal Growth and New Ideas

If our thoughts come from ideas, then we really do need to be careful about the ideas that we embrace, don’t we?

In working with private clients over two decades I have seen that the limiting beliefs people carry with them stem from some idea that they embraced as immutable truth, usually when they were a child. This is not to criticize the parents, for they were doing the best they could, and often they had no idea that the child was embracing what the child thought was immutable truth but which the parent was able to contextualize differently.

How many of our current thoughts rise up from some idea our 5- or 6-year-old inner child embraced as Truth with a capital ‘T’? This is the work of personal growth, to ferret out those ideas, embraced without examination, that form the basis for many of our current thoughts, especially those that are holding us back from accessing our own inner greatness and from sharing that with the world.

I believe that each of us has an Inner Splendor, a brilliant Light that is ready to shine forth into the world when we access, appreciate and allow it to shine. When we shine this Light through our Soul Purpose in Life we invite others to join us on the Path of Light. This is the beauty of accessing our Inner Splendor and shining that Light.

But what blocks most people are the thoughts that limit them from their own greatness, the thoughts that, when the original idea from which they stem is identified, can be examined and eliminated or embraced depending on whether or not they serve the individual at this time. This is the real work of personal growth.

Are you on a path of examining your thoughts for their origins? Do you continually examine situations in your life for whether or not they stem from beliefs that come from somewhere or someone else, not your Inner Splendor?

The 21st Century has its own transformative energy [especially emphatic as it was ushered in in 2012] and invites us to examine every aspect of our lives so that we can grow in Consciousness and expand our awareness of the workings of the World.

Personal growth is not just about the person. Personal growth is the work we do as individuals that moves us forward on our path so that we might manifest that Inner Splendor as we agreed we would do when we took on this lifetime. Each of us has a Soul Purpose to realize and express. We have a Mission to accomplish on Planet Earth. And all of this depends upon our doing our personal growth work to create clear channels of the energy of Light that shines through us.

Commit yourself to doing your personal growth work. It’s never ‘done.’ I have been actively engaged for a very long time and I am still surprised at things that come up for me to examine and change. I still find things that lurk inside with their insidious influence. It feels so good to release them!

And when I work with clients it is a joy to get the feedback of the freedom they experience when they release their limiting beliefs, the thoughts that no longer serve them!

Do your personal growth work, whatever form that takes for you today. Release the thoughts that depend on your holding onto beliefs that do not serve you. Reach into that higher frequency level of the Light of Consciousness for some new ideas to examine.

You’ll be glad you did!

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MUSE-INGS: Be the Change and Become the New Human

It’s not easy to consider profound change but perhaps it is time for each of us, singularly and collectively, to decide to commit to whatever profound change is necessary for us to move forward in the process of the evolution of human consciousness. The future is now.

How have you been living in denial of your greatness? When I work with clients I often see their gifts and strengths in ways that they cannot see or, because of some blind-spots, cannot accept. Who was the parent or teacher or sibling who taught you that you were less than amazing? What was the situation that caused you to accept the belief that you were less than a perfect human being living on a path of consciousness-evolution? What arrested you in your personal development so that you cannot see your own bright Light that is to shine into the world?

We all have those blind-spots! One of my buddies in the scientific hand analysis trainings uses a rear-view mirror to demonstrate how our blind-spots keep us from seeing ourselves clearly. Our Life Purpose comes with a Life Lesson that will always help us to grow, if we let it. And when we know our blind-spots, our Life Lesson, then we can use that energy as an ally to help us in our path of personal growth.

I see people who seem content to maintain the status quo and I wonder what they are really feeling. Don’t you feel compelled to move forward? To learn something new? To explore? To grow? Maybe I’m just focused on my world and the clients I am privileged to work with because they are all looking for that deep transformation, the profound change that lets them evolve, move into new territories, expand their consciousness.

Transformation isn’t for the faint of heart. I grant you that this is not the path of least resistance, for we are about an important work when we accept the mantle as one who is willing to transform oneself. But we cannot be so naïve as to look around us at the world and wish that it would change without realizing that it is in our own being that we must start the shift. The oft-mentioned quote of Ghandi, ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world,’ speaks volumes to HOW we can effect change.

Step into your own power and do the work to transform your own energy. Delve into the reaches of your psyche and clear out any limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, discouraging voices that are holding you back from your greatness. Be willing to lift your consciousness to a new level of awareness, seeing from a new perspective, embracing new thoughts.

Those who cling to the old ways, who long for a return to a fantasy of days gone by that were not what they might appear to be, are fighting the mainstream of progress toward an evolved human consciousness, toward the emergence of the new human. Be the change and become the new human. If each of us, as individuals, commits to our own personal evolution, to deep transformation, to profound change within us, and to manifesting our gifts and our greatness in the outer world, then the world will be transformed by that power from within us.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Clear the Fear!

Dear Ones,

We are concerned about the effect of the energy of Fear on the physical bodies of our children on Earth. All of you are subject to occasional fear but we are seeing that the amount of time many of you spend feeling fearful has been increasing over the past decade and your bodies are showing the effects of this period of fear.

We would wish for you to find a way to surrender to the Power of the Universe to create the energies required for the Master Plan to unfold. Those who would keep you in Fear are trying to change the Plan to one of their own making. They cannot succeed unless they obtain the compliance of a vast number of human beings. Do not be one of those compliant beings.

Look around you at your life and create lists of what you see, categorized by that which you love in your life, that which you like and would like to keep in your life, that which you absolutely need in your life, that which you cannot change in your life, and that which you would like to change and can change. Some items and people will fall in multiple categories in your lists.

Now look at these lists and ask yourself where fear has kept you from creating the life you desire. Can you see the influence that fear might have had over your life to date?

Notice that there are others who feel they can lead you where they want you to be if they make you fearful. How much of your life is because you have allowed yourself to be led into this kind of fear?

Step up above your list so that your mind can expand into possibilities that you have not yet considered for your Life. How might you change your lists if you can access the Field of All Possibilities for yourself? THIS is the place from which you can make the most informed decisions in your life.

But it may not be easy for you to reach beyond the life you see into the life that can be. Consider that you may have a distorted vision of what is possible in your life. You may have blocks that need to be cleared, limiting beliefs to be released, fears that no longer serve you and must be removed.

Just as you must periodically visit the eye doctor to have your vision checked and, perhaps, to get a new prescription for your glasses, you must also periodically check your inner vision for distortions and change the lens through which you view your life.

This is the process for releasing fears that hold you back – clear your vision so that you can understand that the distortion you perceive and fear as a saber-toothed tiger is a limiting belief that you have the power to change. New vision helps you to see clearly the possibilities that lie before you.

Remove yourself from the grip of fear by clearing the blocks that stand between you and your breakthrough!

And So It Is!


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MUSE-INGS: Take out the Garbage!

In my old computer programmer days [seems like centuries ago!] we used to say, ‘GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out’! Seems that’s what this message is all about. What we input into our internal database is what comes out in our life.

So what are you putting in? When I work with clients who are accepting what others are trying to input it reminds me of the days when someone gave us ‘garbage’ to put in the database on the computer but expected a ‘garden’ to come out of it. That only works if the garbage is fertilizer and you also plant flowers!

Your thoughts are your thoughts. Other people own their thoughts, too. But it’s up to you to decide which thoughts you will accept and store away in your database. Do you believe in your own self-worth or have you let someone else define that for you? For example, we women look at magazines and think that we must measure up [or down!] to what we see. But even those models say they don’t look like that either! Have you had a parent or spouse or friend tell you that being an entrepreneur is not wise because there’s no security in that? Not true!

I’ve had several clients who have heard this in some form or other but today’s job market is not like it was decades ago. No one’s job is secure today. But if you are an entrepreneur you can make your own success, you can adjust your course, you can use the Law of Attraction to your benefit without being impeded by others. YOU have more options than someone who is not on their own.  If you are in a job as an employee, you must still decide who YOU are because your job description does not define you!

And look at your relationships to see if you are allowing others to input their ideas, thoughts, models of the world into your internal database. It’s pretty easy to let that happen. But they are not living your Life Purpose. It is not their responsibility to live out your mission on Planet Earth.

Now look at what you regularly input into your own database. So often we read, digest, listen to ‘stuff’ that does not lift up our own internal vibration. We allow ourselves to be lowered to a frequency that does not resonate with our spirit and we can’t understand why we are feeling ‘down.’ It’s our internal vibratory frequency that is ‘down.’ That’s the clue that we must do something to lift our own vibration.

Remember the Beach Boys’ song, ‘Good Vibrations’? [OK, maybe I’m the only one old enough to remember the Beach Boys!] Our internal mechanisms want us to feel good, to feel those ‘Good Vibrations.’ What are you doing today to feel a higher vibration than the day might bring on its own?

As I write this I have had technical glitches with three client sessions – three! My whole morning. What was that all about? Now my choice is to rail against the Universe or the gods of cyberspace, or I can deal with each issue as it arises and move forward. I chose the latter path.

We are always at choice about how to respond to what happens to us. But our options for those responses come from our own internal database. We must be careful to input only that which we would be happy to bring out as an option, a possible choice for us. This is why it is such a good idea to periodically clear out the database by clearing limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, blocks that we might not even know we have. Often times when I work with clients, this is the most important work we do. The rest of what they are looking for flows from this!

You might also try the ‘nightly review’ where before you go to sleep you review your day, going backwards through the day to decide if, next time, there is a better choice for you to make in a certain situation. This instructs your Unconscious Mind to store the new choice as an option for next time instead of the old one.

Take out the ‘garbage’ every night!


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MUSE-INGS: Change your thoughts. Change yourself. Change the World!

Has there ever been a word so over-used as ‘change’ in the 21st Century?  Everyone talks about change and everyone means something different by it.  Do you ever get frustrated and wish things could just stay the same for awhile?

I think there are a lot of people who have made that decision and they are even going so far as to try to drag society along with them in a regressive direction, going back to some fantasy past that they envision as idyllic.  They are fooling themselves.

Human beings are growing all the time.  The human brain is learning and creating new neural pathways with every new thought.  These pathways are reinforced with the repetition of those new thoughts.  We can diet and lose weight.  We can exercise and build muscles.  Our hair, skin, posture can all change.  We age, some gracefully and some kicking and screaming all the way.  Children grow into adults, adults grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  All things are in forward motion through the Fourth Dimension of Time.

And so we are each, individually and collectively, called to grow.

What have you done lately to grow beyond where you have been? What new thoughts have you exercised to create those neural pathways?  What creative activities have you engaged in lately?

Growth is an urge within each of us.  The baby progresses from rolling over to crawling to standing to walking.  How many times does that cute little diapered-bottom hit the floor before the first confident steps move the baby across the room?  The urge to walk is stronger than the urge to avoid falling down.

Do you have that determination to master something new in your life today?  Are you willing to focus on the goal long enough that you can get up every time you fall down and strike out again and again toward that goal?  Are you willing to change your steps so that you gain your balance and can propel yourself forward?

Making the commitment to keep moving forward in your own life will model for those around you what they, too, must do.  Growth demands constant attention, especially to our thoughts.

I recently worked with a client who is on a path of personal growth and the most important thing for her to learn was to move beyond the beliefs that had held her captive her whole life.  We can change what we believe, we can control our thoughts, we can handle our emotions rather than be held captive by them.  Identifying limiting beliefs and becoming aware of the impact they are having gives us the start we need to change those beliefs.  You can believe that you are unworthy or unlovable or undeserving, or you can decide to believe something different about yourself from this moment forward.  These are often underlying beliefs that I see in clients and there are ways to move these thoughts into supportive positions.

No one is unworthy or unlovable or undeserving if they are on a path of personal growth.  YOU are worthy.  YOU are lovable.  YOU are deserving of fulfilling your dreams.

Now, do you believe that or do you need to do some further work on clearing your limiting beliefs?  And once you have cleared the limitations are you willing to do the work to embrace the responsibilities that come with greater understanding?

This week allow yourself to consider making some changes in yourself, your beliefs, in your life.  Choose an area and really explore what it is you would like to change and why.  Ask yourself what the best strategy is for bringing about that change.  Can you do it yourself or do you need help?  Do you wish to keep this process private or do you wish to have an ‘accountability partner’ to whom you state your plan and to whom you report your progress?  Find a way to make changes while honoring yourself and your needs.  Don’t change because someone else wants you to – go inside and really examine yourself and your desires.

Change can be a good thing although many of us fear any kind of change.  YOU be the one who models for others that change can be a conscious choice to live a better, more fulfilling life.  You deserve it!


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MUSE-INGS: What are your ‘old pajamas’? by Rosemary Bredeson

That dirty lens can really distort what we see!

So many of our experiences seem to hang around with us.  Have you ever talked to someone who was clinging to some story from the past, telling it over and over but never seeming to be able to move beyond it?  I think some people in support groups like to tell their story over and over because it allows them to continue to think of themselves as a victim and they don’t see their way clearly beyond that state.

Or do you know someone who is ‘not talking to’ someone else because of something that happened years or even decades ago?  And isn’t it laughable when they can’t even remember exactly why they made that decision but they’re sticking to it?  We trip ourselves up this way all the time.  We cling to something from the past until it is like a pair of old pajamas, comfy but probably so ragged it should be relegated to the rag pile.

Why are we so ready to stay with the comfort of the familiar even when it isn’t truly that comfortable?  We do it all the time.  We choose the familiar when we have a choice because we know what it feels like and the ‘new’ has an unknown quality about it that might be worse than what we know.  How are you doing this in your Life today?  What is the ‘old pajamas’ in your Life that you are holding onto beyond its useful time?

In a literal sense, mine is an old [at least 25 years old!] Redskins nightshirt.  You can probably read the New York Times through it but it’s my comfort choice.  What’s your metaphorical Redskins nightshirt?

When I work with some clients, they are amazed at the ideas that are clouding the lens through which they are looking at Life.  We make decisions about what to believe when we are little children and those decisions continue to shape the way we see ourselves and our lives.  We relate to our families and friends and co-workers and we take in, at an unconscious level, what we perceive to be their attitudes toward us.  We may not even be correct in these assessments but we make decisions based on these mind-reads and they continue to have an emotional impact on us.  And we do not understand what is going on at the level of the unconscious mind if we don’t shine a light there and examine it.

Spend some time asking yourself if you have any ‘old pajamas’ in your Life.  What are you clinging to, what story or belief or thought about yourself, are you holding onto because it is familiar, even though it may not be in your highest good to continue to hold it?  The answer can be startling.  I’ve seen people remember something that happened when they were 5 or 7 or 11 that has colored how they see themselves since that time but they were unaware of that influence.  You might have relationship or business or spiritual issues that are stemming from some belief that you have held in your unconscious mind for most of your Life that you didn’t realize was at work on your emotions and your decisions in the present day.

Take a look around the closet of your mind and decide what you are ready to relegate to the rag pile.  Get some help with this if you need it.  ‘Old pajamas’ don’t need to be the only ones you wear!


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