MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Clear the Fear!

Dear Ones,

We are concerned about the effect of the energy of Fear on the physical bodies of our children on Earth. All of you are subject to occasional fear but we are seeing that the amount of time many of you spend feeling fearful has been increasing over the past decade and your bodies are showing the effects of this period of fear.

We would wish for you to find a way to surrender to the Power of the Universe to create the energies required for the Master Plan to unfold. Those who would keep you in Fear are trying to change the Plan to one of their own making. They cannot succeed unless they obtain the compliance of a vast number of human beings. Do not be one of those compliant beings.

Look around you at your life and create lists of what you see, categorized by that which you love in your life, that which you like and would like to keep in your life, that which you absolutely need in your life, that which you cannot change in your life, and that which you would like to change and can change. Some items and people will fall in multiple categories in your lists.

Now look at these lists and ask yourself where fear has kept you from creating the life you desire. Can you see the influence that fear might have had over your life to date?

Notice that there are others who feel they can lead you where they want you to be if they make you fearful. How much of your life is because you have allowed yourself to be led into this kind of fear?

Step up above your list so that your mind can expand into possibilities that you have not yet considered for your Life. How might you change your lists if you can access the Field of All Possibilities for yourself? THIS is the place from which you can make the most informed decisions in your life.

But it may not be easy for you to reach beyond the life you see into the life that can be. Consider that you may have a distorted vision of what is possible in your life. You may have blocks that need to be cleared, limiting beliefs to be released, fears that no longer serve you and must be removed.

Just as you must periodically visit the eye doctor to have your vision checked and, perhaps, to get a new prescription for your glasses, you must also periodically check your inner vision for distortions and change the lens through which you view your life.

This is the process for releasing fears that hold you back – clear your vision so that you can understand that the distortion you perceive and fear as a saber-toothed tiger is a limiting belief that you have the power to change. New vision helps you to see clearly the possibilities that lie before you.

Remove yourself from the grip of fear by clearing the blocks that stand between you and your breakthrough!

And So It Is!


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