ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: The Power Is in You – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary’s Exploration this week contained a lot of good advice. I too have the sense that there is tremendous energy for change building in the World. I think a lot of this energy build-up is from the extreme polarity that we are experiencing. Whether it is political factions (both within and between political parties), economic debates about the best way forward, religious extremism or raging debates about social issues, people seem divided into camps of widely differing views and value. This polarization is creating the environment that will force change.

And there is another source of this change energy; as Rosemary observes: “It is time to transform. We’re still feeling the effects of the 2012 energy that gave a huge boost to the transformation energy. It’s not over yet!”

Rosemary and I are going through tremendous change ourselves as we are in the midst of packing up for our move to larger space and a greater degree of freedom. With any change of this magnitude comes the combination of excitement and trepidation. The questions: is this the right thing, am I taking the right steps, can I do it, do I have the energy, can we afford it, are followed by answers: yes, this is a necessary step forward, we have the way and the means, … and in the end, we trust!

And where does that sense of trust come from? Inside!

And this is the key response that Rosemary urges: as we face the building powers that are bringing about the changes we sense, we need to go inside to find the empowerment needed to make the best choices, to decide on our next steps for forward progress.

As I’ve written before, I am completely committed to writing my “morning pages” as urged by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way. I have been practicing this approach to inner work for years and for me it works very well. As I sit with my pages I move inside and let words flow up and out onto the page; I gain insight, strategies, confirmation, hope, trust…Where does this support come from? Inside, from both my self, and my Self!

If you have been reading this blog much at all you probably already know I have many practices for inner work (and outer, physical work): Qigong, Yoga, sitting meditation, breath-work, cooking (yes, I consider this a spiritual practice!) and even household chores (I enjoy doing laundry!). But when I really need answers I seek my pages and write.

I wrote in my pages this morning about the move, the strategies and logistics, the concerns and the excitement. And I ended the pages with a tremendous sense of hope and trust. Yes, this is a big change; this is a time for big changes and hope, trust, and courage. Fortunately both Rosemary and I are Leos, both born on August 2. We both have courage to spare!



MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: “Joy — the Reward for Being Who You Really Are!”

Dear Ones,

Joy is a gift that you give yourself when you do the inner work required to experience personal and spiritual growth.  Think about how important it is to do the work, constantly and devotedly, to live a Conscious Life.  You cannot take ‘time off’ from this work.  But it does not need to be tedious.

When you make the commitment to live consciously you open yourself to the awareness of Life that starts within you.  Everything you do or think is then focused through the lens of the greater picture of how you live, what you choose and how you fit into the fabric of the Universe in a given moment.  Once you have learned the importance of becoming awake and aware at all times, you cannot go back to sleep.  Oh, you can choose at times to act as if you are ignorant of what we are saying, but there will always be a part of you that is longing for that consciousness of the greater import of what you are choosing and how you are living your life.

And Joy is the reward for living the Conscious Life!  This Joy of which we speak is the Joy that resides deep within you, that cannot be shaken by outer circumstances.  You will feel this deep Joy when you are staying awake and aware of the choices you make in a given day.  Noticing what is required of you by the others around you gives you a hint of the consequences of choosing to go back to sleep. People need for you to stay awake.  People around you have a need for you to be who you are, at all times.  When you find yourself believing that you must put up a false front for someone, question whether that person really needs to be in your life at this time.

Think about that.  If you cannot be yourself, your true, authentic, self, at all times with a person, then why are you in relationship with that person?  Time is speeding up for humans on Planet Earth at this time and there is no time to waste playing the game of being a different person for each other person with whom you interact.  Do you feel that you are walking on eggshells around a certain person because you cannot relax and be who you are?  Are you concerned about losing the love or respect of someone because you do not have the energy to keep up the pretense of being what they want or expect instead of who you really are?

Own your very essence, the true being that you are at your core.  The time for pretense has long passed.  Now is the time for authenticity.  Do you struggle with knowing who you really are?  Are you concerned that you have lost touch with your authentic inner self?  Then get some help in that discovery.  Go inside.  Consult with a guide.  Meditate or journal or work with someone until you know, with certainty, who you are.

For you are very important to the Plan of the Universe as it is unfolding.  The 21st Century is a time where this Plan is developing and expanding and manifesting the reality of the rest of the Century and you play an integral part in that Plan.  But first you must be clear about who you are.  Then you must be that and only that.

And we promise you that Joy is the reward you will receive for committing to be your authentic self in the World!

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Choose to Sail with the Wind!

There really does seem to be a big shift coming. Can’t you feel it in the air? Or maybe I should say in the ground?

Certainly the weather shifts bring us to the question of “What’s going on?” We just returned home from a trip across country [Los Angeles, Annapolis, Maryland and New York City] and while visiting friends and family we heard stories about tornadoes in Maryland and the damage they have done. Our daughter and her family have been awakened at night twice by the emergency radio warning them to go to the basement with the kids because there was a tornado nearby. Scary!

And I have lived most of my life in that area where I can remember a few hurricanes over the decades coming up the Chesapeake Bay but tornadoes were something that happened to the middle of the country, not Maryland! My husband grew up in Wisconsin where there were frequent tornadoes but they didn’t happen in the middle of the night, where they are now occurring and are more deadly for those who are not forewarned.

But there are subtler levels of change on the planet that have an even more profound effect on us and on our lives. The energy shifts that are occurring are inviting us to grow into our ‘biggest selves.’ How are you growing today? What actions are you taking that propel you forward in your personal growth? This is the most important work we can do on Planet Earth as this time – our inner work, our own personal growth work.

We might be allowing economic news to have us focus on financial issues like making more money, finding a new job, selling our house [which we are doing, by the way, if you want to move to Colorado Springs!]. We might even be listening to disturbing news and finding ourselves moving in a downward spiral as we allow that news to shift our thoughts to the negative instead of positive thoughts of growth.

How are YOU responding to shifting energies around you? What is your pattern? Have you done the inner work to develop strategies to help you shift? Or are you clinging to the familiar to attempt to control your environment and the people around you?

Sometimes we don’t like the answers to these questions but I am seeing such amazing growth in the clients I work with who are ready to do the deep examination and ask the hard questions that I urge you to be one of them. Ask the questions that might be hard to answer and then answer them honestly. ARE you trying to control the people around you, wishing things were different? Or are you noticing how things are different and helping the people around you to be who they incarnated on Planet Earth to become, even if it doesn’t mesh with what you want for them? Are you railing at the shifting environment, weather or work, family or financial, instead of seeking solutions from a new set based on new energies?

Remember that integrity does not just mean not stealing from someone else. It means staying true to your own highest purpose in being here in this lifetime. And loving others, including Mother Earth, means that you allow everyone else to grow into the person they are here to be.

Work WITH the shifting energies and you will be sailing with the wind! Work against them and you will feel buffeted by those same winds. Which do you choose? You DO have a choice!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Are You a Child of the 21st Century?”

Dear Ones,

Things are changing on Planet Earth and everything in your life must be scrutinized to insure that you are in integrity with your Soul Purpose at all times. What is your standard way of interacting with the people around you? Have you taken the time to really examine your relationships and decided who you are in them?

As the energy of Earth speeds up there are three typical responses to this energetic shift. A large group of people are reacting by trying to go back to the way things used to be, where they felt more in control of their environment and their lives. Unfortunately, many of these also felt in control of the other people around them and so they are clinging to the illusion that they can now exert control over others and how they behave, believe, and relate to the controller. These are the people who are not willing to shift their own energy to adapt to the changing energies of their environment. Rather, they try to shift their environment to get it to adapt to what they think they want.

The second typical response is to move into a ‘Woe is me’ attitude of victimhood and rail against the changing times with despair, never considering that perhaps there is some action they can take to make the adaptations being called for by the shift of energy. These people sometimes wake up and realize that they are, indeed, in charge of their own lives and that they CAN take action to make their life what they wish it to be. But there are some who will choose to stay with the concept that they have no control and therefore their mantra continues to be ‘Woe is me.’

The third response is that of the conscious individual who looks around at their environment and decides that they will assess the energies and will adapt to continue their forward motion through the changes. These people will strive to change themselves until they can continue to be successful in their own journey of personal growth. These are the ones who will emerge as the leaders of the future, who will take care of themselves and their families and their businesses to make sure that they are transitioning whenever it is required to continue to grow as they feel led and as they desire.

Which response are you feeling in yourself to the changing energies around you? Be honest with yourself here, for denying that you are fearful and paralyzed does not bring you the resources you need to make the adaptations that will bring you forward in your growth journey. If you admit that you have been falling into the trap of longing for days of the past and have been trying to control both the people around you and your environment then you have the power now to change yourself to flow with the changes that are happening, whether you try to control them or not.

The wisest person becomes a child of the 21st Century and decides to adapt and continue to move forward. This requires a commitment to the inner work that manifests as success in the outer world. Looking inward is where the answers lie. Finding fellow travelers brings the outer support. Moving away from those who try to control you or the circumstances will help to free you to continue your forward progress.

Set your sights on sailing into the future with the wind at your back, helping you to move forward, supporting that flow into what awaits you — which is your personal success.

Shift or you will be left behind.

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Are you ready to live your Life Purpose?

When we see messages about our Life Purpose on Planet Earth, sometimes we run the other direction.  And sometimes we say defensively that we are living our Life Purpose so be quiet about it, already!  What’s your reaction?  Are you on track?  Do you feel that you know WHO you came to Earth to BE?

If you struggle with this whole idea, then ask yourself if you have developed a plan for figuring it out.  Have you done the personal growth work required to know what’s important to you and what you are holding onto that creates drama in your life but doesn’t expand your level of consciousness?  This is what I often see with clients when they are ready to do the inner work.  They’ve been living in the drama without knowing what it is that will move them forward.  They know, inside, and can often identify to me what the blocks and obstacles are, but there is a reluctance to let go.

The familiar keeps us locked in a place where forward motion is held in check by limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.  Sometimes we cling to what is familiar even though it is painful, because the fear of moving forward into unknown territory is greater than the pain we know.  But this is not how we learn our lessons – this is not how we expand our level of consciousness.

Ask yourself today if there is something in your life that you are holding onto that keeps you anchored in a place that has some pain or discomfort associated with it but that feels familiar.  Is this place really better for your personal growth than that unknown place just in front of you?  Can you make a decision to learn the lessons of today and allow yourself to grow, to move forward?  This forward motion results from your making a decision, not from outer actions by someone else.

Also ask yourself if you’ve been waiting for something to happen, or for someone else to start something.  Please understand that YOUR Life Purpose is for YOU!  Others are supporting characters in the play that YOU are starring in!  There is no play if you don’t show up.  The supporting characters are waiting to support you!  And, no, creating more drama in your life is not the same as moving forward in the play that contains your life lessons.

Use this week to lift yourself into the observer position in your life.  Watch how you move through your week.  Are you growing?  Are you making choices to move forward?  Are you looking for your lessons?  Are you living your Life Purpose?

Ask for help if you need it!  Life is precious and we are all here to learn and to help others to learn.  Participate fully!


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MUSE-INGS: Who did you come here to be?

‘Robot Doing’?  Great way to describe ‘sleepwalking through history,’ as Sen. Byrd said.

It is so easy to sleepwalk through our lives.  Doing the next urgent thing.  Focusing on what has to get done today.  Creating to-do lists and getting satisfaction from checking off the items on the list.  We might get a lot accomplished but are we really ‘living’ when our days go from arising in the morning to collapsing at night without having taken time to relax, to go inside, to seriously consider the choices we are making?

Maybe being busy is a distraction from being fully conscious as a human being.  We can use the requirements of our to-do list as an excuse for avoiding the self-examination that a conscious life requires of us.  Sometimes that self-examination is painful, especially if we have been taught to judge ourselves harshly.  It’s easier to slide through our days being busy than to face something that feels uncomfortable to face about ourselves.

But maybe we need to do that self-examination in a non-judgmental way.  I like to go back to my mantra – Everybody is doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given moment, even me.  This might be the best way to set ourselves up for self-examination, to accept that, no matter what, we were making the choices to do or to be the best we could in a given moment.  The only moment that matters is NOW, this present moment, for we can begin to make new choices right now and in all the moments forward.  We can give up decisions and choices we’ve made in the past.  We can also give up worrying about the choices we will be making in the future.  The only moment that we need to fully examine is the present moment.

In this moment you can make a choice about who you want to be as well as what you want to do.  The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, for who you want to be determines what you do, if you let it.  Decide who you are, at your core.  Go inside and find the person you wish to be.  What you do will follow from that.  The decisions get easier because you are led from within.  The values are clearer when you are coming from a place of being the Real You.

And in the context of preparing for the changes that are coming isn’t being the authentic human being that you came to Planet Earth to be the most important aspect of your life?  You weren’t born to ‘do’ something, you were born to ‘be’ someone!  Life on Planet Earth is requiring that we all determine who we were born to be, and to do this now.  The changes that are coming, into each life and into life on Planet Earth for all, will be facilitated by our determining our own inner needs, our own inner calling, and our inner voice that guides us.

But if we continue to fill our days with busy-ness we will have to, at some point, play catch-up with our inner work.  I’m vowing to do the work in a proactive way, not when it becomes a necessity but while I can have more control over my day so that I take time to listen to the inner proddings.

I’m a big believer in listening for the messages from The Universe before Spirit picks up a 2 X 4 and hits me over the head!  I hope you’ve learned about that choice, too!


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MUSE-INGS: Empowerment and Change

Change.  The word keeps popping up, it seems.  And some of us really don’t want any changes while some of us want everything to change.  How do you feel at this moment?  Is there something you would really like to change but don’t know how?  Or do you feel that you can’t, for whatever reason, make the change you desire because of repercussions or what other people will do/say?

Let’s agree that if we want to change we will figure out a way to do so.  For example, if you are wanting to change the way you eat but you have a family with whom you eat meals at home, what are you doing about your desire to eat differently?  If you don’t do it, then ask yourself if you are giving your power away.  If you really want to change, you can find a way to modify the food served so that everyone can be happy.  What else do you want to change that would only require a small shift in your thinking in order to facilitate that change?  Maybe the only shift is from “I can’t” to ‘How can I?”

When we are told that there is energy of change around us and we will be supported, then this is a good time to examine our lives in depth and honesty to determine what we wish were different.  I know the things I would like to do differently but maybe I use the other members of the household as an excuse to avoid making changes.  Do I really want to change or do I think I ‘should’ change?  That’s a good question to ponder, for if I really wanted to change maybe I would have done so already.  And if there is something I want to change I can go ahead and do it, when I am feeling personally empowered.

It all comes down to where my personal power resides.  Do I reach inside and tap into my own inner power or am I /have I given away my power to someone external to myself and I am allowing that to determine my current direction?

Once I have examined these questions I can make a conscious decision about how to move forward.  It seems to me that the times are coming when each of us must stand on our own while remaining connected to all others.  This is a skill that too many of us have not yet developed.  What is in my own highest good while I am considering the highest good of all?  This represents a delicate balance but awareness starts with self-awareness.  And self-awareness starts with self-observation.  Until we can learn to become dispassionate, nonjudgmental observers of ourselves, we cannot claim our own power and change ourselves and our lives.  The first change we must make is to observe without judgment and make our choices in that context.

And we must also learn that introspection is a good practice to cultivate.  Go inside and become acquainted with your inner, authentic self.  Are you pleasing others by ignoring how you really feel?  Are you operating under the influence of decisions made in your childhood?  What motivates you?  Are you constantly aware of parts of yourself that you are denying or are you accepting of yourself in your totality?

Practice asking yourself if what you are observing is real.  Is this true?  You might surprise yourself with your answers.  Learn how to get in touch with what is real for you in any given moment.  If you need help doing this, then work with a nonjudgmental counselor who will help you find the ‘you’ behind the mask.

As we approach change, in our own lives and in the Planet, we must be careful to be authentic and honest with ourselves.  The time is now to do the inner work and to find our own inner power.  Empowered individuals can revolutionize the world.


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