ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Assess the Necessity

Each person has a different definition of what is necessary in their life. To some, a fancy car fits into that category. To others, it is private school. Some consider necessity to include only one pair of serviceable shoes and to others, a different pair for each outfit in the closet.

Ours is not to judge what another considers a necessity in their life. However, it is important to decide consciously what is a necessity in Your Life.

Have you been thinking that a partner is a necessity in your life? Maybe you are avoiding doing some personal growth work to reclaim disowned parts (often the powerful ones) of your own Self and you have been misled into believing that another person will bring you to wholeness.

Do you have an amount of money that is a necessity for you to feel safe and secure? Is money something that you chase because you feel you never have enough, or that you never are enough?

The word, necessary, itself can be reduced to air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat (and less than we in the Western world are used to!) and maybe shelter from storms. As I write this, many thousands of people have been tragically struck by nature’s ferocity and have reduced their definition of what they really need to these few things.

And, yet, we somehow feel that we need more, we need to BE more.

Look at your ‘necessities’ and decide if they are really necessary to your life and to your happiness. Look at your relationships and ask if you really need more from the other person. Look at your career or business or work. What is really necessary there?

Appreciate how much you have beyond the basic necessities of life. We live in a society where we have music wherever we go. We drive cars or travel on trains and buses and planes to move from place to place. If you are reading this you have a computer or a smartphone on which to read it. You will probably come into contact with at least one other human being in the next week, if you wish it, so you are not totally alone in the world.

In November in the US we celebrate Thanksgiving and everyone speaks of Gratitude as if it’s a once-a year concept. Of course, most of us remind ourselves to feel gratitude often but we sometimes forget that we have huge blessings every day about which we can feel gratitude. What are your blessings beyond the necessities?

And it’s important to think of yourself as more than enough! You have a mission, a purpose, in being on the Earth at this time. You have all the resources available to you to complete your mission, to fulfill your purpose. Are you aware of that? Have you done the personal work to identify your Soul Purpose so that you can arrange your life to focus your energies on living that Purpose? Have you cleared the blocks that hold you into thinking that you are not enough? that you don’t have enough?

Humanity is evolving and each of us must step into our power, our empowerment, our Purpose. YOU ARE ENOUGH, just as you are, today!

And you have enough. Assess the necessity of everything in your life. Does it serve your Purpose? You might be surprised at the answers you get when you ask this question!

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