butterflyHappy Thanksgiving to our US friends and let’s just call it ‘Gratitude Day’ for all of us.

It is a joy to get together with family or to have a relaxing holiday alone. However you choose to celebrate gratitude let your heart overflow as you focus on the joy in your life. You can also have gratitude for the lessons and the people who bring those lessons to you.

Sometimes it is easy to focus on what is going wrong or what isn’t exactly the way we want it to be, but Thanksgiving is the holiday where we take a moment to be grateful, for everything.

I am grateful for the opportunity to chat with you via email and the internet. Thank you for reading the words that I send. I bless you for being a part of RosemarySpace.

After we have all eaten our fill of turkey and mashed potatoes, watched parades and football, and, I hope, written in our Gratitude Journals, let’s look at how we choose to live our lives for the rest of 2014 to prepare for the coming New Year.

We are still in the energy of a growing Moon, after last Saturday’s New Moon in Sagittarius, so this week is a good week to continue the planning for what we wish to bring into our lives next year. When the Full Moon occurs, on Saturday, December 6 at 7:27 am Eastern Standard Time, it will be time to release the old and prepare for the New Year.

What are you going to let go of at the next Full Moon? Decide now what you want to bring in and what you need to release to make room for the new.

The best way to prepare for the coming New Year is to reach inside and ask your guides for information. There are two events in December to help you do just this.

December 11The Oracle Speaks to the Community: The Divine Feminine give us guidance for the coming year. We’ll learn about the energies coming in 2015 and how to work with those energies to live our richest lives. The December message is always a powerful and informative one. I invite you to join us, in person in Maryland or via phone or online. Details are on the website here: The Oracle Speaks (Note: last month’s message blew us all away! Can’t wait to hear this one!)

December 13Possibilities Playshop: Come play with us! There are still some slots available for this fun day. You will meet your guide for the coming months, create your personal Playbook, learn about working with the Moon Cycles for Manifestation, and have a lot of fun! Details are on the website here: Possibilities Playshop

REMEMBER: The special half-hour Reading by Rosemary offer ends on December 31. There are still some appointments available. I will no longer be offering these brief sessions for a quick check-in as I am focusing on mentoring folks through transformation in VIP Breakthrough Days or over several private sessions.

If you’ve been thinking that you just have a quick question for your guides, or that you’d like to hear what they want you specifically to know as you plan for the coming year, then schedule your reading soon! Send me an email at to get your appointment on the calendar. This is the best holiday gift you can give yourself! (Or someone else!) Get ready for 2015!

As the year 2014 winds down and we all celebrate the holiday season, let’s look forward to making 2015 the best year yet! Lots of changes coming!

Where’s Rosemary?

December 5-7 – Practice Building Breakthrough, Los Angeles. In addition to attending the seminar, we’ll get another dose of grandbaby Tristan while we’re there! Woo Hoo! (Plus we see our friend and hairdresser in Santa Monica – a long way to go for a haircut, I know!)

December 11The Oracle Speaks to the Community – last one before the start of 2015! Join us for the message where we tune into the energies and guidance for the coming year. Details: The Oracle Speaks

December 12I AM: A Celebration of Life with Dale Allen Hoffman and Bob Sima. This is an ACT (A Community of Transformation) event in Annapolis. Please join us! Info at

December 13Possibilities PlayshopPlan for 2015 and have a lot of fun creating your own Playbook! And if you join us for The Oracle Speaks on December 11, you’ll know from The Divine Feminine the energies you’ll be working with in the coming ‘moonths.’ (We already have some fun people registered so you’ll be in good company!) 10:00 am – 2:00 pm EST. Details: Possibilities Playshop

I will be grateful to connect with you soon!



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