MUSE-INGS: What? Me Worry?

Some of us are old enough to remember Mad Magazine and Alfred E. Newman with the ‘What? Me Worry?’ smile on his face. How nice it would be to adopt this attitude toward all our problems!

I see worry as a huge drain on energy, away from the energy pie of today. Each day we start with one energy pie. We choose each day how many slices to make in that pie and to which activities we are giving those slices of pie. Some days we might make huge slices and work on only a couple of projects. Other days, we cut up slivers and divvy them out to lots of different activities or people.

When worry takes over, we cut a big slice of our energy pie and throw it away. Worry is planning energy, creating a mind wrapped around a possibility that has not materialized. And, knowing about the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation, we then energize the very thing that we don’t want to have happen. Bummer!

Since great worriers are also great planners, (they have to be to be so good at creating a picture of the future that hasn’t happened yet!) what if you took your energy for worry and turned it into the energy of planning for the outcome you desire? Much more fun to picture a happy desired outcome than a dismal one!

This is the difference between saying to yourself, ‘I hope I don’t catch that cold’ and ‘I plan to stay healthy.’ Since the unconscious mind can’t understand a negative without storing a picture of the phrase without the negative, the ‘I hope I don’t catch that cold’ thought creates and stores a picture of catching the very cold you don’t want to have! Much better to think, ‘I plan to stay healthy’ and then create a mind picture of staying healthy.

Worry works like that. You must create a picture in your mind of the horrible thing you are worrying about. Think of the energy it takes to create that scenario and plan all the details about which your are worried. Now take that energy back into your energy pie and devote it to something more productive in helping you to lead your richest life.

Whatever you are worried about might be a real problem in your life. I don’t mean to diminish real problems. But taking a slice of energy pie and devoting it to worrying about something that might happen does not use your most creative energy in the most productive manner. Instead, how about using the feeling or worry as a signal that your creative juices are about to start flowing and you want to choose to direct them in a positive way, rather than in the negative direction of worry?

Plan for the success you desire. If you are worrying about a certain outcome, then energize a different one with your thoughts. If you have a problem that you are worrying about but have not made any progress in solving, then change how you are thinking about the problem and look for some solution to ponder instead of the problem. Even the most outlandish possibility might hold some clue to the optimal solution.

And PLAY. Sometimes worry just indicates the need for you to get in touch with the energy of play. Make something. Play with kids. Get out crayons and paper and draw something. Get your hands in the dirt or the dough or the clay and form something. Play a game, sing a song. PLAY.

Get those creative juices flowing and apply them to the possibilities that hold the most energy for you. You don’t need to ignore the problems. The choice isn’t between worrying and ignoring the problems. The choice is to be your creative self and solve problems rather than to worry about them.

Explore the field of all possibilities with the energy of play and watch the wonderful solutions appear!

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