It seems that everyone these days is feeling the weight of a struggle in some area of their life – financial, family, health, career, spiritual. It can be a simple problem that must be solved or a complex issue that is beyond one’s control. The common thread seems to be that there is a sense of urgency about the issue and the question is, ‘What is my next step?’

Where do you seek the answer to that question? Are you willing to take responsibility for finding the solutions yourself or do you hide your head in the sand ostrich-style and hope it will go away? Are you waiting for someone to come along and solve it for you?

The answer is within you, no matter what the problem or issue might be that you are facing. Others might share wisdom or their experience. Some might be experts, some might not know what they are talking about. You might get conflicting advice from others and feel confused.

Do your research AND check in with your own inner guidance. Even if everyone around you gives you the same advice but your ‘gut feeling’ contradicts that, follow the direction of your gut. Your intuition is tuned in to the lessons that are there for you to learn. Your angels and guides are ready to help you grow. Your inner support system will help you.

Of course, it is wise to have a human support system, too, but only if those people are willing to support you in whatever YOU choose as your path. Are you surrounded by folks who want you to do things their way? Do you feel that you are criticized if you choose a path they don’t support? Then find a new support system!

The power is in you to move forward in your life. You are equipped to handle whatever lessons come your way. No matter how large or small the issue is that is on your plate today, you can take care of it.

What is the problem that wakes you up at night? What is sitting in that pile on the corner of your desk that you are hoping will go away? Who are you avoiding calling because you dread the conversation?

The power is in you if you claim it! You are not helpless even if some days it feels that way.

Ask for help. Find a friend or counselor or advisor to listen to you and to help you put one foot in front of the other. Because this is what it takes to move forward.

Many sensitive people are feeling the energy of change on the planet at this time. It is affecting different people in different ways but some of us are having similar reactions. There are big changes coming. We are all in the cauldron of transformation whether we really want to be there or not. The question is not ‘Will you change?’ but ‘How will you change?’

Ask yourself if you can see a new way to handle whatever problems you are facing no matter what they are. If everything in your life is going smoothly then look for ways that you can advance your personal growth.

It is time to transform. We’re still feeling the effects of the 2012 energy that gave a huge boost to the transformation energy. It’s not over yet!

The good news is that the power is in you!!!

PS: In this message I talk about going inside yourself to find the power to move forward. Find your guidance and empowerment inside you! Not sure how? Let’s talk! Apply for a FREE “Discovery Session” with me and learn tools of self-discovery! Apply Here



My “Two-Minute” video for the week: The Power Is Inside You


PS: In this video I talk about going inside yourself to find the power to move forward. Find your guidance and empowerment inside you! Not sure how? Let’s talk! Apply for a FREE “Discovery Session” with me and learn tools of self-discovery! Apply Here


I am busy packing for our next move! We have geared down for just a bit to make this shift, and then watch for new programs! Meanwhile, here’s where you can find me over the next couple of weeks:

***Qigong with Richard***
Monday Evenings in July, August and September, Severna Park.

I am taking Richard’s continuing class Monday evenings, 7:00 to 8:00 pm through September. Join me for this wonderful approach to body movement and meditation; the ancient Chinese martial art-form of Qigong. It is a gentle yet very effective body practice that is easy to learn and do, anywhere. Join the class anytime; give it a try for free!

We’ll be at Heck Hall, part of the St Martin’s-in-the-Field Episcopal Church campus, 375 Benfield Road, Severna Park, MD 21146.

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August 1 to August 5, 2013

The truck is reserved. The storage people have been notified. The packing up has begun! Next week, in the midst of Ezine production we’ll be moving to our new home in Severna Park, MD. If you are in the area come join in the fun!


Centaurus A GalaxyHow did you like that Full Moon on July 22? What a great day! It was our 30th Wedding Anniversary and Prince George was born in England. He picked a great day to enter the world. (And we’ll remember his birthday!)

We also have moved beyond that pesky Mercury Retrograde that had communications all messed up for awhile. Hope you have recovered. The Sun moved into Leo so we should all be feeling that fire energy that propels us to move forward. It feels a lot more active that Cancer energy.

At the end of that nurturing Cancer energy we were in New Jersey with Sri Karunamayi, our Amma, celebrating Guru Purnima, the honoring of all the gurus. It was a magnificent ceremony and we shared it with good friends from Colorado. Next year Amma will celebrate in San Francisco at the Full Moon in July. We’ll let you know details so that maybe some of you can join us in California.

Richard and I are shifting into ‘Move Mode’ now. We are packing and preparing to move August 1-5 into our new home and Spiritual Center. It’s exciting! We’ll have room for private offices to see clients in person and a meeting room for classes and events and celebrations.

Some of the new events that we will be offering include Satsang, where I will teach/channel and attendees can ask questions; Kirtan, where we’ll sing chants and be uplifted; a monthly Celebration, including meditation and ritual and teaching messages. Of course, we’ll continue to offer Conversations with The Other Side, both in person and online or at your home for your guests. And Richard will continue to teach Qigong classes in Severna Park. We’ve also got plans for a Meditation Group, a Spiritual Book Group and some new classes.

Stay tuned for the schedule of events and plan to join us. Some will be offered online or via phone so that, even if you are not in the Maryland area, you can join us via cyberspace.

As we all deal with the transformation energy that this week’s Exploration discusses, this is a great time to schedule a private session and get your personal guidance through these times. I’d love to do a reading for you and help you to discover YOUR NEXT STEP! Here’s where to get more info: [LINK]

Remember those meteor showers that peak in the early hours of July 30 in the Eastern Time Zone. It’s really something to sit and watch ‘shooting stars’!

Have a star-filled week!


Protect Yourself – Richard’s Commentary

This week’s message from The Divine Feminine was powerful, practical and personal. They are very methodical in their prescription for self-protection. Their message coupled with my recent experience with Sri Karunamayi during this past weekend celebration, known as Guru Purnima, offers a lot of material for my posts at the end of this week. And it is all coming from the Goddess!

The Divine Feminine listed specific areas of our lives in which we need to consider ways and tools to protect ourselves:

  • Protect yourself from fear
  • Protect yourself from apathy
  • Protect yourself from the energies of other people
  • Protect yourself from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • Protect yourself from misguided choices

This is quite a list! Each item here deserves a separate blog post but for today and tomorrow I am going to focus on two and the related tools to protect against these negative forces that can so easily derail our good intentions.

The first area I’d like to examine in some detail is apathy. I think this force is attacking many people in this country and even the world. I don’t want to get into politics or the economy or institutional stagnation here, but let’s face it: for the most part our governments, our elected officials and our own constituency is bogged down in a state of paralysis that I believe is born out of apathy. We are stuck in a spiral of petty politics and an uncaring economic system that seems to be in steady decline. And who is out there to raise the banner of protest against this apathetic state we’ve sunk to? “Where is the Outrage?” read one blog-post recently! The so-called “middle class” is the “poster-child” now. But does anyone really care about the real middle-class?

How do we protect against apathy? The answer lies in Purpose! The Divine Feminine say we each have a Soul Purpose. We are incarnated at this particular time in history with a distinct purpose to fulfill. We are each a unique part of the Divine Plan of Love and Light. And we have a “collective purpose” as we move deeper into the 21st Century so full of potential for Divine Transformation. We all must find our purpose, and we all must commit to that purpose and live lives of purposeful action. This is the way out of apathy. Whether we, as individuals, as a community or a powerful Nation, are to move beyond ourselves and into a New World transformed by the energies of change swirling around us, is a choice; it is our choice.

How do we know what our purpose is? There are many ways. For one it is written in our hands. The blueprints for our life are with us from before birth, stored in our fingerprints; and our hand-prints show us a map, not only of where we are going but where we have been. Find someone to read your hands and reveal your purpose. Then move firmly into that purpose and away from apathy!

The second area I’d like to address is misguided choices. The Divine Feminine advise trusting our intuition and accepting the choices we make and the lessons that come with them. The choices guided by intuition take us on the path of greatest growth. But for men this is not always the easiest thing. The old cliché is to trust “women’s intuition.” But what about we men? The key here is to learn to meditate and to practice meditation as a life-long commitment. Meditation helps us get deeper in touch with our own inner selves. This is where intuition lives, inside! And I have found that the more I practice going inside to look for answers the more I can trust the answers that come.

The Divine Feminine offered very practical ways to protect ourselves from these five negative forces arrayed against our expansion of consciousness and our contribution to the evolution of human consciousness. The key is to do the inner work to develop the self and find the True Self in the process!


PS: If you are searching for someone to reveal your Soul Purpose and read your hands, Rosemary is both highly trained and exceptionally skilled through years of experience. For more information Click Here

PPS: I will be offering more detail on meditation and developing intuition in tomorrow’s post on my blog:


Again this week, The Divine Feminine wish to continue instructing us in 21st Century living.

“Dear Ones,

We do not say ‘Protect Yourself’ to make you fear what is happening, but to empower you to handle the tumultuous energies of the transformational time in which you are living.

As life on Planet Earth moves forward in its evolution, each individual must maintain their forward momentum and continue to evolve. There are, however, many situations and energies that would distract one from this path. There are also those who believe that, through the instilling of fear in individuals, they can exert power over them. As consciousness students, you have the power to overcome the efforts of those who wish you to stay in the energy of fear.

Protect yourself from fear. This does not mean that there will not arise occasions when your immediate reaction will be a feeling of fear. You do not, however, have to stay in fear if you have developed the tools to deal with this.

The first tool you must learn to protect yourself is to develop your connection with your spirit guides and the angels who would protect you with their power. You have guides who would instruct you in actions to take if you would ask them and listen to their guidance. You have angels who would protect you if you would invite them to help in your life. These assistants from other realms are available to you if you learn to connect with them.

Protect yourself from apathy. You have been given a human life on Planet Earth at this time in its history because your Soul chose to assist humanity in its transformation and evolution. Care about your role in this process. Determine the Purpose which your Soul agreed to manifest and take action to pursue that Purpose in your life. Do not allow difficulties to distract you from your Purpose. If you find yourself drifting into apathy or not caring about your daily life, then get help to move you back onto your path of personal growth.

Protect yourself from the energies of other people. YOU are the only one with your Soul Purpose on this planet. YOU are the only one who can play your role in the unfolding of the Universe’s Plan for humanity. If you encounter others who would interfere with your evolution then you must learn to separate your energy from theirs.

Develop rituals of protection so that you can keep your environment and your energy field clear of the energies of others. Learn to use meditation, candles, incense, sage, crystals, feng shui, and whatever other tools will help you to clear your space and keep your energy field filled with only your energy.

Protect yourself from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. These insidious energies can be at work in your life at the unconscious level and, yet, they can be very powerful. Do the work, which might require outside assistance, to clear these from your unconscious mind so that you are able to move forward along your path of growth. Develop the tools to recognize when these are holding you back. Become conscious at all times of how your mind can play tricks on you.

Protect yourself from misguided choices. Learn to trust and follow your intuition. No matter what choices you make, there will be lessons to learn. At this time, however, your intuition will lead you on the path of greatest growth and fastest evolutionary progress. Learn how to access the great guidance available through your own intuition.

Develop these tools and you will have a toolbox to protect yourself!

And so it is.”

PS: In this message The Divine Feminine talk about tools for self-protection, empowerment and clearing negative energies. You too have these powers of self-protection and can use them at any time. Not sure how? Let’s talk! Apply for a FREE “Discovery Session” with me and learn tools of protection! Apply Here


My “Two-Minute” video for the week: Protect Yourself



PS: In this video I talk about tools for self-protection, empowerment and clearing negative energies. You too have these powers of self-protection and can use them at any time. Not sure how? Let’s talk! Apply for a FREE “Discovery Session” with me and learn tools of protection! Apply Here


Here’s where you can find me over the next few weeks:

***Guru Purnima*** 
Sunday, July 21 in Trenton, NJ.

Just back from being with Sri Karunamayi and this fabulous Hindu celebration of the Guru, Amma! We also joined our wonderful friends from Colorado who came all the way east to be with Amma.

***30th Wedding Anniversary*** 
Monday, July 22 in Annapolis, MD.

Back in Maryland just in time for our anniversary. It’s hard to believe Richard and I have been married (and committed) for this long! Lots to celebrate!

***Qigong with Richard*** 
Monday Evenings in July, August and September, Severna Park.

I am taking Richard’s continuing class Monday evenings, 7:00 to 8:00 pm through September. Join me for this wonderful approach to body movement and meditation; the ancient Chinese martial art-form of Qigong. It is a gentle yet very effective body practice that is easy to learn and do, anywhere. Join the class anytime; give it a try for free!

We’ll be at Heck Hall, part of the St Martin’s-in-the-Field Episcopal Church campus, 375 Benfield Road, Severna Park, MD 21146.

Get Details Here

August 1 to August 5, Annapolis to Severna Park, MD.

Yes, at last we are moving to new space we can expand into and offer classes and workshops. RosemarySpace is growing!

And, if you are in the area, please give us a call and come by to lend a hand!


ISON comet

Huzzah!!! The Mercury Retrograde period is ending on Saturday, July 20 at 2:22 pm Eastern Time. This means that the planet we have been blaming for messed up communications, mail, emails and transportation issues (6 breakdowns in our extended family alone last week!) is going to start behaving better when it appears to travel forward again when viewed from Earth. This, of course, means that memory lapses and missed communications can’t be blamed on Mercury after Saturday so you’ll have to line up some other good excuses!

Also on Saturday the Sun moves into the fiery sign of Leo. Since this is the sign of hubby Richard’s and my birthdays (August 2) we’ll be celebrating through the whole time of Leo, especially by moving into our new home on August 1. I hope that you, too, celebrate more than just the one day of your birthday! You are here on the Planet for a unique purpose so celebrate YOU for the whole month!

And we have a Full Moon on Monday, July 22 at 2:15 pm Eastern Time. This time the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in the opposite sign of Aquarius. The personal vs. the collective. Think of your desires and dreams in the context of the greater good. This is another SuperMoon so the power of the electromagnetic energies and gravitational pulls will be greater than normal. It will be a powerful weekend!

On Sunday Richard and I will be joining friends from Colorado in Trenton, New Jersey to celebrate the Hindu festival, Guru Purnima, with Sri Karunamayi. If you are also attending this festival, or would like more information, please Send me an email.

Then, on Monday, July 22, Richard and I will celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary! We celebrate every anniversary as a renewal of vows. On July 23 I’m honored to be performing a wedding ceremony in DC for a couple who have been together for 45 years and are now allowed to be legally wed. Isn’t it wonderful? (Did you know that I design and perform custom wedding ceremonies?)

When you read this week’s Exploration about protecting yourself, ask if you would benefit from a reading with me to connect with your guides and to identify the limiting beliefs/negative thoughts that are holding you back. You’d be surprised at how much information you can receive in a 1-hour session! Get more information on a reading here: Private Session

Enjoy the energies of Leo, Mercury going Direct, and the Full Moon – a great time to let go of what’s holding you back.

Happy Birthday, Makayla! Our lovely granddaughter turned Sweet 16 this week!


Love and Life Purpose – Richard’s Commentary

The heart of the message from The Divine Feminine channeled by Rosemary for this week’s Mystic Message is:

The work of the enlightened ones and all spiritual students who wish to support the evolution of human consciousness is to spread the high vibration energy of Love into the energy grid of the Planet. This energy attracts assistance from other realms to amplify the energy on Earth.

I would like to think I am a “spiritual student” and certainly wish to support the evolution of human consciousness. And yet I seem to fail so often in so many ways! Or do I? Here’s this week’s story:

I “lost” my sunglasses. They happen to be an expensive pair that I like; I’ve had them for several years and have taken very good care of them. My first reaction when I lose something is to begin a frantic search. Searching with no results leads to frustration. The longer the search the greater the frustration. And when the long search is fruitless, frustration turns easily to anger.

The anger is self-directed. I am at fault for misplacing/losing the sunglasses. I am further at fault for wasting all the energy in the search, then the frustration, then the anger. And though the anger is self-directed, it is not necessarily self-contained. It spills over through a bad mood. Everyone around me experiences my loss!

After much consternation a night passes without their appearance. My temper is vented in my “morning pages” and through writing out the story a perspective begins to emerge: this is a small loss, my frustration and anger are over-blown, there is a lesson here, the Mystic Message this week is about Love, beginning with self-love.

Ah ha; there can be no love without first loving one’s self. And self-directed anger over small errors is the antithesis of self-love. Directing this anger-energy into the grid of the planet is the antithesis of what a “spiritual student” needs to strive for; and it likely “attracts assistance from other realms” that I would rather not attract!

The trouble is I’m an Enneagram type 1, “The Perfectionist.” And I really struggle with this pervasive characteristic, or motivation in myself. Sometimes it is a harsh, unforgiving task-master riding on my shoulders. I want things, events and people to be correct, to go the right way, to be smooth and cooperative, to follow rules…to be perfect. And when things, events, people go awry, I too easily move to anger. And where is the love in that?

There are many lessons in this story. The main one I choose to take away today is one of “awareness.” And I am practicing this lesson, it seems, on a moment-to-moment basis (and maybe that’s the point!). It is time to become fully aware, moment-to-moment!

A few days ago I offered the story of Tenno and his umbrella on my blog. Did he get angry with himself when he failed to answer  Master Nan-in’s question about placement of his umbrella? No. He simply surrendered to his need for more study and practice – 10 years more!

After writing these thoughts down in my “morning pages” the day after my loss, I felt better. I accepted the lesson and my imperfection. I realized my anger-energy was pointless and wasted, maybe even damaging! I let go of the sunglasses. They had served me well; it was time to move on. It was time to practice love!

That evening I found the sunglasses, buried in a chair I had been using. My relief tangled with my realization that I had learned another (again) lesson on love. If I had started with love, even self-love for attracting a valuable lesson, I would have saved myself a lot of time and dark energy, and maybe I would have found my sunglasses earlier in the day!

I remain a “spiritual student.”