Centaurus A GalaxyHow did you like that Full Moon on July 22? What a great day! It was our 30th Wedding Anniversary and Prince George was born in England. He picked a great day to enter the world. (And we’ll remember his birthday!)

We also have moved beyond that pesky Mercury Retrograde that had communications all messed up for awhile. Hope you have recovered. The Sun moved into Leo so we should all be feeling that fire energy that propels us to move forward. It feels a lot more active that Cancer energy.

At the end of that nurturing Cancer energy we were in New Jersey with Sri Karunamayi, our Amma, celebrating Guru Purnima, the honoring of all the gurus. It was a magnificent ceremony and we shared it with good friends from Colorado. Next year Amma will celebrate in San Francisco at the Full Moon in July. We’ll let you know details so that maybe some of you can join us in California.

Richard and I are shifting into ‘Move Mode’ now. We are packing and preparing to move August 1-5 into our new home and Spiritual Center. It’s exciting! We’ll have room for private offices to see clients in person and a meeting room for classes and events and celebrations.

Some of the new events that we will be offering include Satsang, where I will teach/channel and attendees can ask questions; Kirtan, where we’ll sing chants and be uplifted; a monthly Celebration, including meditation and ritual and teaching messages. Of course, we’ll continue to offer Conversations with The Other Side, both in person and online or at your home for your guests. And Richard will continue to teach Qigong classes in Severna Park. We’ve also got plans for a Meditation Group, a Spiritual Book Group and some new classes.

Stay tuned for the schedule of events and plan to join us. Some will be offered online or via phone so that, even if you are not in the Maryland area, you can join us via cyberspace.

As we all deal with the transformation energy that this week’s Exploration discusses, this is a great time to schedule a private session and get your personal guidance through these times. I’d love to do a reading for you and help you to discover YOUR NEXT STEP! Here’s where to get more info: [LINK]

Remember those meteor showers that peak in the early hours of July 30 in the Eastern Time Zone. It’s really something to sit and watch ‘shooting stars’!

Have a star-filled week!



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