ISON comet

Huzzah!!! The Mercury Retrograde period is ending on Saturday, July 20 at 2:22 pm Eastern Time. This means that the planet we have been blaming for messed up communications, mail, emails and transportation issues (6 breakdowns in our extended family alone last week!) is going to start behaving better when it appears to travel forward again when viewed from Earth. This, of course, means that memory lapses and missed communications can’t be blamed on Mercury after Saturday so you’ll have to line up some other good excuses!

Also on Saturday the Sun moves into the fiery sign of Leo. Since this is the sign of hubby Richard’s and my birthdays (August 2) we’ll be celebrating through the whole time of Leo, especially by moving into our new home on August 1. I hope that you, too, celebrate more than just the one day of your birthday! You are here on the Planet for a unique purpose so celebrate YOU for the whole month!

And we have a Full Moon on Monday, July 22 at 2:15 pm Eastern Time. This time the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in the opposite sign of Aquarius. The personal vs. the collective. Think of your desires and dreams in the context of the greater good. This is another SuperMoon so the power of the electromagnetic energies and gravitational pulls will be greater than normal. It will be a powerful weekend!

On Sunday Richard and I will be joining friends from Colorado in Trenton, New Jersey to celebrate the Hindu festival, Guru Purnima, with Sri Karunamayi. If you are also attending this festival, or would like more information, please Send me an email.

Then, on Monday, July 22, Richard and I will celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary! We celebrate every anniversary as a renewal of vows. On July 23 I’m honored to be performing a wedding ceremony in DC for a couple who have been together for 45 years and are now allowed to be legally wed. Isn’t it wonderful? (Did you know that I design and perform custom wedding ceremonies?)

When you read this week’s Exploration about protecting yourself, ask if you would benefit from a reading with me to connect with your guides and to identify the limiting beliefs/negative thoughts that are holding you back. You’d be surprised at how much information you can receive in a 1-hour session! Get more information on a reading here: Private Session

Enjoy the energies of Leo, Mercury going Direct, and the Full Moon – a great time to let go of what’s holding you back.

Happy Birthday, Makayla! Our lovely granddaughter turned Sweet 16 this week!



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