Happy New Moon in Leo!

Today’s NASA image, dated August 13, 2015, is from the Gemini Observatory’s new Gemini Planet Imager. It has found the most solar system-like planet ever directly imaged around another star.

We are not alone! Especially not in the Universe!

Three New Moon Haiku

Moon Death

Mourn the losses deep!
Moon death carries them down.
But wait; look west. Birth!

Moon Dark

Rest through the night deep;
No struggle, no pain – Moon dark.
Light returns – renewed.

Moon Drift

Celebrate the gain.
Moon drift carries her beyond.
Light breaks to the west!

©2015 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.


Today’s New Moon in Leo, when the Sun and Moon are together in the sign, occurred at 10:53 amEastern Daylight Time (EDT). The New Moon is the time to invite new energies into your life. What have you been seeking? Now is the time to welcome that into your life.

Leo is the sign of creativity and love. In what way can you express yourself creatively? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go out and paint a picture but find YOUR expression – art, music, problem solving, knitting, etc. Roar like a lion because you love what you are doing!

Venus is playing with the Moon and the Sun in Leo and is showing us the importance of embracing the Divine Feminine within. It is time for all of us to live in a collaborative way, not in competition with each other but, rather, finding how we can support others while making our own unique contribution.

Do you know who you were born to be? Are you living your purpose? Claim it now and live life fully! Be who you really are.

If you are looking for some help with this search, be sure to claim one of the Summer Special appointments! I don’t usually offer single sessions and this limited offer will end at Labor Day. Here’s the link: Summer Special

The John of God Crystal Healing Bed will be here in Severna Park on September 6. There are still some slots open if you would like to experience this amazing healing. Kathy South trained in Brazil at the Casa of John of God and takes groups there several times a year. She will be at our house on September 6 with the technology for you to experience the healing. Contact me if you would like to take one of the remaining

Stay tuned for info on the telesummit coming up in October! Spiritual Practices of Successful Entrepreneurs. More details soon.

On a personal note, thanks for all the birthday wishes! We had a fabulous time with family, celebrating for days together. I am not a fan of hot weather but I do love celebrating the Sun in Leo!



Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! And happy Sun in Leo!

Today’s NASA picture from the New Horizons Spacecraft is Pluto with “his” Full Moon, Charon.

Golden Days

Lammas is upon us.
Dog Star rises in the East,
Full Moon sets in the West.
Awaken now to Golden Days!

Harvest is upon us.
The fullness of summer
Yields ripeness to the scythe.
Awaken now to Golden Days!

Cross-quarter is upon us.
Solstice to Equinox half-way through.
Long days begin to yield at last.
Forget not now these Golden Days!

Autumn is fast upon us.
Falling leaves remind the time.
Cycles within cycles ticking past.
Forget not now these Golden Days!

©2015 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.


Happy Birthday to me! And to Richard! And to Tristan!

This is a big weekend for celebrating Leo birthdays in our family. We will have our whole family together to celebrate in Maryland. Exciting times!

And the Full Moon was yesterday, Friday, July 31, 2015 at 6:42 am Eastern Daylight Time. This is a time when the Moon in the sign of Aquarius is directly opposite the Sun in Leo. This Sun brings up our personal creativity and the Moon couples that with the Aquarius energy of collaboration for the good of all humanity.

What can you create that benefits others? This time of creativity is to remind us that we are all One, not separate but interdependent members of this tribe called ‘humanity.’

When the Moon is Full it is reflecting the most Sunlight that it can. How can you shine your inner light more brightly into the outer world? Are you living your purpose, your mission, your gifts?

This is also the time to release what is holding you back from Living Your Richest Life™. Where are the blocks, the doubts, the fears keeping you from your joy? What are the possibilities that you cannot see because something is clouding your view?

Because it’s MY BIRTHDAY this weekend, I am making a special offer to you! If you would like to get some personal guidance about your purpose, your blocks, where your next step will take you, I would love to support you. Schedule a READING WITH ROSEMARY for only $150. My clients work with me for months to connect to the possibilities that they don’t know they don’t know so I don’t usually offer a one-time session. But my guidance is to offer this to the first 10 members of RosemarySpace who claim one of these readings. Are you ready to learn more about your next step? We’ll meet via videoconference (because I would love to see your smile!) or telephone and you will get a lot of valuable wisdom to help you to move forward in business, relationships, life. Here’s how to claim your reading today: Claim Link

The planets are lining up in the next few days to support you in reassessing where you are and what the possibilities are for your future. Are you willing to figure out the fears that hold you back and to take that leap forward that you have been waiting to take? Now is the time!

Once in a ‘Blue Moon’ you get this opportunity – this is the month with a Blue Moon and today is the day! (A Blue Moon happens when there is a second Full Moon in one calendar month. The first one in July happened on July 1.) The theme of this Blue Moon is ‘how the power of individual intention and the force of collective consciousness combine to create our reality’ – from The Mountain Astrologer. Get your intention lined up with your purpose so you can shine your Light in the world and create the reality you desire!

The Leo New Moon is coming on August 14 at 10:53 am Eastern Daylight Time. Get clear about your intentions before then by clearing what is in the way. You don’t want to carry any old energies with you into the generous energy of newness at the next New Moon!

Until then.



Our newest family Leo, Tristan

Our last days for the Sun to be in Leo! This is our birthday sign (Richard & I are Leos) so we continue to celebrate. I hope you do that for yourself, too. Don’t confine your celebration of your birthday to just one day! How about the whole time the Sun is in your sign? Or the whole month? Our family has a lot of Leos, including the newest member who was born 3 ½ weeks early so he (our latest grandbaby) could be a Leo, too. (Here’s his most recent picture!)

Did you ever wonder about babies who are preemies or late ones? How about the ones where Mom labors for days before delivery? My mom was in labor for 3 days before I was born and, in my natal astrological chart, my Moon is at 0 degrees Cancer – I was waiting to have a Cancer Moon! My granddaughter did the same thing to her mother, although labor only went into the second day. There’s something that the soul knows about this lifetime that is reflected in the astrological configuration of the Solar System at the time of one’s birth. The new astrology teaches about the lessons to be learned and the resources to learn those lessons as they are shown in the chart. It is a fascinating way to learn about yourself.

And Scientific Hand Analysis teaches that your handprints give you a lot of information about how you process data, how you relate heart and mind, what your Life Purpose is, where your Blind Spot is, and a whole lot more.

I would love to help you learn about yourself and show you how many tools you can use to help you to Live Your Richest Life!

The place to start is to come to the Possibilities Playshop in Severna Park, Maryland on Saturday, September 20th, meet your Guide(s), create your Playbook, and get ready for the coming ‘moonths’ where you will learn to relate the cycles of the Moon to what is happening in your life.

These Playshops are great fun and some wonderful people gather around the table to play at them. We limit the number of attendees so that it can be an intimate, in-person experience here in Severna Park. I hope you’ll join us as we shift into Autumn – come play with us on September 20! Here are the details: Playshop Link Register early to take advantage of the Early Bird Investment level!

If you can’t share the Playshop with us in Severna Park this time, then tune in for The Oracle Speaks on Wednesday, August 27 and learn what The Divine Feminine have to share with us about the energies of this time. I will be channeling a general message and then attendees can ask questions, both general and personal.We’ve been getting some amazing information at these events so I encourage you to be live with us: in person in Maryland, online via videoconference, or by telephone. I don’t know what we will learn but it will be relevant and important! Here’s how to register: Oracle Speaks Link

Remember that self-knowledge improves all your relationships. Focus some attention on delving more deeply into who you really are. And working on yourself is working on your relationships, your business, your finances and your life!

Have a great week of discovery!


bullseyeWhat fun we’re having on our trip to Florida! We are visiting family and friends along the way before we get to Orlando. Will we see you at the Red Elephant event, “Stand, Speak and Profit” there? I won tickets for us to attend this event and so it precipitated a drive south and some important visits along the way. I hope to connect with people and information that will make the next event we present to be the best it can be.

We celebrated the New Moon in Leo on Saturday, July 26 at 6:42 pm Eastern Daylight Time. If you have attended a Possibilities Playshop you can check your Playbook to see what your theme is for this New Moon cycle. If you haven’t attended the Playshop yet, we’ll be announcing the next one shortly.Pay attention to your intentions for this New Moon.Leo energy is powerfully sent to us via both the Sun and Moon at this time. Take some time to reflect on your purpose and how you can move forward in manifesting that purpose in the world. What helpers do you need? What new insights can you gain? Jupiter is giving us a chance to expand our visions and take advantage of great opportunities. Keep your eyes and heart open!

At The Oracle Speaks Event last week The Divine Feminine gave us some great guidance about Children, Compassion and Crystals, all focused through the lens of Self-Love. This was the Leo event and we’ll be offering The Oracle Speaks Events at least once during every Sun Sign throughout the year. In these events I channel The Divine Feminine and there is always great wisdom and guidance for living a Conscious Life.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can get the audio recording here and listen to this important message. Link to Purchase. When you participate live, you get to ask your questions, general or personal, and you can join us in person or via the internet. Watch for the Virgo event!

Tomorrow’s post is a video clip from last week’s event so that you can hear what The Divine Feminine started teaching about crystals. They gave us some more information on crystals in last Friday’s post. Is it time you paid more attention to crystals and how they can help you in your life?

Hope you are enjoying your Summer and that you are giving yourself time for Self-Love and Play! Celebrate Leo and keep roaring!


whirlpool plusWelcome to all the new subscribers to the Wisdom Connections! We’re happy to have you in RosemarySpace!

The Sun is about to move into the sign of Leo (tomorrow, July 22 at 5:41pm Eastern Daylight Time) and the Moon meets up with him in Leo for the New Moon on the 26th. Leo is the fire sign of the King of the Beasts, the majestic lion, and the key words for Leo are “I Will.” Leo is about Love and Leadership and Enthusiasm and Creativity. (Each month I’ll be letting you know about that month’s Sun Sign and some of its qualities while I keep you informed about the cycles of the Moon, too).

This is really a sign of Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the sign of my birthday and my husband, Richard’s. We share August 2nd birthdays and, since we get gypped out of having our separate days, we just celebrate the whole time that the Sun is in Leo! I highly recommend this to you – celebrate your SUN SIGN, not just one day. You are the Light of the World – you deserve more than just one day celebrating YOU!

So Leos unite! Let’s declare July 22 to August 22 a celebration of all Leos. And we’re awaiting the birth of another grandchild who is due on August 24, just after the Sun leaves Leo and moves into Virgo, its Dad’s sign. We grandparents, Mimi & Papa, are thinking it might be fun if it comes a bit early and is a Leo like us, but children are in charge of their own birth charts! (‘It’ because we don’t know its gender.)

During this creative time The Divine Feminine have been instructing me to deliver important messages from them. The first channeling event, The Oracle Speaks, was on July 13th and they gave us an amazing hour of guidance and wisdom and especially some helpful information for entrepreneurs. In case you weren’t able to join us, the recording is available for purchase on my websiteLINK

And, you will have another chance to hear from The Divine Feminine this month; it will be a totally different message!

On Wednesday, July 23 (after the Sun goes into Leo) I will be channeling The Divine Feminine with a message that starts at 7:00 pm Eastern Time and, after the message, those who are present in person or live in the online conference, can ask their questions, general or personal. This is your opportunity to get answers directly from The Divine Feminine on any topic!

There are two ways to participate: join us in person in Severna Park, Maryland or join us online from anywhere in the world.

Here’s how to register for this educational and informative event: Details and Registration

If you’ve never experienced hearing wisdom teachings from Spirit Teachers, then this is a great way to be introduced to the guidance. And you can join from the comfort of your home. Even if you can’t participate during the live event, if you reserve your spot, you will receive the recording. For a low investment, you will receive an amazing amount of wisdom.

And so we move even more deeply into Summer and the temperatures heat up. The Sun moving into Leo is an invitation to you to look at who is leading you in your life. Are you the Lion, king of your jungle, or is someone trying to tame you into being something you are not? Do the personal growth work to claim your Inner Leo!



New Moon in Virgo
Happy August!

We are in the midst of the big move into our new home! And we are celebrating our mutual birthdays. This is a big time for the Bredeson family.

We are moving forward. Although at the moment we are tripping over boxes in both places and spend our days loading and unloading a moving van, our minds are full of great ideas for offerings we can share with you as we extend our community in the Maryland area and online. Richard has a new Qigong Class beginning onAugust 5 (yes, in the middle of the move!) and I will be starting to see private clients at my new home office next week. Woo Hoo!!!

All of this is happening around the New Moon in Leo on Tuesday, August 6 which occurs at 5:51 pmEastern Daylight Time. This New Moon invites us to express our creativity from a place of knowing our purpose, our essence. This theme continues through the Sun’s time in Leo. Move into your power, your own Inner Light, and live your purpose in the world. Start something new on August 6. Between now and then, get rid of what has been holding you back, whatever is keeping you from moving forward.

We are moving forward into a new home, a new Spiritual Study Center with new offerings to our community. What are you doing to move forward into something new?

I’m committing publicly to complete work on my next book before the end of the year. I expect to spend a lot more time on it in my new home office. Please send some good writer vibes to support me in this! Thanks!

A big ‘thank you’ to our grandkids, Makayla, Cody, and Joshie, for their help in getting this move started. They are enthusiastic problem solvers and indefatigable movers. You guys are the best!

And a special ‘Happy Birthday’ to my husband, Richard! Thank you for taking on the Lion’s share of the work for this move! Love you!

Have a fabulous week! Hope it has all sorts of new energy for you!



ISON comet

Huzzah!!! The Mercury Retrograde period is ending on Saturday, July 20 at 2:22 pm Eastern Time. This means that the planet we have been blaming for messed up communications, mail, emails and transportation issues (6 breakdowns in our extended family alone last week!) is going to start behaving better when it appears to travel forward again when viewed from Earth. This, of course, means that memory lapses and missed communications can’t be blamed on Mercury after Saturday so you’ll have to line up some other good excuses!

Also on Saturday the Sun moves into the fiery sign of Leo. Since this is the sign of hubby Richard’s and my birthdays (August 2) we’ll be celebrating through the whole time of Leo, especially by moving into our new home on August 1. I hope that you, too, celebrate more than just the one day of your birthday! You are here on the Planet for a unique purpose so celebrate YOU for the whole month!

And we have a Full Moon on Monday, July 22 at 2:15 pm Eastern Time. This time the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in the opposite sign of Aquarius. The personal vs. the collective. Think of your desires and dreams in the context of the greater good. This is another SuperMoon so the power of the electromagnetic energies and gravitational pulls will be greater than normal. It will be a powerful weekend!

On Sunday Richard and I will be joining friends from Colorado in Trenton, New Jersey to celebrate the Hindu festival, Guru Purnima, with Sri Karunamayi. If you are also attending this festival, or would like more information, please Send me an email.

Then, on Monday, July 22, Richard and I will celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary! We celebrate every anniversary as a renewal of vows. On July 23 I’m honored to be performing a wedding ceremony in DC for a couple who have been together for 45 years and are now allowed to be legally wed. Isn’t it wonderful? (Did you know that I design and perform custom wedding ceremonies?)

When you read this week’s Exploration about protecting yourself, ask if you would benefit from a reading with me to connect with your guides and to identify the limiting beliefs/negative thoughts that are holding you back. You’d be surprised at how much information you can receive in a 1-hour session! Get more information on a reading here: Private Session

Enjoy the energies of Leo, Mercury going Direct, and the Full Moon – a great time to let go of what’s holding you back.

Happy Birthday, Makayla! Our lovely granddaughter turned Sweet 16 this week!