Mystic Message: Do you know why you live longer than your ancestors?

Dear Ones,

Time is speeding up on Planet Earth and there is little time left for people to play around with their mission for this lifetime. What are you doing each day to fulfill your purpose in being alive at this time in the history of humanity? Are you even aware of your purpose in spending this time on the Planet?

In days of the past people were content to live out their lives in simplistic ways with most of their energy going to survival. The human life span was far shorter than it is in these current days. Do you know the reason for this? It is because each human being who is incarnated on Planet Earth in these times has an important mission to fulfill to support the evolution of human consciousness and more years are needed to fulfill these missions than were needed in times past.

Does this surprise you? Think of how complex the world of the 21st Century is and think about how difficult daily life can be for many people. So-called ‘modern conveniences’ can actually complicate a lifestyle that would be much simpler without those conveniences. Connectivity around the Planet is amazing and fast but can also be used to distract a person from the importance of fulfilling their life purpose. Technology can be used to further understanding and the advancement of consciousness or it can be used to harm or degrade others. The ability to connect through mobile phones and the internet have taken away the solitude that a lack of connectivity necessarily creates.

Think about your day, your week. How much time do you spend in solitude? Not being alone with your computer, cell phone, TV, radio, iPod, video games. How much time do you spend unplugged from technology, separate from other people, alone with your thoughts? Do you meditate? Do you do some other activity that is meditative for you? Do you commune with Nature? Do you take time to smell the flowers? Are you happy being alone with your thoughts or do you require some outside stimulation, like a TV or radio or email or facebook connection?

When you are living a Conscious Life you see the value in being separated from other people and outside input. How can you fulfill your own life purpose if you are too busy or distracted to find out what it is? There are many sources for you to learn about your life purpose, including targeted coaching and scientific hand analysis. But are you possibly avoiding learning this because then you will feel a responsibility to make something happen in your life?

This week take some time to ‘go inside’ – to journal or meditate or walk in Nature and listen to your own thoughts. Where are those thoughts leading you? Do you feel that you know why you are on Planet Earth at this time or do you feel that there is something more for you if you just knew what it was?

Time is speeding up and you must be about your mission on the Earth. Discover what that is. Find the person who can help you with this discovery and move yourself forward on your personal journey of growth. You have been given more years than your ancestors because you have much to accomplish. Be about this work today.

You will love the feeling of living your own life purpose!

And so it is.


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