Muse-ings: Time is speeding up — figure out your Life Purpose Now!

It always seems that a discussion of one’s Life Purpose brings some emotions into play that relate to the enormity of that purpose. It’s called ‘stepping out in a big way.’

Our spirit knows why we have come onto the planet at this time and our whole life is focused on accomplishing that Life Purpose. I’ve heard this called our ‘Big Why.’ What is YOUR ‘Big Why’? Have you given this much thought?

There are many systems for self knowledge that all try to point you in the direction of your purpose but it’s so easy to get derailed because we feel inadequate to accomplish something that big. We think, ‘Who am I to think I have a mission that important or that big?’ Or we think that ‘Someday I will do that work but now I must focus on [making money, taking care of my family, pursuing my education, etc.].’

This week’s Mystic Message seems to want us to develop a sense of urgency around this. ‘Time is speeding up.’ There might not be the leisure of extra time to delay the manifesting of our Life Purpose. What are we waiting for?

That is the important question: What are we waiting for?

NOW is the time to learn what your Life Purpose is so that you can be about the business of living that Purpose. What have you done so far to discover this?

I have worked with many clients who wish to have this question answered for them and their guides have offered clarification for them. For some the answer comes through scientific hand analysis because the messages contained in the patterns of our hands are unique to us and to our purpose in being on the planet. It has been fascinating to study this technique of determining one’s Life Purpose and then to see how often what is revealed in a hand reading is just a confirmation of what the person has been feeling/thinking/wanting to do. Our inner spirit KNOWS why we are here, if we take the time and make the effort to listen to the wisdom.

What have you done lately to check that you are on the path of personal growth in the direction you must go to fulfill your Life Purpose? Are you struggling with the question of why you are here?

There are many ways that you can determine the answer to this question and most don’t require that you sit on top of a mountain in the Himalayas and ponder this for years!

Meditate on the questions you have about your life. Journal about these questions and tap into your inner wisdom to receive answers. Talk about this deep subject with trusted advisors. Have a reading with someone you trust to help you see what you cannot see or confirm what you are feeling. Think about scheduling a scientific hand analysis session so that you can start to learn about the messages that are right at your fingertips!

Whatever path you choose, do explore this topic for yourself, especially if you feel that there is something missing in your life, something more for you to be/do. Remember that ‘time is speeding up’!


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