Home Sweet Home! We’re back in Colorado for awhile after having an amazing trip across the country. Saw family and friends on both coasts, had wonderful business meetings in LA and New York, worked with clients and did a Conversation with The Other Side and also got to play with the grandkids. [I highly recommend seeing ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ if you want to chuckle and see an uplifting film. Sight gags abound!]

So now we’re moving forward with the sale of our house and the preparations for the move to LA. While at Ali Brown’s MPC Platinum Networking Event I was privileged to enjoy a ‘hot seat’ and to get some advice on growing the business to reach and help more people. My ‘aha’ was when Ali asked, ‘Why are you staying in Colorado Springs until the house is sold? Why don’t you move to LA now and get the business growing?’ Aha!!! That’s just what I needed to hear! So I am now looking for a house sitting/caretaking situation in the LA area so that I can head out there while Richard stays back in CO to get the house sold. Please ask your California friends if they know anyone who is going on vacation in August or September or who has a second home that they would like to have someone live in rather than leave it empty. I’m a great tenant! I appreciate your help in finding a place to stay for awhile.

In New York City with Baeth Davis’ Claim Your Spotlight Program I was privileged to watch my fellow Spotlighters deliver their signature talks and it is inspiring [do you believe I mistyped this at first as ‘inspiriting’? Hmmm…..] to see this group of amazing women step up to their Life Purpose and put their messages out to the world! I was able to deliver my talk, too, From Astrophsyics to Metaphysics: Trust Intuition to Live Your Richest Life and the talk was recorded. I’ll be sharing the videos with you after they are professionally edited. [Thank you, Blue Melnick!]

So you’ll be seeing some new offerings in the coming weeks even as I am moving from Colorado to California. Remember that you can receive a free coaching session with me by referring a new client this month! Email me for more details and refer a friend before June 30th to take advantage of this offer. Are YOU ready to do your inner work and get the assistance of guidance from your angels, guides, The Divine Feminine? NOW is the time!

Happy Summer Solstice as the Sun moves into Cancer for the next month! The third eclipse of the Summer happens on July 1 with the New Moon [2:54 AM MDT]. As the Moon’s shadow partially obscures the Sun notice how your emotions become clearer. Notice your dreams on Thursday night. And allow this week’s old Moon energy to take with it whatever old ‘stuff’ you are ready to release. At the time of the New Moon you’ll have lots of energy and focus to bring in a new consciousness for yourself and your life. Use this!

May your week be wonder-full!!!



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