MUSE-INGS: Choose to Sail with the Wind!

There really does seem to be a big shift coming. Can’t you feel it in the air? Or maybe I should say in the ground?

Certainly the weather shifts bring us to the question of “What’s going on?” We just returned home from a trip across country [Los Angeles, Annapolis, Maryland and New York City] and while visiting friends and family we heard stories about tornadoes in Maryland and the damage they have done. Our daughter and her family have been awakened at night twice by the emergency radio warning them to go to the basement with the kids because there was a tornado nearby. Scary!

And I have lived most of my life in that area where I can remember a few hurricanes over the decades coming up the Chesapeake Bay but tornadoes were something that happened to the middle of the country, not Maryland! My husband grew up in Wisconsin where there were frequent tornadoes but they didn’t happen in the middle of the night, where they are now occurring and are more deadly for those who are not forewarned.

But there are subtler levels of change on the planet that have an even more profound effect on us and on our lives. The energy shifts that are occurring are inviting us to grow into our ‘biggest selves.’ How are you growing today? What actions are you taking that propel you forward in your personal growth? This is the most important work we can do on Planet Earth as this time – our inner work, our own personal growth work.

We might be allowing economic news to have us focus on financial issues like making more money, finding a new job, selling our house [which we are doing, by the way, if you want to move to Colorado Springs!]. We might even be listening to disturbing news and finding ourselves moving in a downward spiral as we allow that news to shift our thoughts to the negative instead of positive thoughts of growth.

How are YOU responding to shifting energies around you? What is your pattern? Have you done the inner work to develop strategies to help you shift? Or are you clinging to the familiar to attempt to control your environment and the people around you?

Sometimes we don’t like the answers to these questions but I am seeing such amazing growth in the clients I work with who are ready to do the deep examination and ask the hard questions that I urge you to be one of them. Ask the questions that might be hard to answer and then answer them honestly. ARE you trying to control the people around you, wishing things were different? Or are you noticing how things are different and helping the people around you to be who they incarnated on Planet Earth to become, even if it doesn’t mesh with what you want for them? Are you railing at the shifting environment, weather or work, family or financial, instead of seeking solutions from a new set based on new energies?

Remember that integrity does not just mean not stealing from someone else. It means staying true to your own highest purpose in being here in this lifetime. And loving others, including Mother Earth, means that you allow everyone else to grow into the person they are here to be.

Work WITH the shifting energies and you will be sailing with the wind! Work against them and you will feel buffeted by those same winds. Which do you choose? You DO have a choice!


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